Self-Awareness is a POWERFUL TOOL?

For many years, I acted and behaved in ways that always made sense to me but not others. And when there was ever a disconnect between myself and other people, I would often say, “What’s wrong with them?” or even worse, “What’s wrong with me? Did I do something wrong?” And that’s the power of being Self-Aware.

You learn that your behaviors are a part of how you are wired and that there are certain ways to best communicate with you to be more effective. Being Self-Aware also helps you learn how to best communicate with others who are wired differently than you. This is one of the many benefits of my program. Click the link to learn more about my Self-Awareness Program.


  • Increase Self-Awareness and Maximize Potential

  • Clarity, Role Awareness & Authenticity

  • Recognize Strengths & Limitations

  • Leadership Effectiveness and Building Thriving Relationships

  • Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Health

❝ I was introduced to this program in 2019 and it brought me so much clarity of not just who I am, but “How” I am. This program helped me so much personally and professionally that my wife noticed the difference and then decided to take the program with me in 2020, which took our marriage from good to great and now great to phenomenal. Since our daughter started the program in 2021, our communication and relationship with her has grown so much, allowing us to just be who we are. This program will help you professionally and personally. ❞

For Years I had a lack of direction and I felt like

I was just going through the motions of life with no real sense of purpose




>> 1 Flight Assessment Report

>> 45-minute Orientation of the report. (Virtual or In-Person Local)



>> 1 Flight Assessment Report

>> 45 Minute Orientation of the report (Virtual or In-Person if local)

>> 3 Coaching sessions over 30-60 days to go over your report in more depth, set your priorities, and develop action plan. (Virtual or In-Person Local)


For many years, I believed that I was my circumstance and that my life was LIMITED only what I was exposed to. I never thought I could be more, have more and experience more. I had a limited mindset which showed in my behavior. For many of my Young Adult years, I was just going through the motions of life.

As I started taking risks and putting myself in different environments, I started to have hope that there was more to my life than what it was.

As I started to become more aware of my gifts and talents and how I could use them to serve others and ultimately make a better life for myself. I have devoted my life's work to helping others heal from the past, grow in faith, live as their MOST AUTHENTIC self, Living with purpose and on purpose. And it all starts with Self and Self-Awareness. Which is why I am excited to help as many people as I can with my programs.

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