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How To Manifest Your Babies

& Become A Happy Mother

(Who Loves Her Life!) 

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The Hidden Truth Behind Fertility That IVF Companies Don't Want You To Know

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"This was so much bigger than I first could understand when starting the program. I thought I only wanted to get pregnant but thanks to this program I can now step into my own power and lay the whole foundation for my life as a Happy Fulfilled Mother.

I am forever grateful!

Thank you, Linda" -Cecilia

Fed Up With Suffering From Unexplained Infertility, Feeling Completely Stuck In Life?


You have been fed a lie that it only takes one sperm, one egg (and some extra hormone injections) to create a baby!


That is NOT true and it is NOT your body's fault that you are not pregnant yet! Especially not if you are in your 30s struggling with unexplained infertility and feeling completely out of charge of your life... 

If you wanna understand how to naturally overcome unexplained infertility, get back in charge of your own reality and create a happy life as a HAPPY mother that you LOVE, make sure you read every single word on this page! 

BUT- Before you read on... I would highly want to recommend you to let your mind rest as you read this, and instead listen with your heart and soul.

You Have Most Likely Already Tested Everything From... 

  • Fertility Supplements
  • Fertility ​Meditations
  • ​Fertility Affirmations
  • ​Fertility Yoga
  • ​Baby-Making-Sex-Positions
  • ​Homeopathy
  • ​Chinese Herbs
And nothing so far has been helping you getting and/or staying pregnant... 

The fact is that it will not matter how many supplements you eat or how many rounds of IVF that you do- if your subconscious mind has fertility blocks and/or you are out of alignment with your soul’s fertility path- YOU CAN NOT RECEIVE YOUR CHILDREN

And if the non-existing-motherhood-part-wasn't enough... It feels like you are living a “fake life”. What you are living was not the life you were imagining yourself living in your 30s... 

You are stuck in a job that you don't like, the sex life feels more like a chore than any form of pleasure, you are struggling to make your own money, all the dreams you used to have of what your future life as a mother would look like seams to get further and further away... 

Oftentimes you find yourself wondering “how did my life even end up here..?” 

When friends and family members announce their pregnancies, you crash...

You try to look happy on the outside, but on the inside, you feel a massive sadness in your heart… Each time your period arrives it reminds you one more time of how wrong everything about your life really is. It feels like your world is falling apart… 




These Results Are Available For You Too!



If you have felt attracted to read this page you are probably ready to hear this...

There is a reason for the struggles that you have been going through in your life… and the magical news is that: Your life is meant to be BIGGER than just manifesting a baby. 

This is why I have made this program completely different than any other fertility program out there.

Let’s be real... 

Deep inside you KNOW that a baby is not going to help your other issues in life go away! If you want a Happy motherhood then you will have to heal your own wounds that have trapped you into the life that you are living today! THIS will help you create the FREEDOM your heart is longing for!

If you are a chosen mother to one or several of the “Love Warriors” babies (this is the tribe of future babies that are waiting to incarnate to earth. They are speaking through me in order to connect with their future mothers) then this message is your you: Your children have been (AND STILL ARE) waiting for YOU to get READY.


"I felt a strong gut feeling to quit my IVF process and thoughts that it must be other ways to create the happy mother life I want.  That is when Linda showed up! After our first session, it now feels like anything is possible and I can see what a blessing it is that my children waited for ME to be READY.

From the bottom of my heart- Thank you" 

- Marie

Who Are The “Love Warriors”?

This is a pure, very magical form of beings that are waiting to come into earth. They have chosen (unrevealed/sleeping) Earth Angels as their future mothers all around the planet for the purpose of faster growth. They are coming into planet earth as a wave of love and light. They are here to teach the message on how to live life from a place of love rather than fear, This is why they have been (and will keep) waiting for their mothers to be ready (to fix themselves). Because until the mothers are ready and are fully awaken to who they truly are themself, these children can not come in. In order for these kids to do what they are coming here to do they NEED parents that can help them develop these gifts as they live life. And that starts with the parents. This is most likely why YOU are here NOW. 


