Here's a Free Report and Video Reveals On Becoming A High Paying Client Attraction Consultant For Dentist, Commercial Roofers and Commercial Plumbers... Special Designed For Businesss and Professionals Who Go By Appointments.

How To Become A "Client Lead Attraction Consultant™" For Business Owners and Professional Using The Best Software and Services...Charge $2,500-$10,000 Per Client Plus A Monthly Fee Of $297.00 Using Social Media Platforms, Texting, Emails, AI Voice, $5 a Day Ads Plus A $4 An Hour VA." 

Discover How To Make $250,000 A Year As A Client Lead Attraction Consultant™ Using One Ad $5.00 and A $4.00 A Hour VA!

The Next Few Minutes May Change Your Life...

  • How to use your smartphone to help local business generate 27-57 new customers monthly.

  • How to become a Client Attraction Consultant and charge professional businesses owners $2,500 to $10,000 for this service.

  • Over 90% of all business owners don't have a glue how to get new customers using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ads.

  • Most business owners haven't a updated Google My Business Profile, How to get 5-Star Rating and be on the top 2 positions on Google.

  * Blaise Insurance Agency using Facebook Ads, You Tube Ads and software did $23,000 in 15 days.
*Real Estate agent Bill Thomas of California  listed 5 homes in 30 days using Social Media ads and sales funnels

*Dominic Who Is Age 26 Makes $80,000 A Month As A Affiliate For "All-In-One Software."

*Jason W. signed up over 15,000 agents selling his lead generation software.

Secret Marketer Charges $15,000 to dentist and other professional for building a sales funnel.

"Great Profit Center for People Wanting To Build An Online Passive Income."

Or If Your Dream Is To Become An Online Entrepreneur,  3X To 10X Your Business, Travel The World While Earning A Serious Income From Your Smartphone/Laptop, Or Even Just To Escape The Trap Of A 9-5 Job, Then Keep Reading...

Quit My 9-5 Job Rat Race.

Thanks to your Lead Generation Software and System what I learned with your Social Media Lead System I've been averaging 2 businesses a month at a $300 to $500 recurring month signup. I'm on target to hit 20 businesses in the first year. You're right I had to take time early in the morning before I had to go to work to a job I hated to learn to become a Lead Generation Consultant. Plus, I took your advice and hired a $5.00 an hour VA. He is doing lots of the heavy lifting talking to business owners via the phone. Then I used your team to do my ad and "Google My Business" Services... I finally quit the 9 to 5 rat race. My wife was a scared for me to quit my job...But now sees the potential for a six figure income a year.

Frank Roberts, Los Angeles CA.

Watch Short Video

         What You’re Going to Get…

Module 1: Smartphone Lifestyle (Value $247.00)

Module 2: Facebook Advertising (Value $1199.00)

Module 3: Instagram (Value $497.00)

Module 4: You tube Marketing: (Value $697.00)

Module 5: Microsoft/Bing System (Value $397.00)

Module 6: Linkedin Marketing (Value at $897.00)

Module 7: Email Marketing (Value 697.00)

Module 8: Zero Cost Traffic Strategies (Value 497.00)


Bonus: Scaling Your Business & Sales (Value 497.00)

Bonus: How to Rank on the #1 Page of Google ($197.00)

Bonus: My Private 7-Figure Template Library ($2000 value)

Bonus: Jay Abraham Marketing Genius (497.00)

Bonus: World Class Marketing Material ($2997)

Bonus: Set Up Your Own Social Media Agency ($497.00

Bonus: How we create not on camera YouTube videos in less than 60 minutes.

Bonus Just Added: Tik Tok Marketing from experts ($97) Building Your Non-Stop Sales Machine... (Value 1997.00) PLUS ADD THE

PLATINUM SYSTEM INCLUDES ALL ABOVE PLUS: A Complete 15 DAY TRIAL AND SETUP OF "All-In-One Software and services." It's the most amazing software on the planet. * Over 20,000 agencies and one billion businesses use it. (DETAILS BELOW!)               

Total Value: $13,817.00

Dozens of training videos and over 2,000 pages of marketing strategies and secrets. Plus, million dollar templates of ads and sample websites to make you a Google Lead Generation Consultant.

Here's a complete course of the best-of-best Influencers, multi-million dollar Social Media Guru's. Get the best and secret strategies used by people like, Frank Kern, Anthony Morrison, Igor H. Tia Lopez, Russell Brunson, Jay Abraham, Jason Wardrop, Kevin David, Jon Loomer, Billy Willson, etc.

These two YouTubers are the best when it comes to building passive income on YouTuber. I reveal their secrets and strategies in the YouTube Module. See below for a few examples.

