Connect, Qualify & Schedule Interviews Faster Than Humanly Possible!

Stop wasting time scheduling interviews that will never show. Connect and hire more efficiently and easily with our automated hiring tools!

Integrate With The Top Job Search Sites!

No need to use multiple platforms and plugins to connect with the top hiring platforms. We make it easy with our all-in-one solution.! Seamlessly integrate with your favorite job search sites and start communicating with your potential employees today!

Hire Easier With Automated Applicant Outreach & Interview Scheduling!

Stop stressing about if your next interview will show. Let our system take care of the communication, scheduling, reminders, and more! You can relax and rest assured that your candidate will be there and you'll be able to fill those empty positions!

Capture The Best Candidates With Ease

Let your qualified applicants know that you are interested in hiring them by sending them a tailored-to-your-business qualification survey to lock in their interest.

Once you review the application, let us take over to schedule the interview.

After that, all you have to do is interview & hire!

What Makes Us Different

Let our system create a connection between you and the candidate. You'll be able to track their progress and send them personalized messages and updates that don't sound static, boring or "bot-like"


Interview Scheduling

Don't play phone tag or calendar swap to try and fit an interview in. Our system takes your availability and allows the candidate to choose a date that works around YOUR schedule.


Constant Connection

They won't be able to "forget" about the interview because we will send out reminders via SMS Text and Voicemail Drop!

Fill Up Your Calendar

Fill up that interview calendar and KEEP it full. Don't let qualified candidates slip through the cracks and quit wasting time on no-shows!


Our System Handles It All

From first connection to post-interview follow-up, you'll be connected from the start! The best part? You won't have to lift a finger, our automated systems takes care of it for you!

Trusted By Some Of The Best Brands In The World!



Integrates With Your Preferred Calendar System:

Don't change your daily scheduling system to accommodate a hiring platform, let a hire platform integrate with your daily calendar!

PreIntent is the absolute greatest thing that has ever happened for me in HR. I love PreIntent and it's been a total game changer for hiring.

Marie Cinolauro

Right at Home

We love preintent. It has made recruiting easier and more interactive in many ways!

Joy Holte

Comfort Keepers

PreIntent drastically reduced recruiting cost and reduced time from application to interview to hire.

Ryan Breen

Senior Helpers

PreIntent makes my job so much easier. It speeds up the hiring process and pre-screens so I don't have to!

Janette Lewis Ruiz

Home Instead

PreIntent has been an absolute game changer for us! It saves us a ton of time, but more importantly has dropped our cost per hire by 86%.

Jonathan Shelson


PreIntent has really freed up my time to focus on other important tasks! It's like a robotic assistant, and it's been a huge help.

Yarrow Shultz

Right at Home

Pre-Intent has been wonderful for our business. It saves us so much time and the support is phenomenal. The system is easy to use and works just like they say it will.

Eli Collier


One of the things that’s great about PreIntent is that you don’t have missed opportunities, because the system gives the caregiver the options dynamically to schedule or reschedule their interviews.

Lori Yount


I have loved this App since the day we got it. PreIntent truly has made my job 100% easier.

Bruce Ashdown

Home Instead

Pre-Intent has been a game-changer for us. It has completely automated the pre-screening and interview scheduling process and has freed up a ton of time in my day to focus on other things!

Paige Rounds


Powerful Automated

Recruiting Tools

Everything you need to automate the recruiting process in one user-friendly platform. Pre·Intent allows a single recruiter to produce the results of an entire recruiting team.


Voicemail Drop

Ringless voicemail drops create a personal, voice-to-voice connection, without the wasted time of cold-calling.


Text Messages

95% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes of being sent — the fastest communication channel by far.



Emails that are paired with a text message campaign receive 2x the open rate and engagement.


Qualification Surveys

Custom surveys identify and fast-track the most qualified candidates.


Interview Scheduling

Automated interview scheduling takes the hassle out of booking and allows candidates to select the next available interview on your calendar.


Appointment Reminders

Candidates receive confirmation and multiple appointment reminders to increase interview attendance.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Connect, interview and hire more easily and efficiently than ever before.

Transform Candidate Experience

Save time and find the best candidates for your position by allowing our automated tools and system to qualify, connect and schedule from your favorite job sites!

Competitive Advantage

Stand apart from the rest by actively engaging with potential candidates. Communicate with them every step of the way and create a trusting relationship to ensure that they continue through the hiring process.

Show them you mean business and that they are valued even before they are hired!

Cutting-Edge Insight

Discover the latest trends, best practices, and strategies at work right now in the hiring and recruitment industry.

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