Welcome to Hightower Men's Clinic in Louisville KY where our goal is to help you do the things you love to do in life. Our office offers an all natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Our technique is all natural, noninvasive, and requires no drugs or needles.

It has been called the new standard for erectile dysfunction.

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See what other men are saying about Hightower Men's Clinic:

"I wish I had come here first. You guys really know what you're doing. The other companies were such a disappointment."

- Terry W. - Louisville, KY

"One of the best investments I ever made in myself. Thanks for having such a great team. You work miracles!"

- Michael F. - Louisville, KY

"Thanks to your treatment, I no longer have to act my age. I feel 19 again!!"

- Jack P. - Jeffersonville, IN

"I had a nocturnal erection after the very 1st visit. I woke up at 3 am harder than I have been in many years."

- Mike M. - Shepherdsville, KY

"An accident left me with Peyronies Disease. One Doctor described it as a "camel neck" because of the serious curvature. This treatment from HIGHTOWER reduced the curve dramatically."

- Sam S. - Richmond, KY

“I’m getting “Morning Wood” for the first time in 20 years.”

- Alan J., Louisville, KY

“Your staff was friendly and respectful. They never made embarrassed or uncomfortable.”

- David C., Bloomfield, KY

“The doctor was a wonderful man who talked to me and carefully reviewed my medical history. He and his staff knew just what to do for me and wow…I never expected such fast results.”

- Rob W., Taylorsville, KY

"I only came here because of your advertising. I didn’t think it would really happen. It did
and I think any man having problems getting an erection should come and see your doctor”

- Alan J., Louisville, KY

“I saw a Urologist and he wanted to cut me open and give ne a Penile implant! I said NO WAY. Then I heard about your clinic and gave it a try.
Your treatment worked on the first visit!”

- Mike M., Bloomfield, KY

"I'm 70 years old. I've tried everything on the market to get an erection. Nothing worked until I came to Hightower."

- James P., Midway, KY

"I'm only 49, but I found out many men my age have this problem. I have certainly noticed a difference after just a few treatments."

- Ken Y., Louisville, KY

"At my age and with several medical conditions, I didn't think anything could help me. Thankfully I was wrong. THANK YOU HIGHTOWER!"

- David R., E-Town, KY