  • The "evergreen views" formula getting 1,000's of passive daily views on YouTube.

  • How to become a prosperous You Tuber WITHOUT every showing your face on camera. You don't need to show your face on camera (unless you want to.)

  • How a channel with ZERO subscribers can start getting regular views, starting from the very first video.

  • How to turn each of your videos into an evergreen money machine -some may only make you $1 a day, some $10 a day, some $50 a day or more. Makes enough of these little "machines" - and will have a channel producing $100's a day.

  • How one of my YouTube mentors made over $45,000 USD from one video that took 3 hours to make (and he almost didn't record it as he was sick with the flu).

  • How to start with NO idea of your own, No advertising budget, NO list, No connection...nothing but and Internet connection and your smartphone and a desire to make it happen.

  • How to start a YouTube Channel in a niche you know nothing about from SCRATCH.

  • The REAL way YouTubers make money (no, it's not ad Revenue.

  • Where to find your best thumbnails for FREE.

  • How YouTube can give you passive income; The lifecycle of a YouTube Channel.

  • Stress-free way to make quality videos, edit videos on a shoestring budget (using mostly free tools and software.

  • The ONE thing you MUST do to get 300% more views and traffic (most channels DON't do this)

  • The closely-guarded secret on finding low-competition keywords that no one else is targeting.

  • The setting to use to get 20% more revenue on each video (Without any extra work)


                                                    Additional Small Sample Of What You Will Discover:Exactly how to set up and use the YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin ad platforms to generate leads successfully

✅ How to steal your competitor’s customers.

Tai Lopez Case Study on “How To Make $1.4 Million Per Month Working Less Than 5 Minutes A Day.”

✅ The best 9 Social Media templates you need…

✅ The secrets of how the pros create new Social Media ads that actually work so you never have to rely on them

A video of a $20,000 a day marketer using Facebook (Case Study)

✅ A comprehensive list of our best performing Social Media Ads AND commercial campaigns (formatted so that you can simply copy, paste and watch the leads come in!)

YouTube, Bing and Google Ads training showing you exactly how to build your business with more leads.

✅ Killer Social Media strategies to generate quality leads for pennies.

Our top performing landing pages pre-built just for you.

✅ Training on how to get sponsors to pay for your ads

A step by step walk-through helping you set up top performing YouTube and Facebook ad campaigns.

✅ A $182,324.83 in sales from Facebook case study.

Access to 17 TOP Influencers Videos on Social Media.

✅ Influencer on how to make $1,000 a day using your Smartphone.

My mentors personal $25 Million Dollar Swipe File.

✅ A one-hour sales training with LEGEND Jay Abraham that will take your marketing and sales skills to the next level

Sample Social media graphics so you can have your social media profiles looking polished all year round

✅ Sample ads for real estate, mortgage and Insurance Agents pre-made just for you and more bonuses inside...

                               How To Get More Leads For Your Business

If you've ever wanted to know how to use your smartphone/laptop to know how to get more leads, traffic and optin for local business owners...and convert that traffic into high-paying customers...then our Social Media Gold Course and Sales Funnel could be the answer.

Not only will you be able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, but also earn more than most doctors do. There is no job on earth that would pay you anywhere near what knowing the secrets and strategies of Social Media allows you me to make, not to mention the time freedom that comes with it. In the next few minutes, I'm going to give you a critical advantage over 99.9% of all other business owners and professionals. With billions of people every month logging into their favorite social media sites. You can start helping local businesses to get 27 to 57 qualified leads every month.

Hey, my name is Russ Jones...I've been involved in marketing for over 30 years.  I'm known as the "Lead Junkie" and have spent over $50,000 on marketing material and attending seminars.  I have created a number of direct response course. I've written for a special professional group. But, I'm not writing to you today to talk about myself. 



Social media is a powerful tool for both finding your ideal customers and building a relationship with them. That's because no matter who your audience is, they're probably using social media in some way. And...  
It doesn't have to cost you anything to build an audience - just a little time and commitment.  

Unfortunately, many business owners go about using social media the wrong way and never see any progress. 

Thus, this situation give you a huge opening for you to become their Google Lead Generation Consultant™. 
However, when we conducted our research, we found that those businesses who are successful in building an audience with social media follow 3 simple steps:    
Step 1 - Know Your Audience 

Step 2 - Attract Your Ideal Customers 

Step 3 - Engage &Nurture Relationships    

When you follow those 3 steps consistently...     
You'll have a growing audience of followers who will be eager to buy your products and services.

