Employment Law

For Employees

As an individual experiencing issues in the workplace, it can feel like there is nowhere else to turn.

Unsure if the severance package you’ve been given is fair?Starting a new job and want to get your contract reviewed? Being bullied, harassed or discriminated against? Involved in a workplace investigation and need guidance?

Our careers are more than just a job – it’s where we spend most of our time and often is a major part of our identity. When there is a problem in the workplace, it can take significant on our well-being. Our employment law for employees team is here to help.​

If you feel that something is wrong in the workplace, it’s important to speak to a lawyer and understand your rights before taking any action.

Our team has the experience and expertise to help employees with any issue they are facing in the workplace.

Our Services

  • Support for public service employees

  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination

  • Employment contract review

  • Severance package review

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