Raindrop Day Training

Brought to you by Dr. Jessica, Your All Natural Family Doc

August 5th, 2023 At Health inc in Birmingham, Alabama

Tickets are available for purchase until 7/29/23

Your Hosts and Instructors

Dr. Jessica


Trauma Release Specialist.

Dr. Jessica is a wife to one, mom of four, doc to many, and occasional time-bender. She has been a dedicated biohacker with almost 30 years of experience restoring health. She focuses on finding the root cause of chronic illness, and provides solutions within her Four Pillars Of Health: Structure, Emotion, Environment, and Nutrition – so you are fully SEEN. Dr. Jessica practices Chiropractic in Birmingham, AL at Health inc., and in 2017 she started All Natural Family Doc which is her wellness blog. This has allowed her to teach thousands of families her Four Pillars Philosophy on Healing. Dr. Jessica is also a Platinum Leader with Young Living and the founder of Our Essential Life.

Marissa Marsh

Self Love Wellness Coach

Marissa is a certified NLP practitioner, Emotional Wisdom Coach, and Self Love Wellness Coach who specifically supports women stuck on emotional roller coasters and gives them tools to create healthy structure within their life. She does this through Emotional Detoxing what is no longer serving the body with a wide range of modalities. Marissa received a BFA in Modern dance from Point Park Conservatory in 2017, which she uses to support people's physical health. When not coaching, she designs and directs all of All Natural Family Doc online courses and educational materials; plus co-founded Brain Food That Works. Marissa is also a Gold Leader with Young Living and Our Essential Life.


Health inc

50 Manning Place

Birmingham, AL 35242

Day Schedule

8:00 AM Doors Open

8:15 AM Training Starts

12:30 AM Lunch Provided

1:30 Training Starts

7:00 PM Doors Closes


This Retreat is 100% NON-Refundable. No exceptions.

Limited Spots Available

Registrations for Raindrop Retreat are limited. Class arrangements and size are set for better hands-on attention and training.

This training does qualify you for Advanced Raindrop Training. Learn more by clicking here.

What to Bring

a Twin Sheets Set (fitted, flat, and pillowcase)

a large bath towel and hand towel

a bottle of YL White Angelica

a Full Raindrop Kit

Water Bottle

Notebook and Pens

Please make sure that you have no fingernail or toenail polish. All nails must be filed, short and smooth.

If you have any questions, please use the chat widget in the right corner. We are excited to offer this training!