I've just put the finishing touches on our "Social Media Mastery Course" which contains the same secrets, strategies and course material that the top social media experts and influencers use everyday to sell millions of dollars on products monthly online.

The same secrets top lead getting consultants used  and other marketing guru's use to generate a 6-7 figure income for themselves and a lifestyle to die for...and the same secrets you can use to do the same as Google Lead Generation Consultant™.

This is the complete A-to-Z course that gives you everything you need to know about Social MediaPlatform

. Here's just a taste...

As seen on the following:

I'm going to give you 4 Secrets that you can use in your lead generation consultant practice that will help you 3X-10X almost any business. You will get a critical advantage over 99.9% of all your competition.

Some might even say it's an "unfair" advantage.
Secret #1 Funnel and Social Media Hacking: How To Ethically Steal Over $1,000,000 Of 'Funnel Hacks and Social Media Hacks' From Your Competitors, For Under $100."
Secret #2 Funnel and Social Media Cloning:  "How to Then Clone Their PROVEN Funnel and Social Media Campaigns (In sales funnels and Social Media like Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Bing Ads and Google Ads in less than 20 minutes.
Secret #3 My #1 Traffic Hack: "How To Get The Exact Same Customers or Clients Who Are Currently Going To Your Competitors Funnels...To Start Coming to YOUR Funnel Instead.

Secret #4 How To Become A Google Lead Generation Consultant. Discover How To Make $250,000 A year as a Google Lead Generation Consultant™ using $3.00 ads and a $5.00 an hour VA.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get in our 'Social Media Master Course and As a Google Lead Generation Consultant™...You'll Get Everything You  Need to LEARN, and ATTRACT New Clients and Customers To Your business or agency.

Includes Our Client Attraction Software and Service!!!!

Client Lead Attraction System "All-In-One" Software.

See below for details.

All-In-One Software Replaces all these Tools

Check out these results using lead generation software:

* National mortgage company increased their calls by over 135%.

* Toyota Dealership in Las Vegas sold an additional 1,200 cars generating 1,200 cars   generating over $2 Million in profits!

* Internet Sales Department tripled their in-house appointments creating another $212k in one month!

This is a powerful addition to any marketing initiative because we help you increase your response by automating your outreach with multi-touch approach using Ringless Voicemail, SMS texting, and email dripping.

Social Media lead system and "All-in-One Software And Service" Give You EVERYTHING You Need to Market, Sell and Deliver Your Product Or Service for yourself or offer to generate leads and customer for local businesses.

A $250,000 A Year Business Potential: "How To Build A Six Figure Income Becoming a Client Attraction Lead Generation Consultant™ Using $3.00 Social Media Leads and $5.00 an Hour VA's."

For example, some internet guru's for every $100 they invested in Social Media Ads returned up to $500 on their best campaigns...  Learn Quick & Easy Ways To Get Clients From Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Other Untapped Sites & Apps

Learn How to: - How to write compelling social media posts to get people to want to work with you.

How to turn FB lives and Instagram Lives into instant clients. - Quickly turn friends, fans, and followers into paying clients

5 fun, free and easy ways to get clients from Social Media - ...and much much more!
You’ll also get social media templates you can use to get instantly flooded with requests to work with you or your clients. That included doing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads, Bing ads, and Google Ads. In the next few moments...

Check out the Module Overview below for more details on what you'll receive in the Social Media course The retail value of what you get is $13817.00.  

When You Join Social Media Master GOLD Course System, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Bonus 1: When you buy the Platinum Package we will build a Sales page For Your Business & Continuity  Building Your Non-Stop Sales Machine...Requires "All-In-One Software" We will help you setup your Google Lead Generation System™ Using our team. (Value 1997.00) *High Converting, Plug & Play Store Templates To Have You Up And Running Within a Few Days! *How To Squeeze Out Maximum Revenue From EVERY Customer That Buys From You!

*My Secret Strategies To Boosting Sales Conversion Rates by 30%! *How To Get FREE Sales From Your Customers Every Single Month On Auto-Pilot! *How To Dominate Your Niche & Have All Your Prospects Begging To Buy From You!

