Discover the keys to living a vibrant life, filled with robust health and financial security.

Unlock the Path to Holistic Well-being and Financial Stability through group mentoring.

I have embraced a retirement-like lifestyle for many years and I am far from the typical age for it. My goal is to continue this vitality and zest for life beyond 100, supported by robust health and an active lifestyle.

After committing most of my life to perfecting a lifestyle of freedom, financial security, and peak health, I am excited to share my insights and experiences with others, aiming to leave a meaningful legacy of knowledge and empowerment for generations.

Financial Literacy

I've acquired valuable personal experience and invested countless hours into both paid and self-directed learning to master the nuances of US capitalism and attain financial freedom.

The learning curve, of course, included many pitfalls, but each stumble became a lesson in resilience and growth.

My mission is to impart this knowledge to others, dedicated to empowering them with insights and strategies to thrive by emphasizing working smarter, not just harder and most importantly planning for the future.

Work & life balance

My entrepreneurial family instilled in me the principles of business from a very early age, shaping my understanding of hard work, dedication, and the importance of balancing professional pursuits with personal fulfillment.

Over the years, my journey towards a lifestyle centered on freedom and the full enjoyment of life has been guided by these principles, resulting in a sustainable balance of quality living.

This balance between work and personal life has allowed me to thrive both professionally and personally, ensuring that I can pursue my passions and commitments without compromising my well-being and happiness.

Life Mentoring

I have achieved a harmonious balance of working smart, maintaining optimal health, and enjoying financial freedom, affording me the ability to live life to the fullest.

Beyond the confines of traditional 9-5 schedules, I've ventured into diverse experiences, whether it's exploring new destinations or pursuing personal passions.

And here's the beauty of it: you don't need a specific background to grasp these invaluable insights—I'm here to guide anyone towards a life of abundance.

This journey has been a discovery of the possibilities that come with stepping outside conventional boundaries.

Now, my mission is to inspire others to unlock their potential, guiding them towards a life filled with purpose, growth, and joy.

Does any of this describe you?...

  • Values achieving balance in all aspects of life.

  • Seeks to work smarter, not just harder.

  • Desires optimal health and financial freedom.

  • Embraces innovative approaches to work-life harmony.

  • Is motivated to break free from traditional career norms.

  • Is eager to learn and implement strategies for living life to the fullest.

  • Is open-minded and receptive to new perspectives

  • Approaches challenges with an open and adaptable mindset.

  • Is willing to invest in personal growth and development.

  • Does not necessarily conform to conventional career paths.

  • Is ready to take action towards pursuing a fulfilling and rewarding life journey.

If any of the above resonates with you, you've found your perfect community!

Let's Collaborate!

The longer you wait to live the life that you fully choose, the less time that you have to enjoy it!

Every five years, I craft a blueprint for the sustainable evolution of my life. In 2020, I achieved unprecedented financial success since the launch of my mobile massage business in 2015.

During the COVID shutdowns, while many awaited the reopening of businesses, I thrived by leveraging my knowledge gained over 12 years of hands-on experience in the massage and health industries.

Having flourished personally, I began sharing my health and business blueprints with individuals and witnessed their remarkable transformations.

Now, my dedication lies in coaching groups of individuals who are eager to discover the path to financial freedom and vibrant health.

Through this experience, I can empower many to take control of their days, making intentional choices that prioritize both their wealth and well-being and in turn continue to enrich my life.

I seek to foster a community of individuals committed to making a positive impact, elevating their lifestyles, and finding fulfillment daily. Let's embark on this journey of growth and prosperity together!

  • There is undeniable power in groups, where individuals come together with shared goals and aspirations.

  • Collaborative efforts often lead to greater creativity, innovation, and productivity than solitary endeavors.

  • In a group setting, diverse perspectives and skills complement each other, allowing for more comprehensive problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Moreover, collective support and encouragement can provide a crucial source of motivation during challenging times, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

  • Ultimately, the synergy generated by groups amplifies the potential for success and achievement beyond what any individual could accomplish alone.

My purpose and how I can serve you

When financial worries fade, health flourishes, and abundant free time grants the freedom to pursue passions, the intrinsic desire to assist others takes center stage.

My lifelong commitment is to dedicate myself to making a meaningful impact

in as many lives as possible, ensuring that every day counts.

My Life

Native of Trinidad and Tobago, my DNA is grounded in a pot of good vibes, and diverse interests in world cultures.

