Creating greater results for business professionals and organizations through relationships, connection, and community.

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Creating greater results for business professionals and organizations through relationships, connection, and community.







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For the first 37 years of my life, I suffered from extreme shyness, introversion, and a fear of social settings.


Now that I have overcome those challenges, I'm on a mission to create better networkers, stronger businesses, and connected communities!


I have achieved recognition and awards as a successful consultant, speaker, and author specializing in business networking. I am the Founder and CEO of Become a Better Networker, the CONNECTED Networking Group, the Networking Breakthrough Academy, and Borja Virtual Conferences and Events.


My week is dedicated to facilitating the growth of both organizations and individuals by helping them create authentic relationships, expanding their communities and increasing their revenue.

I also enjoy connecting people, organizing networking events, teaching business networking classes, delivering keynote presentations, and conducting corporate team training.


"Networking Essentials

For Sucess" Book

"Networking Essentials

For Sucess" Book

Everyone knows the importance of networking, but unfortunately, most never learned how!

This book will help new and seasoned networkers to efficiently accomplish their goals through a proven 7-step journey that creates results in a fun and authentic way. As someone who is not a natural networker or salesperson, Chris understands the struggle first-hand.

He eventually learned through perseverance, trial by fire, and many cringe-worthy moments! In this book, you'll shortcut the learning curve and ditch outdated sales strategies that no longer work in today's world. Say hello to new doors of opportunity opening for you, and goodbye to fear, anxiety, and rejection!

Networking Breakthrough Academy

Reach your goals fast by "bridging the gap" and confidently building win-win relationships!

The Networking Breakthrough Academy is a 12-week program that will give you the clarity, confidence, systems, and tools that you need to grow with a supportive community, so you can make more money while saving time and creating a greater impact!

As a bonus, you get to ditch those outdated sales strategies that no longer work in today's world, and say goodbye to fear, anxiety, and rejection forever!

This is a certification program that'll boost your professional resume with a practical skill you'll use daily!




Corporate Networking

& Sales Consulting

Corporate Networking

& Sales Consulting

Your organizational breakthrough is just one step away!

Hey, fellow leaders! Let's talk about leveling up your team's game. Picture this: your sales squad isn't just making calls, they're becoming local legends, woven into the very fabric of your community, and reaping the rewards in referrals and sales. Sounds like a dream? With the right networking training, it's not just a fantasy, it's a blueprint for success.

But hey, it's not all about the bottom line. We're all about building teams that are as diverse as they are dynamic. Because let's face it, a team that embraces differences is a team that thrives. So why not invest in some top-notch diversity training? It's not just about ticking boxes, it's about creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and ready to crush it together.

Networking Breakthrough Academy

Launch your next event with a bang!

Experience electrifying Opening Keynote Presentations that ignite the audience, elevating the energy and fostering a strong sense of community and networking throughout your event.

Chris Borja's engaging approach captivates attendees, providing value for participants, sponsors, speakers, and organizers alike.

Get ready to set the stage for a dynamic and memorable event with an Opening Keynote that leaves a lasting impact.






Interactive and Experiential Workshops

Picture this: diving headfirst into dynamic workshops that aren't just about learning, they're about experiencing, engaging, and growing together. Whether we're gathering face-to-face or virtually, our interactive sessions are all about empowering your crew to master those must-have networking skills, ramp up communication, and tighten up teamwork.

So, let's find out the untapped potential lurking within your team. Through hands-on experiences that linger long after the workshop ends, we're here to drive real, measurable results. Ready to set on this journey with us? Let's make magic happen!

Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

and Events

We bring the ENERGY, ENGAGEMENT, and EXPERIENCE of your LIVE event to the VIRTUAL WORLD!

Borja Virtual offers expert guidance and full production services for virtual and hybrid events, including non-profit fundraisers, summits, workshops, and conferences.

Our proven 4D Process ensures exceptional results by starting with discovery to align with your goals, followed by collaborative design for a fun and impactful experience. Our expert team handles seamless delivery, and a comprehensive debrief maximizes impact and momentum for your organization.

Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

and Events

CONNECTED Networking


CONNECTED Networking Group

Create a fun and comfortable space for the business community to MEET, COLLABORATE, and GROW!

Founded in 2013, we are a group of diverse business and community leaders who believe in making a difference and supporting one another because we are BETTER TOGETHER!

Our events are fun and comfortable for the first-time attendee, the seasoned connector, and everyone in between!

We are expanding worldwide! Let us know if you'd like to be part of the global impact.




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