Module 1: Mindset For Success (Value $447.00) Reprograming Your Mind For Success *Discover How To Set Your Day Up For MASSIVE Success EVERY DAY! * Two Powerful Mindset Secrets That Reveals How To Have A Successful Business! *Learn The Secret Strategies Of a Billionaire Mindset! *How To Buy Your Time Back So You Can Build Your Empire! *The Blueprint To Operating A 6 & 7 Figure Business Empire!
Module 2: Facebook Advertising (Value $1799.00) * Automating Continuous Sales With Facebook * AFFORDABLE, way to advertise online while harnessing the ability to target specific audiences. Once you've mastered this skill there isn't anything you can't promote online. * How to capitalize on the #1 place to buy traffic with 2.2 Billion monthly users. * Example of a $182,324.83 In Sales With Facebook (Case Study) *How To Craft The Perfect Facebook Ad For Maximum Conversions! *My Hidden Secret Running Profitable Ads For Long Term Success on autopilot! *How To scale your Facebook ads profitably and effortlessly!  *My 5 Secret SureFire Ad Strategies To Explode Business Sales Overnight!
Module 3: Instagram (Value $697.00) * Advanced Instagram Ad Techniques for 2023 and Beyond to double your leads. How to Use Instagram Ads at Every Stage of Your Sales Funnel to Generate More Leads and Sales * How to Write Instagram Ads that Work: Tips from the Trenches.How to Get More  * Leads and Sales With Your Facebook and Instagram Ads. * How to generate 10,000 followers on Instagram for pennies.
Module 4: Youtube Marketing: (Value $897.00) Picking Your Profitable Niche & Products * There are 1,300,000,000 users on YouTube. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. You can't afford to not have content or advertise on YouTube. * YouTube is an excellent way to build your brand AND it is still one of the largest search engines in the world and most people aren't using it the right way. *Two of the most powerful secrets in marketing history--secrets that EVERY successful YouTube marketers use! * Ten Surprising Simple Steps That ANYONE Can Use To Build A World-Class Campaigns. *How To Create Offers That Will Steal Your Competitors Customers! *My Secret Pricing Strategies For Maximizing Your Profits! *My Ethical Sales Tactic Hacks To Sell Anything To Anyone!
Module 5: Microsoft/Bing System (Value $597.00) Getting Initial Sales With Low-Cost Traffic *Dominate Your Niche Across All Social Platforms Even If No One Has Ever Heard Of You Before! * A little-Known, 7 Part Process To Explode Your market For HOT New Clients. *How To Contact Influencers And Have Them Begging To Promote Your Products! *How To Build A Long Lasting Relationship With Your Influencers For Continued Sales & Growth! *My Secret free traffic sources that bring you sales 100% for free every single day!
Module 6: Linkedin Marketing (Value at $897.00) * Gary Vee has been telling you to use Linkedin religiously for the last few years. Don't sleep on Linkedin. 61 Million Linkedin users are senior-level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. On the surface, Linkedin only looks like a B2B platform, but when used properly and consistently can be an amazing source of referral and new business.

Module 7: Email Marketing (Value $997.00) Automating Your Business For 24/7 Sales *How To Grow Your Email List Quickly & Effectively! *How To Set Up Your Email List So You Make Sales 24/7! *How To Make $3 Per Month Per Email! (3,000 Emails = $3,000 Per Month In Sales!) *How To Craft The Perfect Sales Email So Your Prospects Have No Choice But To Buy From You!
Module 8: Zero Cost  Traffic Strategies (Value $497.00) * How to do a video a day for Youtube without you being on camera.
Bonus: Scaling Your Business & Sales Channels (Value 497.00) Growing Your Business Past 6-Figures *How To Outsource Key Parts Of Your Business AND Build Your Rockstar Team! *How To Brand Your Business & Products For Lifelong Customers & Growth! *My Little Black Book Of Suppliers, Contacts, Manufacturers, Advertisers, Accountants, & Fulfillment Centers To Stream Line Your 7 Figure Growth! *How To Launch Your Branded Products On Sales Channels For FREE Sales Every Single Day! *How To Unlock MULTIPLE INCOME Streams In Your Business So You Can 10X Your Yearly Revenue!

MORE BONUSES: How to become a Client Lead Attraction Consultant™ Module...

You will get my templates, emails, sample website, tools, contacts, niche list for big dollars and business leads available. Plus, on going support for 3 months.