  • You are suffering from Unexplained Infertility
  • You dream about your Dream Life but for some reason, the efforts that you been taking in the past has not been leading you to your goals
  • ​You have a hard time connecting with other people and often feel like an outsider
  • ​You feel that you Should be more successful in life than you are and you Should be further ahead in life than what you are! 
  • ​You are sick and tired of DREAMING about the things you want because based on your life so far, it’s not gonna happen anyway! But still, there is this voice inside of you that tells you to KEEP GOING, keep looking for answers.
  • You wanna be happy but often you feel sad or frustrated 
  • You can't stand any form of violence
  • Feel tremendous emotional pain by hurting other humans or animals 
  • ​Throughout your life, you have often had a different kind of physical and/or mental issues
  • ​People often come to you for advice or emotional support
  • ​You have a hard time saying no 
  • ​You pick up other people’s feelings and pains even when you don’t want to 
  • ​You often feel stress and pressure over your chest
  • ​You have been hiding your truth in fear of not being loved if people really knew who you are
  • ​​You oftentimes feel that nothing is working out for you and you just can’t understand Why
  • You often feel misunderstood 
  • ​Many things here on earth scare you 
  • Sometimes you feel that you do not even belong here on earth
  • ​You have a hard time making money even though you work very hard 
  • ​You are living from a place of scarcity with a feeling that there is never enough
  • ​You are often in survival mode looking for all kinds of possible dangers around you
  • ​You feel that you may have some kind of psychic gifts but you are afraid of looking at them 
  • ​You have a hard time receiving things such as complements, gifts, and money
  • You have a feeling that “it must be more to life than what I am currently living”


If 13 Or More Of The Above Statements Resonate With You Then... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀.

...chances are high that you are an unrevealed/sleeping Earth Angel and one of the chosen mothers for this wave of children that are waiting to come into planet earth! 

The only reason why you haven’t been able to bring them in yet- is because you have been out of alignment with your Earth Angel soul mission.

These children have chosen you for your intuitive gifts and inner power. They love your Essenes and who you truly are. And they knew that if they would have arrived sooner you wouldn't have gotten the chance to wake up to your own truth.

What Is Your "Truth"?

You and your future children made a plan before any of you came into this lifetime (aka soul contract).

Together you planned to make a huge impact on Earth as it is moving forward into its new phase after 2020 (this is by the way why you have been feeling that frustration and unsatisfied with life because your soul has been poking on you trying to make you remember that "it is MORE to this life than what you are currently living"

This may sound and feel scary, but the only thing you will have to do is to:


Once you start to remember and connect with who YOU truly are, your reality will start to TRANSFORM.

Struggles will turn into smooth paths and your way to Happy motherhood will start to unfold. 

 No extra homos or fertility injections needed!

This is what the Fertility Alignment is all about. 





Once you are in full alignment with your Souls Fertility-Path then you are a magnet for your children arriving into your life. That is inevitable. 

Your motherhood will feel calm, happy, peaceful, abundant and free. 


When you learn how to access the field of source energy and your own inner power then you will be in full clarity at all times knowing exactly what life choices to make. 


This is the most rewarding feeling that you will be able to access. You know the feeling of being in love, THAT is the feeling you will be able to live in when you access the state of full Souls Alignment.


As a result of the "Becoming a Happy Mother Mentorship Program," you will by default be able to wake up in the mornings feeling passionate about your upcoming day.


When you are in love with the beautiful being that you truly are- other people will fall in love with your truth too. This is how you create the most magical loving relationships in your life.


The more intuned you become with yourself and your reason for being here on earth, the more trust in the Manifestation process you will develop. Witch means:

No more Worrying.


When you live your life in alignment with who you truly are then the most magical human beings are showing up in your life. These are people that you were unable to meet in your “old” life. But now, they are showing up everywhere and your life feels more like a fairytale than like the struggles that you used to experience. 


The more in alignment with your soul’s fertility path you become the more money you attract. All the work that you do will finally start to pay off so that you can live your wanted Abundant life in freedom tother with your children. 


After completing the "Becoming a Happy mother mentorship program" you will be able to feel compassion and gratitude for your body, and the periods will be the most beautiful sign of how fertile and perfect your body really is.

