How Military Veterans Thrive in High-Pressure Sales Environments

As a military veteran, you have been trained to perform under extreme pressure, and sales can often be a high-pressure environment.

This is one reason why military veterans thrive in sales positions.

Military veterans are also used to working in a team environment, and sales teams often rely heavily on collaboration to achieve their goals.

The discipline and leadership skills instilled in military training also translate well to sales.

In addition, military veterans have a strong work ethic and a commitment to accomplishing their objectives. They are accustomed to working long hours and

putting in the effort required to succeed, which is vital in the competitive world of sales.

Furthermore, military veterans are often excellent at building and maintaining relationships, which is a crucial skill in sales.

Their experience in dealing with people from all walks of life, and their ability to adapt to different situations, make them highly effective

at communicating with customers and colleagues alike.

Employers looking to hire military veterans in sales positions should provide a supportive environment that acknowledges and accommodates

the unique challenges that veterans may face during their transition.

In conclusion, military veterans can thrive in high-pressure sales environments due to their discipline, leadership skills,

work ethic, relationship-building skills, and ability to perform under pressure. Employers should recognize the value that military

veterans bring to sales teams and provide the necessary support to help them succeed.​

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A Proud, Veteran Owned Business.

© 2020-2023 Sales Platoon. All Rights Reserved.

A Proud, Veteran Owned Business.