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A SELF-MADE real estate investor has revealed how to flip a house for a gross profit of $80,000 with no money down.

A 28-year-old who owns 42 cash-flowing properties explains how he started investing in real estate without any cash, and shares his top 6 tips for beginners

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Wholesaling success stories: how Tyler Austin and Tommy Harr made their first deals leading to millions in success

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The Weekly Juice

Home Inspector to Real Estate Millionaire By 27 with Tommy Harr

This week features an incredible interview with former property inspector turned real estate investor, Tommy Harr. Throughout the episode we delve into the concepts of wholesaling, flipping, long-term rentals, Airbnb, finding mentors, building businesses and much more!

Tommy walks us through the art of wholesaling and how it affords many different exit strategies for real estate investors. For example, once he has a property under contract, he can sell the contract to another investor for a profit, flip it, or use one of the many other strategies to keep it as a long-term investment within his own portfolio.



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Digital Social Hour

2% Interest Rates, Building a $15M Portfolio & Future of Real Estate | Tommy Harr DSH #317

Tommy Harr comes on the podcast to discuss the real estate space.



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Entrepreneurs on Fire

Home Inspector to Real Estate Millionaire By 27 with Tommy Harr

Tommy Harr is a 29-year-old home inspector turned real estate investor. by the time he was 27 he was financially free and a millionaire through real estate investing.

Top 3 Value Bombs

1. You have to understand nobody really cares about what's in it for you. You have to explain to the lender what's in it for them.

2. You have to learn something, master it, systemize it, build a business and put the right people in the place before you go chase the next big thing.

3. Career capital is the thing that you do in the past working in your favor or against your favor in whatever you want to go do.



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The Capitalize Podcast

Multimillionaire Tommy Harr's Real Estate Tips to Make YOU Rich

In this episode, Tommy Harr tells his story and explains how he lost $100,000 on his first flip, and why that -$100,000 is now worth over $15M. He also talks about becoming a millionaire before 27, building a solid team of people he loves working with, what people get wrong about real estate investing, why it's so important to implement systems if you want to scale your business and much, much more.



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REI Tribe Podcast

💥 House Inspector Turned Investor: Tommy Harr’s Explosive Real Estate Strategies! 🛠️

Creating a Thriving Work Environment: Gain insights into how Tommy fosters a workplace that encourages growth in all aspects of life, with a dedicated team of 11 local members in Columbus and an additional 4 overseas.

Family as the Driving Force:

Learn about the deep personal motivations driving Tommy’s real estate journey, including his commitment to retiring his parents and securing the future for his family and kids through smart investing.

Don't miss this chance to learn from Tommy Harr's real-world experience and wisdom. Tune in, get inspired, and take your real estate game to new heights!



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The A-game Podcast

From 100k Loss To Over 100 Deals Investing In Real Estate | Tommy Harr

Join Nick Lamagna on The A Game Podcast with his guest Tommy Harr the 29 year old phenom real estate investor and social media star!

Tommy went from a D-1 Athlete out of Ohio and climbed his way through the ranks of being a home inspector and Property preservationist. Tommy Transitioned his drive and discipline from soccer to a career In real estate investing and now even a social media STAR with a tremendous following you need to check out if you have not already!

In his 20's Tommy has achieved so much including building a portfolio over 65 rentals worth over 15 million, 25 Short term rentals managed in house, done over 100 wholesale deals and renovated over 150 properties!

He has been featured twice on Business Insider in 2022
and he is now building a community where he is teaching others to find the success he has found called The Real Side Real Estate Education.



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Blue collar Blueprint

From Home Inspector to Real Estate Investor: INTERVIEW w/ Tommy Harr

Welcome to the Blue-Collar Blueprint Podcast (BCBP) Episode 9. In this captivating episode, we sit down with Tommy Harr, a 29-year-old home inspector turned real estate investor. Tommy has built an incredible portfolio of more than 60 cash-flowing rental properties in just 5 years. Join us as we unravel the secrets to his triumph and gain invaluable insights into the world of real estate investment.



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Troy Kerns Podcast

Multimillionaire Tommy Harr's Real Estate Tips to Make YOU Rich

At only 29 years old, Tommy Harr has managed to amass a portfolio of over $15 million in real estate, including rental properties, house flips, Airbnbs, and real estate wholesale deals.

Starting off as a home inspector, Tommy knew plenty tricks of the trade and learned many useful skills throughout his career which has in turn helped him in his real estate investing journey, but he knew that inspecting homes wasn't going to be the thing that made him a millionaire. Eventually he began wholesaling real estate, purchasing homes to flip, buying rental properties & Airbnbs, and now he has an Instagram and TikTok account teaching others how to wholesale real estate and start their real estate investing career.