"I Almost Can't Believe That I Am Pregnant!"
"I am so blessed and grateful to have had the chance to receive such sessions from Linda and from working with her. She is so dedicated and loving, her energy is magical, she is after your well being and needs. I strongly recommend her. Thank U Linda." - Nada
"I Am Pregnant!"
"To connect with my babies in the session before I got pregnant was magical. Thank you Linda for helping me feel worthy, and to keep trusting the process that all pieces will fall into place" - Mikaela
"Finally Received My Baby!"
"My confidence and faith that my body could conceive were at an all-time low.

After working with Linda not only did i become a mother, I also feel so much happier, lighter, more confident, and calmer " - Natasha



2016 was one of the worst years of my life... At that point, I was 4 years into unexplained infertility (later they found out that I didn't have ovulation)... I had a business that was losing money each month... I wanted to travel but I was stuck in the city because of my ex-husband’s career... It felt as if I was living in the shadow of his work.

My self-esteem was at rock bottom and no matter how hard I tried to make any form of change, nothing seemed to be working out for me. I was so disconnected from myself that I had no idea of what even made me happy...

One day I found the answer that would transform my life forever, and within 2 months (!!!) I managed to MANIFEST 9,000 USD (!!!) so that I could take action on that opportunity!

Today every aspect of my life is different. My body is fertile and produces perfect ovulation each month. I have gone from believing that I am a "dependant princess" needing a man to provide for my luxury wants- to today knowing that I am an "Awakened Earth Angel" that can manifest anything I truly want for myself.

I am in a loving healthy relationship with my (new) partner and we have just spent the last 1,5 years living our best lives in Thailand and Bali... We are both super clear on our core mission for both ourselves and for the world: Set yourself free first, THEN bring in the next generation!

The feeling of being in my own power is the most magical feeling I have ever experienced.

And THIS is what i want for YOU too!

I’m Linda. I'm a clinical hypnotherapist, the founder of the Fertility Alignment Method, and the “Becoming a Happy Mother Mentorship Program”. 



Your path to happy motherhood is unique and so is the “Becoming a Happy Mother Coaching Program”. It is a 9-month-program tailored around You and Your needs so that we make sure you become a vibrational match (as I talked about in the video in the top of this page) to your ideal life as a Happy Mother.

What You Will Receive During Our Time Together:

  • ​Intention-setting call. This is where we map out how you want your ideal life as a mother to look like. How much money do you wanna make, how do you wanna feel throughout your days, what is the wanted relationship with your partner like? Etc. Then- everything we do during the upcoming 9 months is to align you with that wanted reality so that it can manifest into physical form. 
  • Soul alignment. Your soul has a magical reason for being here on earth right now. During these sessions, we will be able to tap into the path that your soul planned before she incarnated- so that you can start to create your life in alignment with your soul's fertility path which means that you finally can start living life feeling FULFILLED.
  • Subconscious reprogramming. Here we reprogram the old limiting fertility- and dream-life-beliefs so that you can become a vibrational match to your Happy motherhood.
  • ​​Spirit-baby-channeling. This is where we are able to understand exactly what your children need in order to come into planet earth and your family.
  • ​​Support. During the time we work together you will have full access to me 6 days a week so that you can feel safe at all times knowing that guidance is only one text, or phone call away. So that you never have to be or feel alone❤️
  • VIP FB group. This is where you can connect with other amazing women who are on the same journey as you. Who don’t wanna settle down for only pregnancy but who wanna create their best lives together with their children.


The Master Manifester Membership Platform

A training for newly awakened Earth Angels in how to navigate through human life and create families that they love 🌍 

If you feel that what you have read so far resonates with you and you feel that you may be one of the chosen mothers to the Love Worries (and you feel that you are ready to wake up to your true calling here on earth), don't hesitate. Book your free Discovery call Today so that we can feel if we are a great fit in working in the "Becoming A Happy Mother Mentorship Program" together. 

"Thank You For Sharing Your Wisdom & Light!”

“When I met Linda for the first time a few years ago she became my coach and therapist and she helped me to shift so many things in my life already. 

Now I am in the middle of her Master Manifester Program and I can only highly recommend it. 

