So, You Are Not Yet Ready To Embark on the Pattern Thinkers Program

Learn How The Cleverly Program
Equip Your Child to Decode & Tackle Even The Most Complicated Math Problems

Without Stacking Tons Of Assessment Books And Tuition Classes

Cleverly In A Nutshell

Comprehensive Skill Development:

Our holistic curriculum nurtures critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity alongside academic excellence, essential skills needed to excel in the 21st-century workforce.

High-Quality Educational Resources:

Cleverly offers meticulously designed worksheets and captivating videos created by experienced educators to challenge and inspire your child.

Supportive Online Community:

Our community connects parents and children with like-minded peers, providing a platform to share experiences, ask questions, and learn from one another.

Flexible, On-Demand Learning:

Cleverly's online platform empowers children to learn at their own pace, whenever and wherever it's most convenient for them. .

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Who Is The Cleverly Program Designed For:

  • Parents who are not ready for Pattern Thinkers, but still want to develop their child’s key problem-solving ability

  • Parents whose child has tried tons of assessment books and tuition centers and yet there is no improvement in their grades

  • Parents who believe in going deep on the fundamentals instead of over-practicing on the surface

  • Parents who wish for their child to be better at math and logical thinking

How Is Cleverly Different From Pattern Thinkers

What Can You Expect From Cleverly?

  • Weekly Exclusive Skill-Based Lessons: Our specially curated lessons teach your child real-life applicable concepts and fundamental skills, led by experienced and passionate Math expert teachers. We focus on critical and inventive thinking, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and visual-spatial thinking to develop your child's potential as self-directed learners and effective problem solvers.

    (Valued at SGD247)

  • Weekly Academic Q&A Sheet: Downloadable, specially prepared worksheets with answers allow your child to practice on paper and reduce screen time. Each week, we provide 20 Math Exercise Questions tailored to your child's capabilities and academic level.

    (Valued at SGD197)

  • Monthly LIVE Academic Q&A: Join live online sessions where our expert educators answer any academic questions your child may have. These 30-minute Zoom sessions offer subscribers the opportunity to consult with professionals on Math questions, strategies, and address any doubts or concerns.

    (Valued at SGD247)

  • Private Parent Community: Our private Facebook group provides parental support for your child's education and upbringing. Norman shares video recordings, blog posts, and other resources to enhance your journey as a happy and stress-free parent.

    (Valued at SGD297)

  • Monthly Parent Workshop: Gain access to our exclusive online parenting workshops and receive expert educational tips. These free monthly workshops (virtual/physical) offer valuable insights and advice on various topics, such as careless mistakes and learning styles, to help you build a high-achieving student.

    (Valued at SGD397)


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How Is Cleverly Different From The Alternatives?

Generic tuition: Usually these centers will design their strategies and curriculum, it's hard for them to cater to students individually if they are falling behind. Many of these centers also are not designed to build thinking and knowledge of key concepts

Assessment books: Missing the main element that caters specifically to your child: feedback. With only problem sums and answers, students might have to resort to guessing the strategy used to derive the answer or even worse, memorizing

Other Online Courses: No emphasis on the deep understanding of the topic of problem sum, seeing the question from a teacher's perspective, just a lot of practice work without the understanding