The State of Digital Business Making the Transition from SMB to "DSB"


March 18th // 1pm EDT

"92% of companies surveyed feel their current business model is not economically viable in the era of increasing digitization. And unfortunately, most are right." - McKinsey


In 2020, we saw a huge surge of adoption from consumers and businesses going fully digital. From doubling the time spent online, people put their mobile phones and laptop in front of them more than ever. This is prime real-estate needs to be seized and fortified, immediately.

CEOs reaping the most benefit are making quick decisions that are data-driven, value learning faster internally for better execution, and are adopting new uses of technology for speed-to-market penetration. Companies that do this will exponentially separate over the next 12-24 months from their competitors.

What You'll Walk Away With

  • How to growing a small business – digitally

  • How to do Lead Gen, Lead Nurturing and work the Sales Plan...digitally

  • An understanding that Digital Business is Pure, Precise and Hard - but worth it

  • How to leverage Google Ads and SEO - inalienable truth session

  • Easy to implement KPIs for the “DSB”Growth Survival Experts for small business

As Seen In:

Ascend Advisers was founded by successful business owners who were former Heads of Sales and Marketing in large enterprise corporations experiencing the challenges of the digital disruption and need for speed to compete.

We are amazon best selling authors, teachers and technologists that activate digital business models for companies that lead to growth.

Our focus is to deploy technology, strategy and execution in concert to scale and run a more valuable business. We provide visionary leadership to CEOs and their teams with tangible and practical solutions for growth.


FEATURED speaker

Bill Walton, EVP Sales

Bill Walton brings over 20 years of experience as a sales coach, facilitator, and author to his clients. He has worked extensively in Financial Services, Business Services, Hi-Tech and Commercial Industry with a deep background in working with Heads of Distribution, Institutional Salespeople, Key Account Managers and Intermediaries.

His client work includes Bank of America, Chubb, UL and Avis Budget Group to name a few.  Bill has particular coaching and training expertise in prospecting and value proposition development. Bill publishes the Value Creation Sales Blog and is a featured guest on CNN.

He is an adjunct speaker at The Wharton School of Executive Education and a featured contributor to Forbes Magazine. Bill graduated magna cum laude from Connecticut State University with a degree in Business Administration and received a Masters in Human Resource Education from Fordham University.

FEATURED speaker

James Jacobi, CEO

James Jacobi is the Founder and CEO of Ascend Advisers. As a Strategic Advisor for small to midsize companies, James helps business owners embrace accelerated adoption to digital strategy, systems and processes that make their brand digitally competitive in their sales and marketing.

He is a recognized millennial leader on multiple boards of directors and has spoken at top industry and business conferences on business growth, hiring, and leadership.

He has spent the last 15 years working with small local businesses to global Fortune 100 firms in the healthcare, insurance, pharmaceutical, and technology verticals. He understands the challenges CEOs face to build a great culture and high-performing teams. James graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Marketing and Certified Professional Selling.

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