Chakra Healing Retreat

November 4th at 3pm - November 6th at 12pm 2022

At Cabin On The Falls in Mentone, Alabama

Come enjoy a long weekend at the cabin where you will learn all about your Chakra Energy Centers through

guided healing modalities by Marissa Marsh, Your Self Love Wellness Coach.

What to Expect

Daily movement

Connection with like-minded hearts

Guided Breathwork


Emotional Detox Coaching

Frequency Healing sessions

Chakra Healing sessions

Sound Bowl Meditations

Private Chef for Lunch and Dinners

and so much more!

Our movement will be a range able for all abilities.

What's Included

Dinner Friday, Lunch and Dinner Saturday, Brunch Sunday

All Activities & Excursions


Emotional Detoxes

Frequency Healing

Chakra Healing

All food will be organic, gluten, and soy-free. The majority of our meals will be sourced from local Mentone farmers.

What You Will Cover

Breakfast and Snacks

All drinks

Airfare, housing, and transportation to the retreat location are not included in this experience, as many people are coming in on different days to add to their adventure. There are lots of rental options in town if you are wanting to come or stay longer.

How To Get There

Once you have secured your spot you will be sent the address.

There are two airports close

Chattanooga, TN

Atlanta, GA

The Cabin on the falls is an hour drive from the TN airport and about a 2 hour drive from the GA airport. You do change from EST into CST timezones when you cross into AL

Payment Options

You can either pay in full or use my payment plan options.

If you choose to do a payment plan, the second payment is due by October 28th, 2022. If the second payment is not made, the spot will be given away. Spots are very limited.

Refund Policy

The Retreat is 100% NON-Refundable. Once your spot is saved it is fully yours and your investment has been allocated towards your spot and the activities you will be enjoying. No exceptions.

Testimonies from Marissa's Clients

Thank you for all your help, it made a tremendous change in my physical and emotional state. So grateful to be learning from you and am so excited to attend your next training - S.R.

Marissa has been helping me work through a very challenging and scary time in my life. She is so calm, patient, and intentional with our time working together and makes a point to meet me where I am emotionally and go from there. She does a wonderful job of listening, asking the right questions, ensuring | feel seen, and helping me really see myself more clearly. I have been especially grateful of her ability to find techniques and tools that I can use that work for me and my challenges specifically. Her experience and knowledge in the realm of naturally and effectively unearthing and coping with buried emotions has truly been a blessing in my life when I needed it most. - J.C.

Marissa Marsh has CHANGED MY LIFE with her ability to stay focused leading with SELF LOVE! Thank you Marissa I will forever be grateful for your PRICELESS GUIDANCE - K.B.

Could cry happy tears. Love you so much. I am so grateful the universe gave me you. - K.P.

Oh my goodness working with Marissa Marsh has been pivotal in my self growth and in the way I approach my business. I have been consistently TEACHING monthly in person classes for several months! This is something that I have struggled with (IN THE PAST) and I'm now more confident and excited to be standing in front of people and talking about what I'm so passionate about. I actually have three classes on my calendar for next month. - R.A.

Marissa, my heart is overflowing with so much and YOU young lady have been such a tremendous support to me. You have given every one of us the tools to be successful there are so many possibilities. - J.L.

I am so grateful your movement is a gentle reminder that less can be more. We dont have to push ourself to the max, sometimes the slow movement is what we need. I love that you give us practical tools and ideas we can use throughout each day. - H.H.

I just love you! Your genuine personally comes through and and you just radiate beauty from the inside out! The world needs more people like you. - J.S.

Thank you for your continued trickle of timely and helpful tips that don't feel so overwhelming and are easy to implement. I love you. You are absolutely in the work you are meant for. You are an angel. - L.H.

I catch myself breathing so much more since your retreat! I am so grateful for you simple breath work. - H.C.

Since our coaching session I have been sleeping like the dead, thats a nice change! I'm out faster than I have been in years and seriously wake up like I could sleep a year. I guess this is what real healing does to the body. I am so excited to have tools that I can use each day to continue this growth. I am pretty impressed with myself for how much I have been able to stick with since we created my life dream plan! - K.P.

I'm so grateful for your coaching! I have a much better understanding of how to grow personally and within my business. And seriously the mindset section was amazing!!! I needed that for life in general!! It's helping me be much more positive in my daily life! Even in how I talk to and encourage my toddler! - R.W.

You just simplified so many things in my head today and I'm tired of making things hard and I am trying to open up myself to receive your information & knowledge now. A.N.

You lit a fire this morning. Just finished meditated in the shower and worked on what we talked about with my mindset and could feel my chakras beginning to turn in the right direction. I've learned that why I struggle with "non- negotiable" is because I listen to the people around me define my boundaries (or what's too much) instead of defining them myself. Which is such a powerful new mindset to heal with. - B.A.