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EARN YOUR FREE 6-Week Challenge!

This is the exact challenge we have used to help our clients lose 65,649 lbs and counting & we're letting our community earn it for FREE

Get Fit in 6-Weeks: Earn Your Transformation 100% FREE.

The EXACT program over 9,000 people have used to on average MELT 4% body fat, 10 pounds of fat mass, & gain 4 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks!

What You Get In The Challenge:

💪 Upfront assessment to learn your fitness level, how you move and limitations (if any) so we can meet you right where you are at to individualize your program based on your specific needs and goals!

💪 Private Coach. Imagine having your very own motivational speaker who holds you relationally accountable--ensuring you get up every morning and inspiring you to get your 🍑 in the gym--and encouraging you step-by-step through your journey!

💪 Individualized Nutrition Planning No fad diets or magic pills here! Just time-tested, research driven nutrition equipping you to acheive the body composition transformation you desire while empowering the most energetic, healthy and confident you!

​💪 Unlimited fun, results driven, cutting edge workouts to add lean functional muscle, decrease body fat, increase conditioning and performance while decreasing your likelihood of injury!

​💪 World-class 24hr support and relational accountability!

💪 Fun, loving, supportive community of likeminded people who are on the journey with you!

The CrossFit Prior Lake 6-WEEK CHALLENGE is your opportunity to earn a 100% FREE program that is designed to transform your health, fitness, body, nutrition, and lifestyle. Spots are limited...

Got questions? Check this out:

Who is this challenge for?

You need to be someone SERIOUS about getting in shape. We are looking for people who are ready to make a REAL change in their lives. We don't have time for people who can't commit to getting fit.

What's included in this FREE system?

It's the complete package. Your assigned personal coach will walk with you step-by-step throughout your 6 weeks with us. This means cutting edge training, individualized nutrition coaching, meal plans, body composition testing, relational accountability, and much more. We also meet with you 1-on-1 regularly throughout this journey to make sure you are on track to meet your goals. You will get access to our EXCLUSIVE community to keep you motivated and engaged. And a whole lot more too...

Earn it 100% FREE (limited time only)

How do I join the FREE challenge?

Simple, just click on the button and put in your info. We'll send you a text and give you a call to get you all set up. Then we can get you set up with everything you need to be successful.

Is it really FREE?

For the first time EVER, we're offering our community the chance to EARN their 6 week challenge for FREE. We have found that people who can earn their transformation are more likely to get results. Speaking of results, we back up our program with a RESULTS GUARANTEE. This could be you too!

When does the FREE challenge start?

SOON. We start as soon as our last spot fills up. So, if you are reading this right now, we may still have a spot for you!

EARN IT 100% FREE: 6-Week Transformation

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