April 22, 2023-Virtual Experience

Are you ready to take your boutique to the next level? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to increase your sales and scale your business? Then you won't want to miss this exclusive event!

The Elite Boutique Experience is a powerful and transformative experience designed specifically for women boutique owners like you.

Our team of industry experts and successful boutique owners has curated a program packed with actionable steps and proven strategies to help you grow your business and achieve the success you deserve.

For just $500 You'll walk away with a clear plan of action to:

  • Source and curate a unique and appealing product mix

  • Set prices that balance profitability and competitiveness

  • Build a strong brand identity and leverage digital and traditional marketing channels

  • Network with other women boutique owners and gain valuable insights and advice

This is a transformational experience that will change the way you look at business and your boutique. You'll walk away feeling confident, empowered, and inspired to take your business to the next level.

What We Will Cover...

Product Selection

Jazmine's success can be attributed in part to her mastery of product selection and relationship building.

She'll share with you the secrets to sourcing products that are both trendy and profitable and how to build solid and lasting relationships with vendors.

With her guidance, you'll be able to curate a product mix that sets your boutique apart and appeals to your target customers.

Pricing and Profitability

You'll learn how to set prices that are competitive while still offering value to your customers.

Our experts will show you how to optimize your pricing strategy, so you can generate the revenue you need to grow your business and reach your goals.

They'll also share tips and techniques for attracting customers through effective pricing, so you can build a loyal following and increase your sales.

Imagery and Posing

You'll learn how to create eye-catching, high-quality images that showcase your products in the most appealing way possible.

Our special guest will demonstrate the art of product posing, so you can create images that inspire your customers to buy.

They'll also share tips and techniques for capturing the best possible shots, so you can improve the quality of your product imagery and attract more customers.

Marketing and Metrics

Our expert guest has been in business for over four years, and they know what it takes to succeed.

You'll learn how to properly market your boutique, so you can reach your target audience and build a loyal following. They'll share proven strategies for attracting customers, and you'll learn how to track your marketing efforts, so you can see the results you want.

You'll also learn the importance of understanding your business metrics, so you can make informed decisions about your marketing efforts. This guest will show you how to track the right metrics and interpret the data, so you can make changes that will drive growth and increase your sales.

Influencer Marketing

We've invited a special influencer to share their expertise on building relationships with influencers and expanding your reach.

You'll learn how to choose the right influencer for your brand, and you'll learn the key factors that influencers consider when deciding whether to work with a brand.

Our special influencer will share their tips and strategies for building strong, long-lasting relationships with influencers, so you can maximize your reach and connect with new customers.

Key Takeaways...

Here are some key takeaways from attending

Actionable strategies: You'll leave the event with a clear plan of action and the tools you need to grow your business and increase your monthly revenue.

Expert insights: Learn from successful boutique owners, industry leaders, and special guests, who will share their secrets to success in product selection, pricing, marketing, and influencer relationships.

Networking opportunities: Meet and connect with other boutique owners, learn from their experiences, and grow your network.

Access to preferred vendors: Jazmine will share her preferred list of vendors, giving you access to top-quality products and helping you grow your business.

Quality imagery tips: Learn from a professional in posing and pictures, who will educate you on the importance of having top-notch imagery to attract and retain customers.

Influencer marketing knowledge: Learn how to build relationships with influencers, choose the right ones for your brand, and maximize your reach.

Marketing and profitability insights: Gain a deeper understanding of the metrics to track and how to properly market your business for growth, while creating a profitable business.

Lasting impact: The knowledge and tools you'll gain from The Boutique Elite Experience will have a lasting impact on your business and help you achieve your financial goals.

For Only $500