12 Week Individual Coaching and Mindset Course

Workouts, Nutrition & Mindset

Why I Created this Program....

My gift and purpose is to use health and fitness as a vehicle for teachers to show up to their jobs with a smile on their face. I recently realized that one component that was missing was mindset. Mindset is the key to making any fitness program work and any nutrition program work. Without mindset and belief work it makes it much harder to see results but with it, the results come. That is why I have created this 12 Week Individual Coaching and Mindset Course.

The Course includes:

  • 12 week Mindset course and workbook going over all areas of life and uncovering beliefs and blocks that are preventing you from seeing massive success in each area.

  • Individualized 12 week workout program based on your goals, your equipment available and your current fitness level so that you are able to feel confident that you are doing the right exercises for you.

  • Customized nutrition coaching - either macro coaching or habit based depending on what works best for you

  • Access to the Embrace the Sweat app where you will be able to view and track your workouts, check off habits and watch your progress

  • Biweekly check in zoom calls with me to work on the mindset work together so that you completely remove any blocks and see the success you are wanting.

  • Weekly check ins via the app to check in on training and nutrition

  • Access to me and my team through the app Monday - Friday for any any questions that come up with your training, nutrition and mindset. No matter what comes up, we are there to get you through it!

My Mission, My Purpose, My Why