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Our Restaurant Scaling System Is Perfect For You If You Have ...

  • At least $75k in monthly revenue

  • The internal capacity to double sales

  • A loyal customer base (regardless of size)

  • A growth mindset

  • 100% commitment … you’re all in!IMAGE & QUOTE

  • Coachability

  • Embraces the JFDI ethos

Our Restaurant Scaling System Is Not For ...

  • People not interested in creating immediate improvement

  • People who aren’t directly working on their business

  • People who want someone else to do all the work

  • People who aren’t committed to the next level

Go “all in” on growing your Restaurant!

If you’ve achieved initial traction, I can help you scale-up to record-breaking monthly revenue faster.

In 2023, my team and I helped 100+ ambitious restaurant owners and operators achieve critical growth and...

  • Improve profit margins by 8%

  • Increase new customer visits by 57%

  • Increase customer frequency by 2x

  • Double event and catering bookings

  • Blast beyond their yearly goals

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  • Examine your current situation to see what is (not) working

  • Identify your growth possibilities in the next 6-12 months

  • Uncover the #1 thing holding you and your business back

  • Develop a Growth Plan that will get your business results

Here's what some of my coaching clients

had to say..

Tarje saw a 10x ROI from investing in the 3 Keys Program

"Josh possesses a unique blend of expertise in both marketing and the restaurant industry, making him an invaluable sparring partner. Within 90 days of beginning the program, we saw a 10x ROI. Collaborating with Josh has enabled us to effectively structure our marketing efforts and prioritize what truly matters, while eliminating the unnecessary. We’ve never been more efficient or more profitable.”

Tarje Haakstad / Founder / Dognville

Ryan revenue by 14%, reduced labor by 20% and doubled event sales

"Josh's program and guidance have been instrumental in achieving remarkable results for our business in a very short amount of time. With his expertise, we saw a 14% increase in revenue year over year, while efficiently reducing labor costs by 20%. Thanks to his assistance in crafting an appealing and easily implementable private events package, our bookings for private events skyrocketed by over 100% compared to the previous two years. Josh's continuous availability for support, along with the collaborative atmosphere among other owners in the group, make the entire experience fantastic."

Ryan Miller / Founder / Dundee Dell

Louis scaled monthly sales by 10% in the first month of the program

“Working with Josh has been a game-changer for my restaurants. His marketing insights have been a revelation, streamlining our approach and creating an environment of accountability. His guidance has led to a more efficient structure, increased sales by 10%, and expanded my thinking process, pushing me to excel within the hospitality industry. Josh's program also connected me with other industry professionals, providing invaluable perspectives on challenges and solutions. He pushed me to tackle open tasks and streamline operations, allowing me to focus on critical aspects of the business."

Louis Grayson / Founder / Ramen Lab Eatery

Daniel scaled revenue by 37% in 90 days

"Under the strategic guidance of Josh, sales this year are up 37%, and guest averages increased from $55/person to $65/person. I also went from being a workhorse in my own business to being an owner. Using his templates, I was able to effectively delegate the tasks that used to suck time out of my day. Finally, I cannot stress how helpful the other participants of the program have been to our business. The ability to get feedback on how well an initiative or system works from a dozen other operators in real time is invaluable."

Daniel Auffenberg / Founder / Dorothy's Cocktail & Oyster Bar

Ani and Cesar scaled revenue by 40% and increased their average spend by 50%

"Under Josh’s mentorship, we’ve experienced tremendous growth, increasing revenue by almost 40% compared to the previous year. Our event bookings also soared by 60%, and we have successfully grown our social media presence by 10k followers in just six months. Additionally, Josh's insights and training tools have led to improved operational efficiency and an impressive increase in our per customer average spend, reaching $75 to $80 per person from the initial $55. We managed to reduce overhead and expenses, making our business more sustainable."

Cesar Zapata & Ani Meinhold / Founders / Phuc Yea

Diana doubled revenue with a 38% profit margin

"I cannot emphasize enough how much Josh has helped transform our business. We have seen a 13% increase in customer frequency and a 10% increase in our customer check average. He helped us streamline our menu offerings, optimize pricing, and enhance the overall dining experience.There is a sense of community surrounding the program. It is both supportive and yet challenged me to think outside the box. Josh also introduced a game-changing catering package that increased the average price of private events by 50% and we doubled event bookings."

Matthew Jacobs / Founder / Ben Franklin’s Taproom

Melanie achieved a 100% ROI in the first 30 days

"The passion that Josh has for my restaurant to be successful is so evident in our Momentum Calls. His commitment to problem-solving, constructive feedback, and the craft of the industry, becomes tangible evidence very quickly. We covered the cost of the program in the first month. His expertise when it comes to menu strategy that scales profitability is reason enough to invest in his program."

Melanie Phelan / Founder / Sunnyside

Matthew increased revenue per event by 50% and doubled bookings

"Josh is a fantastic coach! He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and helps us make smart, strategic decisions that directly impact our bottom line. He considers the complexities of our brand and market, giving advice that has helped us double our revenue & achieve a profit margin of 38%. With his help we’ve become more efficient, stronger leaders who better delegate to our talented team, giving us the time to both grow our business and live our lives beyond work."

Diana Lakich / Founder / Marquee Steakhouse

Matthew scaled is per customer average spend by 32%

Matthew Kirschner / Founder / Red Knapps Dairy Bar

Steve executed a sustainable marketing plan in 5 minutes a day

Steve Eller / Founder / Cosmic Cowboy

Some of our Coaching Clients

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