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Chiropractor Ocean County, NJ: Welcome to Jersey Shore Low Back & Pain Relief Center where state of the art technology is fused with compassionate patient care. If you have any questions regarding anything you read in this website, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Our mission is to provide people suffering with chronic and severe lower back and leg pain, the most thorough, non-surgical spinal decompression protocols so they can enjoy their lives again. Our goal is to provide our services with only the highest levels of integrity, compassion and safety, and help our patients achieve a higher level of living. We aim to correct the cause of each patient’s problem without the use of drugs, injections or surgery.

Spinal Decompression in Lacey Township, New Jersey

Ocean County Spinal Decompression Chiropractor: In the past, a patient suffering from disc problems usually was given pain medications, instructed to refrain from physical activities, referred for physical therapy, and when they weren’t progressing they were sent for spinal surgery. Conservative chiropractic care proved very helpful in many cases, yet there have been some cases when surgery seemed to be the only other option… until now.

Today, you don’t have to live with that pain anymore. Thanks to the concerted efforts of a team of top physicians and medical engineers, Spinal Decompression was developed to effectively treat lower back pain and sciatica resulting from herniated or deteriorated discs. Spinal Decompression not only significantly reduces back pain in many patients, but also enables the majority of patients to return to more active lifestyles.

Best Chiropractor in Lacey Township, NJ

Best Chiropractor Lacey Township, NJ: Jersey Shore Low Back & Pain Relief Center works with patients with multiple different health conditions. We provide result-oriented wellness care for chronic back pain along with outstanding chiropractic care for infants to adulthood.

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When you’re in pain, getting the right treatment is what’s most important. That’s why we offer various and multiple pain relieving therapies. This way you get the best treatment for your specific condition. Whether it’s a simple strain or a chronic disc problem, we’ll locate the cause of your problem and prescribe the best course of treatment.

After unexpectedly blowing four disks in my lower lumbar spine, I tried everything from surgical consultations and pain management specialists to six months of physical therapy. I would leave each session in worse shape then when I started. Then, I saw an ad for Dr. Zammito and everything changed. The DRX machine and the doctor helped me walk again without pain. Dr. Z took the time to help and he really cares about all of his patients. Well recommended!


Jason Allentoff


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