How To Generate 3-5 Interviews per day with "High Ticket" Insurance cases to build your practice to $10,000-$25,000 even up to $50,000 Per month Using Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other Social Media, Million Dollar appointment system...even without paying for ads.

The Million Dollar Client Attraction System."

"Introducing The Amazing New Client Attraction Strategy That Gets You an Additional 23-47 New Clients For Final Expense and Million Dollar Term Using Facebook and Social Media Platform Every Month...Get Qualified, Interested, Motivated Prospects To CALL YOU!"

                                                                       $2500-A-Week- Lead-System

Russ, thanks for your advice and system. Using Linkedin Sales Navigator for my  "High Ticket" leads, training  2 VA's working the CRM, texting, ringless voicemail and email System I've been averaging about $2500+ a week working only 3-4 days a week.  Most of my leads are "Live Transfers"  from the VA's and texting.  I even have gotten business owners sign up for the "All-In-One" marketing platform where I earn a monthly residual income.                                                                                                                                   Jonanthan Smith, Los Angeles CA.

"Sell Insurance While You Sleep A Custom All-In-One $2500 A Week Software Sales Marketing System For Insurance Agents."

We have a professional social media team of people who compile the labor intensive "High Ticket" Lead data for you. We can generate 25, 50 or even 100 "High Ticket" lead data per week for you at $1.50 per lead. Then we set up your Linkedin Profile, Google Ads or YouTube Ads Management lead system to get "HOT" weekly leads. 

Please note: Facebook is not

Or instead of Google Ads we can set up your Facebook Ad starting at your pace of $10-$15 per day. 

Then all your leads drop into The "All-In-One Software Client Attraction System system where you can text them using our templates, ringless voicemail, email using our content or even call them using our script where they can offer them a quote with a VA using our power dialer. 

All of this can be done with the Client Attraction System System where you can have the lead transferred to you as a "Live Transfer."

We can setup the system in 21 to 31 days or you can follow our video instructions and do it yourself.

 You Need A Go High Level All-In-One Platform Software To Do This System

In summary, this is what HighLevel can do for you:

- It's an all-in-one sales and marketing platform software.

- It contains CRM text function, automation funnel, website builders, social media scheduling, calendar management, reputation management, and new prospect nurturing sequences.

- It can generate passive income.

In order to build your website and sales funnel you will need High level "All-In-Platform. You can signup for a 14 trial for the "All-In-One System. at Http://


We specialize in building "High Ticket" lead systems and follow up sales conversion systems. What we will create for you allows you to control your own marketing and costs. You can start slow and then increasing your production on your own pace.

You can generating your own linkedin leads and sales in under 14-20 days from the time of ordering! Our team specializes in lead funnels, Social Media B2B Linkedin generated leads, multi texting, ringless voicemail. (telesales or face-to-face) and we can do this system where prospects call you as a live transfer lead. We set up the platform for selling $1,000,000 term plans. For an additional price we can set up the platform to do annuities, IUL's just ask!

We use the All-In-One Platform for our CRM system

All -In-One System High Level Platform has over 20,000 Agencies and 535,000 Businesses Users.

Everything You Get in the Platinum System

  •  Million Dollar Client Attraction System A Website Landing Pages: We setup your sales funnel for $1,000,000 Term Plans and Final Expense websites, calender appointments and followup series. (Value $1350)

  • ​Social Media Marketing Management: You will receive the Do-it-yourself setup and manage social media marketing platform like Facebook Ads or Google Ad. The #1 platform in the world is Google Ad. Many businesses and professions have made millions making Google Ads work for you. (Value $997)

  • Social Media 2: You will receive a complete courses on Facebook ads and Google Ads account and where you can generate "Hot" leads starting at $10 per day. All based on your budget and pace you want to move.  This would be in the first month month. (Value $997)

  • All-In-One Software and Service System 3: We setup your Facebook or Google Ads capture system, texting, ringless voicemail and power dialing system. Includes templates for texting and for ringless voicemail. We will setup your account with High Level. You can get a free 14 day free trial. They have a $97 per month plan and a $297 full blown system for agency builders. This is where you can get a 40% monthly affiliate commission on every business owner or professionals who introduce to the platform. sign up. You can build up a $6500 monthly  annuity for yourself in the next 12 months using our Social Media Platform. View the platform at  (Value $1997)

  • ​Domain name:  Your own unique domain name that you choose and a matching Facebook business page completely setup to your specifications. Including setting up your ad and image.

