No one goes into business hoping for endless amounts of work and never ending checklists. If you're tired of being run over by your business and you're ready to live the life you imagined then this is for you.

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What's it really like?

If you aren't sure if coaching is for you read what these kicka$$ ladies have to say about their experience. If you're ready to build a business you love and live the life you intended then stop waiting and start coaching.

Ri Justin

Kai is an incredible coach and business strategist with an immense passion for compassionate leadership, something very much needed today but rare to come across. She has an uncanny ability to pull out what you need to go to the next level and is very succinct and sharp in the way she moves you forward. If you want someone super skilled, highly directional, trustworthy and yet empathetic, Kai is your woman.

Charlene Sagapolutele

These past few months, working with Kai, I put my head down and my blinders on and ran full out toward my big hairy audacious goal and ran toward my calling to leadership. Finally.

Slaying some dragons of self-doubt, conquering negative emotions and replacing my stinking thinking with positive, constructive, life-giving self-statements of who I am in God and who He can be through me...I reached my first goal and am on my way to the next!!!

Kai has been the missing link to my business success. She just gets me. How she communicates in a language that my brain and heart can comprehend, and how she navigates through different strategies to help move the needle forward specifically for my business - this is her gift to the world!

Maria Svobada

In the midst of a mid-life salsa dance - I was going every direction, but no direction with any momentum - I love Kai's insights and perspectives. She is amazing and her wisdom feels like gifts to me wrapped in fresh perspective - this feeds my soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you.