It is packed with knowledge about how the mind, the subconscious mind and the manifestation process works and she brings together so much knowledge, tools and tips and tricks, that I know I will be a manifesting queen soon.

I really like that I can go through the videos in my own timing and I enjoy all the interesting worksheets that come with it. 

But what I love the most about it is Lindas authenticity. She shares her own story and that makes her teaching so relatable and real.


Linda, you are literally an angle. 😊

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your light!”


"This Came To Me When I Needed It The Most"

I wanted to share some words about this amazing Master Manifester program and Lindas help. 

I am forever grateful for this experience.

I feel this came to me when i needed it the most, it was almost like a sign from above.

With the help of the Master Manifester program I am more confident about myself and I am taking steps everyday to sharing my truth. I know that i cant act from fears anymore. 

I have also learned how to shift my focus and raise my vibration and how important it is to know how to keep my own energy and what my intention is. 

What's so good is that during this program you can go back and pick the exercises that feels right for you at this present moment, i love the exercises in this program and i have my favorite audio recording that i love to listen to when i'm out walking. It's amazing to listen to, keeps you to be aware and in the present moment, always.

I am much more happier and positive today then i was before.

During the weekly lives i always get a positive feeling and my power back because Linda has this light, support and humility that i feel i have this strong trust for her as a person and she will always do her best to answer all of our questions. Linda is so caring about helping and do her best all the time. She really is the best.


Thank you again Linda for all your loving support"

Seeking A Life Of FREEDOM So That You Can Be FREE Together With Your Kids?

If so, here are the three pillars we are gonna be working with:

Your Soul, Your Subconscious Mind 

& Your Path To Happy Motherhood

You have probably heard about the Law Of Attraction.

There is a misunderstanding that LOA (Law Of Attraction) attracts what you consciously want. That is not the case. LOA works on what you subconsciously believe to be true. Your conscious mind is responsible for ONLY 5% of your mind- the rest of the 95% is Subconscious! Imagen the POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND! 

If you want LOA to work FOR you- Then you have to change your subconscious programming AND align with the part of your soul that has the answers to all your heart’s desires - then you become UNSTOPPABLE!

With the unique “Becoming a Happy Mother Mentorship Program” we uncover the hidden subconscious beliefs that have created your current reality (your infertility/fears/patterns/habits). We hock you up with that part of your soul that is already now hanging out with the souls of your future children, so that we can get a super clear understanding of what your children need in order to come into the earth and to your family. 

Then we reprogram your subconscious mind to ALIGN with all this new information and your CONSCIOUS WISHES- for permanent changes.

This is how the Fertility Alignment Method combined with the “Becoming a Happy Mother Coaching Program” helps you to overcome unexplained infertility and create a life as a Happy mother that you LOVE!  


 Imagine What YOUR Life Could Look Like After Only 9 MONTHS...

linda tornqvist,linda törnqvist, hypno för fertilitet

I wanna set the expectations right.

Many women get pregnant during the 9 months, and chances are big that you will too.

If you are not pregnant, then after 9 months you will have a much clearer picture of how your children will come in.

An example would be that you during this work together have realized that you rather adopt a child that truly needs a loving family.

Or you have decided that IVF is your way to go.

Whatever will be shown to you in terms of clarity, you will feel 100% confident that that is the right decision for YOU and your HAPPY FAMILY. 

Because then YOU have become the strong, calm & independent woman you are meant to be as you are stepping into motherhood!

More Amazing Clients Sharing Their 

Life-Changing Results 

"Absolutely Life Changing!"

"I originally knew I wanted to do RTT after hearing about Linda on a podcast.

What I got out of my RTT session has been absolutely life changing! Not only do I feel I have released my money block but all self doubt and insecurity went with it! 

I feel so empowered and free! Listening to the recording is super powerful and just keeps instilling in me that I am powerful and no one can take that from me I am in charge of me and no one can fill my sparkle!!."

  • Raedawn, Network Marketing
"Found The Root Of Problem!"

"Linda is a wonderful therapist! She helped me improve my relationships with people in specific situations where I felt stuck with no apparent reason.

The session was very intense but I felt really secure with Linda always understanding how I felt and guiding me with kindness and intelligence.