  •   Social Media Team: If you don't want to set up this social media platform your self we will give you access to our experienced  team can promote and manage social media marketing platforms include Linkedin marketing Facebook marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter and  Pinterest and YouTube channel promotion and management we can build your brand awareness and provide highly engagement to get more sales for your business and practice. You will get our contacts and deal with them direct. (Value $697)

  • ​Facebook Business Page:  Your own unique domain name that you choose and a matching Facebook business page completely setup to your specifications. Including setting up your ad and image. This is don't in the second month. (Value $297)

  • Google Account:  Complete instructions of all Facebook/Instagram and/or Google advertising accounts and custom ads to start your own leads sales funnel.

  • Monthly Client Newsletter: You will have access to our monthly client newsletter that helped sell millions in annuity business and "High Ticket" life insurance prospects. See testimonials below. (Value $397)

  • Social Media Platform:  You own the leads, the advertising accounts and your Linkedin data. With "Client Attraction System" you can get leads daily to you so you have them into the system. (Value $297)

  • No Restrictions On Area:  No geographic or selling restrictions. Generate leads in your hometown, count, state or nationwide. You can provide leads to other agents in your organization for a profit or as part of an incentive program. The leads are 100% yours and you can use the leads in any way.

  • Hosting and SSL Service:  We handle all domain, hosting, SSL services and most importantly, lead delivery management through our "All-In-One Software and Service" custom system. (Value $120)

  • Complete CRM System:  You will have access to our Million Dollar Client Attraction System. It does Power Dialing, Ringless Voicemail, Email And An Autoresponder.  Over 535,000 businesses and 20,000 agencies use this platform. We will sign as user in order to make this whole system work at (Value $1997 a year)

  • PLATIUM SYSTEM:We Build Your lead website for you): We will setup both your $1,000,000 Term plan and Final Expense webpage. (Value $497)

  •  Live Transfer Leads. You can use our scripts where every contact you for more information and appointment using the CRM Texting System. (Value $497)

  •  Sell While You Sleep. We will give you the contact where you can signup directly with the Insurance company that sells insurance over the internet. No agent involvement. We will set up your system if you like where you don't talk to anyone. They can buy up to 2 million in term coverage over the internet. The policy is issued and you get paid 90% on a as earned basis. You can be a broker direct with the insurance company. (Value $497)

  • ​​How To Build a Million Dollar Agency:  We will give you the system to build your own "Million Dollar Insurance Agency" using High Level Software and service. (Without Killing Yourself.)

  • Become an Affiliate with High Level: Learn how to build a monthly income of $3500+ per month. The best door opener to local businesses to help 3X to 10X your business.A 27 year old named Dominic build his monthly to $61,000 in less than a year. Jason an Youtube guru signed up over 15,000 real estate brokers on his software.

Check it out at

30 Day Of Unlimited Service: 30 day of setting up your  CRM system for texting, ringless voicemail and email. Our team will work with you as much as needed to get your account completely optimal for your business and have you trained and able to use the platform yourself. 

You will have my office phone, cell phone and email so you can contact me any time. If more time is needed, we will make a very fair and agreed upon rate for whatever services are needed. (Value $1797)

Check out These Bonuses

Total Value Including Bonuses Worth $25,695

PREMIUM PACKAGE FOR FUTURE TOP PRODUCERS: The cost for the Premium package is $997.00.  Click here for Premium System.  Or two payments of $547.00. Click here for two payments. We will send you a "Special Link" To sign up for the CRM System with High Level. Or go to

Basic Package: I just want to signup for High Level All-In-One Lead Generating Software. Click here to go to Best High Level.

We have the full blown Agency builder where you can sign up businesses, professionals in your community and county.  You can build a sizable passive monthly income of $3500 to $6500 a month.

The System Pays for Itself...
Between your reduced lead cost, the higher quality advertising and of course the sales  system pays for itself very quickly. We will get you up and running within a 14-20 days and once complete you'll have your own completely custom marketing platform to generate your own leads online, forever. I will be there every step of the way to ensure you have no issues generating leads going forward. You can view the CRM System in detail at

You can call me any time to discuss at (435) 881-7138.  I know there is a lot of information on this page so I am happy to answer every question you might have.

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones

P.S. If you aren't willing to invest something in your practice, then no matter what we show you, you will never be a top producer.

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