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How Did They Do It?

The Real Side of Wholesaling, Flipping, and Investing in Real Estate with Tommy Harr

Gear up for another entertaining episode with Tommy Harr, a successful real estate flipper and wholesaler! Today, he spills the good and the ugly side of being an investor, the positive outcome of running a wholesaling business, and how he kept going despite the risks surrounding the investment market.

Learn the edge of venturing into multiple real estate strategies and niches in this interview!

Click the link below for the Full episode!

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Cash Flow Conversations

11. Tommy Harr Shares His Insight on Real Estate in this crazy market

Special Guest Tommy Harr Talks real estate in this eye-opening video, we delve deep into the realm of real estate opportunities amidst the ever-changing market dynamics. Discover the untapped potential and lucrative prospects that exist in today's seemingly chaotic landscape.

Join us as we uncover the untold stories of real estate triumph, revealing unique investment prospects that thrive in this madness. From skyrocketing housing demands to emerging unconventional niches, we explore all the reasons why this market is brimming with untapped potential.



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Get in the Cashflow Game

From Inspector to Investor: How One Man’s Keen Eye Turned Houses into Homes

Today's episode will inspire those looking to transition to real estate investing.

Tom Harr started as a home inspector in his father's home inspection company in 2017. After inspecting over 5,000 homes after 2 years, he transitioned his focus to real estate investing, where he masterfully renovated 150+ houses, facilitated over 150 wholesale deals and built a 65-unit rental portfolio valued at nearly $15,000,000.

Additionally, he manages 25 short-term rentals in-house. Tom's achievements have garnered recognition, which has been featured in Business Insider in 2022. At this time he is additionally, dedicating himself to mentoring/coaching over 350 students nationwide, unveiling the REAL SIDE of real estate!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1NkVFY0Aeg

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Know your Why

From Home Inspector to Owning a $15 Million RE Portfolio with Tommy Harr

Embark on a transformative journey with real estate visionary Tommy Harr, as we unravel his ascent from diligent home inspector to master of the housing market. Together, we traverse the landscape of Tommy's early days, where family roots in property maintenance laid the groundwork for his ambitious leap into property investment. With an infectious entrepreneurial zeal, he imparts the wisdom gained from direct involvement in renovations, teaching us that the true mortar of success in real estate lies in the hands-on approach and the pivotal influence of family.



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RE Social Podcast

Ep. 61 The Resilience of Real Estate: Wholesaling and Creative Strategies with Tommy Harr

Welcome to the RE Social Podcast, your source for real estate investing tips! In this recent podcast episode, host Vince is joined by guest Tommy Harr, Owner and Founder at Legacy Home Group LLC.

Tommy recounts his journey, starting with his work as a home inspector alongside his father, to his first house flip at 23 that resulted in a $100,000 loss. Despite early setbacks, he persevered, transitioning into wholesaling, and eventually achieving success in real estate investments.

Tommy discusses the importance of building relationships, raising private money, and leveraging debt wisely. He also shares insights from his mother's transition into real estate, his focus on the Columbus market, and the significance of adaptability in the industry.



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The Real Estate Investing Club

From Home Inspector to Full Time RE Investor with Tommy Harr (The Real Estate Investing Club #441)

I’ve been in real estate for 6 years. After college, I jumped full time in my Dad's home inspection company. During that time I 5x'd revenue, systemized the business, and inspected over 5000 houses. Using that knowledge, I have renovated over 150 houses to flip OR to keep as rentals using the BRRRR method. I have wholesaled 150+ deals, have a 65-unit rental portfolio worth $15 million, and 25 STRs managed in house. I was featured twice on Business Insider in 2022. I have coached over 200 students nationwide on how to invest in real estate.. Tommy Harr is a real estate investor who has a great story to share and words of wisdom to impart for both beginning and veteran investors alike, so grab your pen and paper, buckle up and enjoy the ride.



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Real Estate Investing School

How to Build Wealth in 5 Years with No Experience with Tommy Harr

Tommy emphasizes the importance of building a real estate business and using active income to fund the acquisition of rental properties. He also shares his philosophy of using real estate to create financial freedom and build a legacy for his family as well as the power of networking and leveraging social media to find deals and raise capital. Tommy ends by providing insights into the Burr method and the importance of rate and term refinancing.

Having a hard time finding deals in today's market or have more questions about lending? Book a free one on one strategy call with one of our experienced real estate coaches with the link below to see how we can help you!



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