Plus My Private 7-Figure Funnel  Library Simply plug-&-play your products into my 6-7 figure funnel templates and never spend time dealing with building your own! These are my personal highest converting & most profitable funnels that are not shared anywhere else!  * 33 Videos on Social Media. * How To Build A 8 Figure Sales Funnel. * Anik Singal $120 Million Secret. * Tai Lopez Case Study: How To Make 1.4 Million Per Month. * Grant Cardone and Anik Singal -How To Sell Millions With Facebook Ads. * Dozens of marketing courses for my friends. * 8 Social Media Engagement hacks, Strategies, and Tips. *Social Media Strategy Template and Complete Guide. * Frank Kern on "Future Of Consulting." * Dot Com Secrets Marketing In Your Car. 1124 pages. * Simple Free Traffic Strategies. * How To Make $1,000 A Day Using Email Lists. * Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing. * Chatbot 101 Instructions. * How To Get Leads With Chatbot. ($1997.00 Value) Bonuses Over 75 videos to watch and 2000 pages of world-class marketing material. (Value $3997) Bonus Tik Tok Marketing Course. Learn from the experts in this field. This media is exploding.  ($97.00) Bonus: Set Up Your Own Social Media Agency ($897.00) What can you expect from this system? The world will become your oyster. Literally.
I am not just giving you access to a system, I am teaching you a skill.
This skill will allow you to make 6-7 figures from anywhere in the world.
Instagram influencers and brand pages are easily charging THOUSANDS monthly per post.
These aren’t celebrity pages, as we all know celebrities can make well into SIX FIGURES per post.
These figures are from normal people, like you and me who have built accounts and are now teaming up with sponsors and are getting paid to promote products, giveaways, and more to their followers.
Each business will pay you $1,000 - $2000+ per month to manage their accounts for them. Just imagine what you could do with an extra $2000 per month, week, or even per day? This is your opportunity, to invest in your dream. We are thriving in the age of social media. This is the age where 17-year-old online entrepreneurs are making more money than brain surgeons.
Total Value is $13,819.00

I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on all of the marketing courses out there, not to mention years of my life. Searching for the BIG SECRET.
I realized that some of these courses were great at teaching you how to grow accounts. But where all of them failed, was teaching how to monetize effectively. After all, the whole point of doing this is to make money, right?
Most other courses out there will show you outdated tactics to grow your accounts. I am talking about things like putting all your hopes on going viral.
But what happens when Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft/Bing changes their algorithm again and you’re back to square one? Will you get a refund on your course? I doubt it. You will learn from the multi-millionaire top influencers and expert in the Social Media field.
The contents of my course will teach you methods which don’t depend on outdated tactics or investing money on likes, fake followers and shout outs.
My methods which have been tested time and time again will always work. They are designed to work regardless of any Social Media algorithms and any changes that happen.
Bonus: Set Up Your Own Social Media Agency What can you expect from this course? (Requires High Level Software.)
The world will become your oyster. Literally.
I am not just giving you access to a system, I am teaching you a skill.
This skill will allow you to make 6-7 figures from anywhere in the world.
Instagram influencers and brand pages are easily charging THOUSANDS per post.
These aren’t celebrity pages, as we all know celebrities can make well into SIX FIGURES per post.
These figures are from normal people, like you and me who have built accounts and are now teaming up with sponsors and are getting paid to promote products, giveaways and more to their followers.
Businesses will easily pay you $1000 to $2000+ per month to manage their accounts for them.
Just imagine what you could do with an extra $2000 per month, week or even per day?
This is your opportunity, to invest in your dream.
It is now 2023, and we are thriving in the age of social media. This is the age where 17 year old online entrepreneurs are making more money than brain surgeons.

Where 27 Year Old Dominic has built up an affiliate monthly income of $80,000+ in just over 15 months Selling lead generation software to local businesses. He does work at least 12 hours a day on his business.

You can see that the Social Media Master Gold  System packs in a lot of value.  
That’s because as learning experts and marketing specialists, we develop top-notch material AND we want to help you use it to attract clients and customers so that everyone’s business grows.  
                                                   Is there a guarantee?
I’ve been doing marketing with professionals for over 30 years now. I’ve coached hundreds of professionals in the USA. I don’t tell you this to brag. I say this because, frankly, my reputation is on the line. If I didn’t deliver the results I promised, my reputation would go down the trash. But if you watched the videos and read the reports you will see dozens of success stories that reveal their secrets.

That said, here’s my guarantee to you:
If you show us you followed our simple instructions as laid out in the Implementation Group.  Just watch 60% of the videos and do just three Social Media campaigns, Google Lead Generation worksheets and didn’t make at least 3X your money back. All we ask is show us proof and give us the opportunity to help you just let me or anyone else or anyone on my team know and we’ll give you all your money back. I hope you can tell I really truly am concerned about you getting the result you want.

I am personally inviting you to become one of my students. Be taught by myself. 

Here's to more leads for your business,

Russ Jones

 Frequently Asked Questions
When does the system start and finish? The system starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. How long do I have access to the system? How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. What if I am unhappy with the course? We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unable to get results with the methods taught in this course, and using the software to generate leads contact us and we will work with you directly to get you results! If we can't generate at least 7 appointments for you, we will refund your money 100%! More details are available in the Terms Of Service.

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