Tips for Hiring and Retaining Military Veterans in Sales

Military veterans have a unique set of skills that make them ideal candidates for sales positions. However, employers need to understand

how to effectively hire and retain these valuable team members. Here are some tips for hiring and retaining military veterans in sales:

1. Understand their experience: Military veterans have a range of experiences that can translate into sales. Many have experience with

high-pressure situations, problem-solving, and teamwork. Take the time to understand how their experience can benefit your sales team.

2. Provide clear expectations: Military veterans are used to clear expectations and goals. Make sure you provide them with a clear job

description and performance goals, so they can understand what is expected of them.

3. Offer training and support: Veterans are used to training and development. Provide them with training and support to help them

develop their sales skills and achieve success.

4. Create a supportive culture: Military veterans are used to a supportive culture where teamwork is valued. Create a supportive culture in

your sales team, where team members are encouraged to work together and help each other succeed.

5. Recognize their accomplishments: Veterans are used to receiving recognition for their accomplishments. Make sure you recognize their

sales achievements and provide regular feedback on their progress.

Hiring and retaining military veterans in sales can have a positive impact on your bottom line. They bring unique skills and experience

that can help your sales team thrive. By understanding their experience, providing clear expectations, offering training and support,

creating a supportive culture, and recognizing their accomplishments, you can effectively hire and retain military veterans in sales.

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A Proud, Veteran Owned Business.

© 2020-2023 Sales Platoon. All Rights Reserved.

A Proud, Veteran Owned Business.