Healing With Ease Retreat

Brought to you by Marissa Marsh and Chancee Terry

January 13th - 15th 2023

At The Cabin On The Falls, in Mentone, Alabama

Do you feel like there’s no time in your day?

That healing will be hard?

Do you put everyone in front of taking time for yourself?

Have you noticed the same story playing in your head over and over?

Are you overwhelmed with where and how to start?

In the back of your head, is there a voice telling you… What’s the point… You aren’t worthy… Healing won’t actually change anything… I’m just broken…

We have been there, and know exactly how you feel.

Marissa and Chancee have been on a healing journey for decades. We have been through the low points and brought ourself to the high points with these tools we want you to have in your tool belt. Everyones path to healing is different, but there are ways to make the process easier on yourself. We are here to teach you practical ways to heal the body through sound, mindset, movement and so much more.

If you find yourself here on this page, there is a reason. It is your time to amplify you healing journey. Our Healing With Ease Retreat is extremely limited on space and will go fast.

Make sure to secure your spot today!

Your Hosts

Chancee Terry

Ethereal Touch Wellness Advisor

Chancee is a licensed Massage Therapist, Healing Arts Practitioner, Sound Healer, and Ethereal Touch with Timeless Healing Practitioner. She helps you address all things emotional, physical, mental & spiritual to find balance and peace in your life. She helps activate the inner physician in all of us by diving into the root of your fears. Planting LOVE along the way.

Marissa Marsh

Self Love Wellness Coach

Marissa is a certified NLP practitioner and a Self Love Wellness Coach who specifically supports women stuck on emotional roller coasters and gives them tools to create healthy structure within their life. She does this through Emotional Detoxing what is no longer serving the body with a wide range of modalities. When not coaching, she designs and directs all of All Natural Family Doc online courses and educational materials; plus co-founded Brain Food That Works. Marissa also has a BFA in Modern Dance from Point Park Conservatory.

When you leave the Healing With Ease Retreat, you will have practiced healing in simple ways and know you're next steps to continue to healing from home.

Here are what their clients are saying...

"Immediately calm after our session together. I was shocked at how fast things started clearing up for me. I am also noticing my family make shifts for the better since our session!! #FamilyHealing"

"Our session was absolutely perfect for what I needed. I have no clue what I wanted to focus on and by the time I left I knew exactly what I could to to support myself. It was like my body just needed to be told its time to start the work!"

"I recently went back to look at my notes from our first session. I was SHOCKED when I saw I had done all the things on my list AND was actually thriving in them 5 months later. I am so excited about what I have been able to a accomplish since working together!"

"I was really struggling with period cramps, and emotional rollercoasters. I almost canceled our session. But I am so glad I didn't - afterwards I was amazed at how light I felt as well as super calm"

"WOW, I have never stuck with anything. I have done so many programs and then gone back to my old ways. After working together I have been on a healing journey for 7 months now!"

"After retreat I drove home with no radio and just my thoughts and I have never been able to do that before! I feel like I can conquer the work! Thank you for everything this weekend"

"I feel seen and can now clearly see how to help myself and my family. I am especially grateful for the healing techniques she uses and shows me how to use at home. They are game changer for me!"

"Thankful for the wisdom that came out in our session. I feel like a new woman now! It is always so amazing what happens post working with you, I notice things clear up so fast and easily!"

"The past 4 months of working together has changed my life. Your ability to stay focused leading with self love is priceless guidance! Thank you for doing what you do!!"

"Feels like she has 2 sets of hands, with multiple techniques hitting all the right stops. Coupled with her knowledge... wow I will be back for more healing session! Now to go tell all my friends about this!"

"The mindset shifts that we went through have been pivotal in my self growth. I am now more confident and excited about standing in front of others and talking about what I am so passionate about!"

""What I was taught has made a huge improvement in my health. I'm able to do more physically than before, and I'm catching myself now when my emotions start to

spin out of control, Im able to get myself out of that horrible loop I had."


Mentone, Alabama


The closest airport is Chattanooga, TN. This is about an hour's drive to Mentone. The second closest airport is in Atlanta, GA. This is about a two-hour drive to Mentone. For both airports, you do change from EST into CST time zones when you cross into Alabama.

Housing is not provided. There are many cabins available to rent in the area.

General Daily Schedule

Organic, locally-sourced, gluten-free and soy-free lunches and dinners will be provided on each training day. There will be Spring Water to drink.

You will experience sound bowl healing, tuning forks, frequency energy healing, reiki healing, emotional detoxes, hip opening movement and much more!


January 13th

2:00 PM Cabin Doors Open

2:30 Sound Healing Meditation

3:00 PM Light Hiking

6:00 PM Why Healing Is Important Training

7:00 PM Dinner Provided 

8:30 PM Cabin Closes


January 14th

9:00 AM Morning Movement

10:00 Sound Healing Meditation

11:00 PM Lunch Provided

12:00 PM 1:1 Healing Sessions

7:00 PM Dinner Provided 

8:30 PM Cabin Closes


January 15th

9:00 AM Morning Movement

10:00 AM Intention Setting

11:00 PM Brunch Provided

12:00 PM Sound Healing Mediation

12:30 PM Cabin Closes

What to Bring

Breakfast and Snacks

Comfortable Clothes

Water Bottle

Notebook and Pens

Payment and Payment Plans

All Payments are due by January 4th, 2023.

This Retreat is 100% NON-Refundable. No exceptions.

If you have any questions, please use the chat widget in the right corner. We are excited to see you in January!