I was very impressed by the way she went back to the root of the problem and helped me release the emotion connected to it. It was such a relief...

We did the session remotely and it worked a wonder. Thank you Linda!" 

- Caroline, Therapist 

"I Now Can Follow My Dream!"

"It is an amazing journey to work with Linda. 

I started out having so much anxiety. I had many dreams I wanted to accomplish but had no idea how to do it. I felt stuck. 

Thanks to the RTT coaching program I have now taken the step to follow some of my dreams. 

I have started two businesses and I feel happier, more empowered and more confident than ever. 

I am deeply grateful to Linda and RTT for the work we have done."

- Carolie, Yoga Instructor





Can I do single sessions instead of the full 9-month-program?

Yes, you can, many women who do not feel 100% ready for a massive transformation in their life often start with one session, after that when feeling the magic starting to take place in their lives they move on to the 9-month program.

What is hypnosis?

I describe hypnosis as a deep form of relaxation. A deep state of hypnosis feels like that moment just between waken and asleep that you most likely feel right before falling asleep at night. If you do any form of meditation you have most likely felt this related state too.

Am I awake during hypnosis?

Yes, you are and you will remember everything you have said, seen, and experienced during the session even after the session.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

You will be fully aware during the whole session and you will communicate with me as I ask your subconscious mind questions so no you can not get stuck in that state.

Can anyone get hypnotized?

My experience is that most people can. 100% of the women that have done sessions with me of free will (where she herself wanted to do it and didn't feel pushed by anyone else) have been able to reach the hypnotic state and amazing results in her life.

How are the sessions done?

We do the sessions over a video meeting so that you can be in the comfort of your own home and take some time to relax and soak everything in after the session without having to rush from a physical office.

Is hypnosis “wo-wo”?

Well, hypnotherapy in itself has been used for years by psychologists around the world to get a deeper understanding of a client's mind. However, the sessions that I offer they go beyond hypnosis and contain contact with Spirit guides, Souls of unborn babies, Angels and so much more. Whether that is “wowo” or not will be something you get to decide for yourself, haha. For me, it is my reality and it creates the most beautiful results in both my own and my client’s lives.

Are there always spirit babies around every woman?

Almost all the time, yes. In my experience, the women who truly want to become mothers because of a deeper feeling that they are meant to become mothers have spirit babies around them.

In some few cases where the women have thought they wanted to become mothers but later during our sessions found that actually it wasn’t her will to become a mother but it was because of a feeling that she is a woman and probably “should be” wanting to have children. In a case like that, there are still babies around but those babies are “further away” from those women so that they can come in in the future if the women, later on, would change their minds and actually wanna become a mother.

What could some examples be of what the babies share during sessions?

The babies are oftentimes very clear as they speak through me, on what they need from their mothers in order to set her life up for family success.

Some examples could be:

“We need you to put your work-life in order because you are not happy in your work and we can not come in before you are happy”

“We need you to create a change in your financial life because right now you feel that you hardly have enough money for yourself and your partner and how could you feel that you can give us the life that you feel that we deserve if you don't have money”

“Leave the relationship. Mother, you are not truly happy in this relationship and therefore we do not want to come into this family environment because your heart's desire is to be in a happy relationship with our father. So you will either have to work on this relationship OR break free.”

“You are too busy with your life as it is and we can not come in until you clear up space in your life so that we know that you will actually have time for us so that we are not combining into your reality as another burden of your already super busy life”

Many times the messages from the babies can be uncomfortable and even scary. They are telling the truth from their perspective. And here you have a choice of either keep living your life in denial and keep pushing in a direction that you deep in your heart know is not working (as stay stuck), OR you could face the truth and change direction. And if facing the truth is the choice you make then I will be with you along the way so that you finally can set your life up for the family success that both you and the babies are longing for.



Every minute you wait to get the "Becoming a Happy Mother Mentorship program" is another minute with the risk of the spots filling up. Put the power of the "Becoming a Happy Mother Mentorship program" to work for you so that you as fast as you can, can overcome unexplained infertility, get back in charge of your own life, and create your life as a HAPPY MOTHER.

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