We would like to extend the opportunity to enter into a Partnership program that will serve your members as well as your Chamber of Commerce!

How does this work?

We are helping businesses to implement a risk mitigation strategy that allows them to lower their Workers Comp costs by at least 30% ( or more) while reducing payroll taxes an average of $50,000

for every 100 full-time employees.

Here is how we do it:

Step 1: We consult with our businesses at no charge and help them to implement the most advanced risk mitigation strategies.

Step 2: We review their Workers Comp coverage to ensure all employees are properly categorized.

Step 3: Our partner is a Managing General Underwriter for workers comp and brings 18 top rated carriers to the table.

Step 4: The top 3 carriers for the client vertical and type of business bid on the coverage.

Step 5: Once fully implemented our strategy will save the company up to 30% on workers comp and $50,000 a year in payroll taxes for every 100 employees!

Step 6: Your Chamber receives a monthly referral benefit for every employee on our program for the first year!

How much?

For every employee referred by your chamber we will provide your chamber with $10 per employee per month for a full year!

This means that at a MINIMUM your Chamber will receive an average of $500 PER MONTH for every member referred.

How can I estimate a minimum?

We only work with clients of 50 or more full time employees multiplied by $10.


Pure economics. Based on the range of average workers comp cost per employee per year and the amount of payroll tax saved, it just isn't as beneficial for companies below 50 FTEs.

How soon will your Chamber start receiving referral payments?

We will start sending referral payments in month two! Once the member company applies our strategies and implements, we will start sending your payments in the second month on the 20th

of the month. The payments will be month after month for the first full year of our relationship

with the members.

It really is that simple.

What are your next steps?

1) Book a 15 minute call with us below

2) Visit our website at to learn more about our services.

3) Let's partner to help more businesses become more profitable!


Is there a long-term commitment?

Our referral agreement is annual and will renew annually OR until there are no longer Chamber partners using our program(s) within their first year of service. We put all of the referral benefits into the first year of the relationship to maximize the opportunity for your Chamber.

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Will you provide our Chamber with marketing materials to share with our members?

Absolutely! You will receive an affiliate landing page linked to your Chamber as well as flyers, email, copy and access to customizable social media posts.

I need more help, who can I email or call?

Please send any questions via email to: [email protected] . For faster responses, please text: 585-515-3571

Call or Text 585-515-3571 ~ Norma Hutchison ~Sullivan Business Consulting LLC

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