Bringing Together Local Businesses & Neighbors of NE Sonoma County

Cindy Butner

Executive Producer, Good Neighbor Podcast NE Sonoma County

Publisher Mayacamas Mountain and Healdsburg Living Magazines


Storytelling is my passion. After 30-plus years as an executive in the tech sector and news media, what better way to redirect my career than to focus on telling the stories of the people who live, work and play in the places I’ve called home for nearly two decades.

Healdsburg Living and Mayacamas Mountain Living exist to bring people together through storytelling. Whether introducing neighbors to neighbors, nonprofits or the local businesses that help them keep their homes and lives humming, it’s what I love to do.

So, what’s my story? A vocal performer by training, I’m also one of twelve siblings. Perhaps that explains why I love to give voice to families by putting them center stage.

Of course, growing and adding new magazines requires help. I’m blessed with a great support team of local writers, photographers and my innovative business partner, Best Version Media. Together, we’re committed to strengthening our communities by sharing the things we have in common and making your local business a household name.


  • To bring the local businesses and residents of NE Sonoma County together.

  • To enhance the ‘Know, Like and Trust Factor’ of our featured guest and their


  • To provide our featured guest a valuable resource that can be used in numerous ways to grow their business.


Featuring local residents, their personal stories and the things they enjoy, like upcoming events, sports, philanthropy, local history and more.



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