Treasure Coast Business Owners

Why Join Treasure Coast Business Owners?

TC Business Owners was founded by Josh, a long time digital marketing expert, in order to help the businesses he used and trusted get the recognition they deserved. As a business owner and a digital marketer, Josh knew the value of hyper local Paid Directory sites when trying to "outrank" the competition. When many businesses come together on a site like TCBusinessOwners, all assets involved will see an increase in their online presence.

What is a Paid Directory?

A directory is a website that lists other websites or businesses, often categorized by topic or industry. The main difference between a free directory and a paid directory is that a free directory allows businesses or websites to submit their information without any cost, while a paid directory charges a fee for the inclusion of a website or business in their directory.

Free directories are often less comprehensive than paid directories, as they may have fewer features or limitations on the amount of information that can be included. They may also have less strict quality control measures, which means that some listings may be of lower quality or even fraudulent.

On the other hand, paid directories typically offer more features and benefits, such as better search engine optimization (SEO) and higher levels of visibility. They may also have stricter quality control measures to ensure that all listings meet certain standards.

Overall, the main advantage of a paid directory is that it can offer greater exposure and potentially bring more traffic to a website or business, while a free directory is a more accessible option for those on a tight budget or just starting out.

What levels of sponsorship are offered?

Two different sponsorship levels are offered:

1- Standard $10/month

2- Premium $50/month

What is included with the Standard Sponsorship?

A standard membership is simple and effective. Get your business NAP - Name, Address, Phone Number, & Website on the niche page that matches your business category.

Here is how standard listing will look like on the website:

What is included with the Premium Sponsorship?

Supercharge your business's online presence with our Premium package. Get your business logo and link on our homepage, NAP on the top of the niche page which includes social media links, Google Business profile, and brief description. In addition to this upgraded NAP, every month your business will get a social post shared with our community and throughout social media as well as a professionally crafted blog geared towards improving SEO!

Here is how premium listing will look like on the website:

Is there a commitment or contract?

Nope! This is a month to month service, cancel anytime. If premium sponsorship is canceled, Standard sponsors will have an opportunity to upgrade. This means that that spot may no longer be available to you if in the future you would like to upgrade.

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