Moving to NYC was a perfect upgrade to elevate prior mentioned.

I thoroughly enjoy the melting pot of cultural diversity in NYC.

My outlook for life is living the future now instead of later.

My upbringing is rooted with an entrepreneurial and brave spirit to keep learning until I get to the sweet spot. Life is very sweet at the moment!


I am a consistent seeker of knowledge. Degrees:(Multimedia Video Production, Massage Therapy, Integrated Science, Community Health, Occupational Therapy, MD potentially Spring 2025.

Certifications: Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Team Leadership, Corporate Wellness, Authentic Communication.

Life/Business Experience: Over 35 years of real world life/business experience.

Audiobook library of over 400 hundred titles.

Bookshelf with more than 100 titles (non-fiction) and many podcast subscriptions.

Work Life

Throughout my life, I've maintained a steadfast commitment to independence and freedom, reflected in my choice of employment.

Opting for a non-traditional path, I've only held three jobs, as the conventional work structure never quite resonated with my free-spirited nature.

Instead, I've carved out my own niche, crafting income streams that afford me the autonomy to dictate my schedule and foster direct relationships with consumers.

This deliberate choice has not only allowed me to pursue my passions but has also empowered me to embrace a lifestyle defined by flexibility and fulfillment.

My Hobbies

Learning is my passion, driving me to constantly seek new knowledge and experiences that expand my horizons.

Traveling allows me to immerse myself in new diverse cultures, landscapes, and experiences. Every destination offers a unique tapestry of sights, sounds, and flavors that evokes my curiosity.

Dancing is my expression of joy and freedom, a language that transcends words and connects me to the rhythm of life. Dancing is where I find my flow and lose myself in the moment.

Socializing is an essential part of my life, as I thrive in the company of others and cherish meaningful connections. Whether it's engaging in lively or high level conversations over coffee, attending social gatherings with friends, or connecting with like-minded individuals, I treasure the bonds that enrich my life.

DJing is my creative outlet, where I get to craft musical experiences. As a DJ, I have the privilege of curating the playlist that sets the mood, stirs the dance floor, and unite people in dance.

Business and Life Mentor

For me, life revolves around three key pillars: Money, Time, and Health.

Mastering these mindsets has been essential for achieving a well-rounded and fulfilling life. I've dedicated myself to understanding the principles of financial management, time optimization, and holistic health, and I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and insights with others.

Living a lifestyle of freedom and financial independence is a way of life that I've mastered over the years. I've honed my skills in financial management and entrepreneurship to create a life where I have the autonomy to pursue my passions and dreams without being tied down by financial constraints.

Equally important to me is maintaining a healthy body and mind. I prioritize my physical and mental well-being through regular exercise, nourishing foods, and mindfulness practices. I believe that a healthy body is the foundation for a fulfilling life, allowing me to fully enjoy all that life has to offer.

My Projects

Massage Leaders: A platform for massage therapists to have a thriving mobile/brick and mortar business. We take care of the business aspects and you focus on the massage.

Social House: A Space for all members to gather for events, work space, spa, and other services.

Good Vibes Effect: A platform for learning, community, circle of trust, socializing, travelling and thriving.

Good Vibes Effect Foundation: A platform empowering underserved individuals and communities, fostering cooperation, trust, and harmony.

Through my journey, I have cultivated competence in delayed gratification, and consistent progress with the art of patience and perseverance.

It's not merely about resisting immediate temptations; it's about understanding that

small, disciplined steps pave the way for significant achievements.

By consistently prioritizing long-term goals over instant gratification, I've witnessed the transformative power of patience unfold in my life.

However, the path to delayed gratification isn't always smooth.

Like anyone else, I've encountered moments where I have deviated from my chosen path mostly in my twenties.

There were many instances where the allure of instant gratification seemed irresistible,

leading me astray for a short time from my long-term objectives.

Yet, it is not the absence of setbacks but rather the resilience to bounce back stronger.

Each stumble served as a valuable lesson, reminding me of the importance of self-awareness and self-discipline.

Rather than dwelling on pitfalls, I've used them as opportunities for growth,

embracing the learning curve and reaffirming my commitment to long-term success.

In the face of adversity, I've developed strategies to diligently realign myself with my goals,

whether it's through mindful reflection, seeking support from mentors, or recalibrating my priorities.

These experiences have reinforced my understanding that setbacks are

never indicative of failure but rather integral parts of the journey.

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