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How It Works

First, decide whether to Grow it or Sell it with our Free Valuation & Consultation call


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Sell-Side Process

Next, if we're a fit to work together, here's what we'll do for you


1. Sell-Side Due Diligence

(Post Initial Consultation)

50% of Business Exits FAIL in Due Diligence. We get ahead of this by reviewing your entire business first to ensure a successful sale.


2. Broker Agreement

We'll provide our seller-friendly broker agreement, specifying our payment aligns with yours and detailing the asking price for the market listing.


3. Marketing Package (5-14 Days)

Our marketing team assembles a cutting-edge package about your business to share with prospective buyers. i.e., the "Confidential Information Memorandum" aka "CIM"


4. Bank Financing

With the marketing package, we arrange SBA 7a financing for potential buyers (Term Sheets). Leveraging our extensive network of lenders. This strategy helps ensure a successful sale and valuation of the business.


5. Deal on the Market (1-3 months)

We list the deal on all of our marketing channels. Share it with our buyer database. All while our marketing team reaches out directly to synergistic buyers not in our system yet for a full coverage approach.


6. Accept an Offer

Interested parties submit their offers. You select the most suitable buyer based on price, terms, and background.


7. Buy-Side Due Diligence (1-3 months)

The chosen buyer is granted an exclusive period for due diligence to confirm the details we have presented about the business. They review Tax Returns, Bank Statements, and overall operations to verify all is in order


8. Purchase Agreement

The Buyer sends over a purchase agreement for your business. Your attorney reviews it to ensure you and your interests are protected. We have attorneys we can refer to you as well.


9. Authorization & Escrow

Everything gets authorized for transfer. Escrow holds the buyers' cash until your assets are transferred. Then, you're wired the money.


10. Training & Transition

Post-Closing, you enter the 'transitionary period'. This is typically 1-3 months of you helping the new owner learn about the business. Introduction to vendors/employees and such. Training is typically negotiated and agreed upon before closing.

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