Military Veterans in Sales: Overcoming Challenges and Building


Military veterans possess a unique skill set that makes them ideal candidates for sales roles. However, transitioning from military service to

the civilian workforce can come with its fair share of challenges. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the challenges that military veterans face

when entering the sales industry, and how they can build success.

One of the biggest challenges for veterans transitioning to the sales industry is the lack of direct experience. In the military, success is

measured by mission accomplishment, whereas in sales, success is measured by revenue generated. This shift in focus can be challenging

for veterans who are used to a more direct correlation between effort and success. To overcome this challenge, veterans can

seek out mentors and training programs that specialize in sales.

Another challenge is the differences in communication styles between the military and the civilian workforce. In the military, communication

is often direct and to the point. However, in sales, effective communication involves building relationships and establishing trust with clients.

Veterans can overcome this challenge by focusing on active listening, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Despite these challenges, military veterans bring a wealth of skills to the sales industry, including leadership, adaptability, and a strong

work ethic. They are also familiar with high-pressure situations and have experience working in diverse teams. By highlighting these strengths

in their resumes and during job interviews, veterans can showcase their value to potential employers.

In conclusion, military veterans can face unique challenges when transitioning to the sales industry, but with the right support and mindset,

they can build successful careers in this field. Employers who recognize the value that veterans bring to the sales industry can benefit from

their leadership skills, adaptability, and work ethic. By hiring veterans, companies can not only diversify their workforce but also boost their

bottom line.​

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A Proud, Veteran Owned Business.

© 2020-2023 Sales Platoon. All Rights Reserved.

A Proud, Veteran Owned Business.