The Self Love Activation Kit The Keys To Activate Self Love In All Areas Of Life

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Here's What's Included:

  • Video Training: Activate Your Self Love In A Fun, Bold & Sexy Way

    Learn the way of the Bold Sexy Warrior! This video training shows you the 3 keys to activating self love in your life.

  • E-Book #1: What's Self Love Got To Do With It? Unleash Your Inner Warrior

    Get out of your own way by activating your self-love and self-worth! Get clear, get courageous, and get confident, so you can unleash your inner warrior!

  • Audio Meditation: Place Of Power Meditation

    Get in touch with your inner knowing, inner voice, and inner leader... so you can unapologetically show-up for your purpose-driven life.

  • The Bold Sexy Warrior Manifesto

    This PDF Printable poster can be hung on your office wall (or bathroom mirror)! Use the affirmations to IGNITE the Bold Sexy Warrior within you!

Client Love:



I felt drawn to Roz. For some reason I felt like i knew her without having spent time with her. Her energy her sense of humour her soul fire was what attracted me to her initially.



Rosalyn helped me develop not only personally but professionally. She took my “why” and systematized it into a scalable business so that I still have time and energy for myself, my husband, and our three young kids.

@Rosalyn Fung