Do you want to leverage your super power?

A business school that teaches a systematic, sincere, and effective approach to networking and sales to produce lucrative bottom-line results.

Do you want to leverage your super power?

A business school that teaches a systematic, sincere, and effective approach to networking and sales to produce lucrative bottom-line results.

Profit Makers University with Tish Times is an interactive, LIVE, virtual training program, designed just for you.

In Profit Makers University, you will learn to increase visibility and revenue by networking & selling with systems, structure, and authenticity.

Make Change Happen

If you feel like you have the pieces to the puzzle, yet you can’t quite figure the puzzle out and you are going through the motions, hoping for the next sale, but not making real money THIS IS FOR YOU.

I created this course specifically for people who:

Have modest lists and want to quickly build them with qualified leads and customers.

Want someone to hold you accountable for following through on what you need to do, no excuses.

Have experienced some victories with networking, but need a dependable framework to propel you to experience consistent success.

Need the laser focus to develop the systems to identify, locate, attract, and land your ideal customers and clients, again and again.

Need to start making REAL money in your business or you will have to go back to work and put your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur on hold... again.

You will have the support of an expert networker and a team of entrepreneurs and small business owners just like

yourself to power you through networking authentically and successfully.

When you implement the strategies you learn at Profit Makers University:

You will be more comfortable and

more “yourself” while meeting new

contacts and have the tools

to pique their interest in your


You will be able to consistently convert new contacts into appointments and customers with a rock-solid follow-up routine

You can exceed your revenue

goals by implementing a clear-cut

networking & sales strategy

Course 101

Networking to Attract New


Topics Covered

  • Initiating the Interaction: Powerful engagement statements and attention-grabbing differentiators
  • Developing a Profitable Pipeline
  • Networking for Measurable Bottom Line Impact
  • Finding the Right Events for Your Industry
  • Maximize Time Spent at Conferences and Events

Course 102

Technology for Sales

Topics Covered

  • Tech Tips – Using your CRM Properly
  • Opt In’s and Free Gifts
  • Automated Email Responses
  • Online and Social Lead Generation
  • Generating Sales Online

Course 103


Topics Covered

  • Cold Calls
  • Warm Calls
  • Being a Trusted Resource for Prospective Clients
  • Relationship Building
  • Being Client Attractive
  • Creating Your Own “Prospecting Events”

Course 104

Sales Conversations

Topics Covered

  • Asking intelligent sales questions
  • Building Rapport
  • Uncover Pain and Aspirations
  • Negotiating
  • Communicating the Solution
  • Asking for the sale

Course 105

Cards 2 CASH Follow-Up


Topics Covered

  • Making an Impact (so they remember you when you call)
  • Making the First Contact
  • What do You Say When You Connect?
  • Multiple Media Follow-Up Strategies to Avoid Stalking Behavior
  • Getting a Quick Response
  • Follow-Up Frequency

Course 106

Closing the Sale

Topics Covered

  • Follow-Up Frequency
  • Create a Sense of Urgency
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Prove Value
  • Know When to Slow Down and Be Quiet
  • Master Storytelling

Profit Makers University

To get you out of the starting gate quickly, you’ll join Tish for a private 30-

minute strategy call to map out the fastest, easiest, way to shift your

networking, close your sales, and boost your income NOW.

What's Included?

  • Full access to the online Profit Makers University access from anywhere
  • 4 Laser Coaching Sessions - When you have a ‘big opportunity’ event coming up and you just need to ask a few questions or get some prep help - you’ll have four private (4) laser sessions for those “I need help now” moments.
  • Assessments to help determine what makes you tick and how others see you.
  • Monthly Training Sessions
  • Weekly Virtual Get-It-Done Training Sessions
  • Exclusive Facebook Forum just for members to stay connected, brainstorm, encourage, and motivate each other
  • Access to all templates and worksheets

Via the Networking & Sales Planner (only $20 for students), - you will be guided weekly to plan your networking activities, uncover your challenges, and track your success. We will check in each Wednesday for you to confirm that you are implementing your plan.

You’ll have access to an invaluable library of audios, videos, transcripts, templates, worksheets, and more to aid you daily as you grow your business. Motivation and quick answers to your most compelling challenges are at your fingertips whenever you need them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Every session with me will be recorded so that you can be in the moment getting the transformation you need and if you miss writing

something pivotal down, you’ll be able to listen back to the calls and get exactly what was said and apply it immediately. You will have your session recordings within 24 business hours of your session.

During your time as a student at Profit Makers University, you can expect to grow your business, become a master networker, give and attract business-changing referrals, and transform your confidence.

Those who show up and participate are guaranteed to see an increase in their bottom line.

Student Success

Tish’s course has made the uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming idea of "sales" into the process of networking, building relationships and serving people.

I have learned how to:

1. Ask the right questions upfront to determine if it's a right fit

2. Listen, gain understanding and go from there.

I love how Tish systematically breaks down the components into manageable segments, making the process much less daunting and more fun. This class is a must for anyone who wants to be able to serve others not sell them. For entrepreneurs, it provides a proven system to follow and replicate. For sales professionals, it provides strategies and insight into how to authentically relate and build relationships to serve instead of sell.

~Kathleen Gramzay, Developer of Kinessage Self Care

This course has done wonderful things for my sales process. I love that Tish holds my feet to the fire, firmly encourages me, and provides simple and effective tips for networking and sales. My follow-up process has improved 100%. I have closed several clients in the last few weeks since working with her - some of them on the initial sales call. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to up their business game!

~Kristy Honsvick, CEO - Simply Online

I know what you're thinking...

Where does Profit Makers University take place?

Profit Makers University is an online program and you can participate from anywhere. All you need is a laptop or tablet to join the monthly classes and weekly work sessions.

Will I learn anything beside sales training?

You will learn solid business principles, and receive tools & resources, that will help you increase your revenue.

Is Profit Makers University for new business owners?

Yes! Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner who needs to implement systems in your business Profit Makers University is for you!

How can I get support to implement the course material?

You will be best supported by showing up to the weekly implementation sessions and taking advantage of your 4 coaching sessions with Tish in order to make the most of your enrollment

Is Profit Makers University for all types of industries?

Profit Makers University is best for service-based organizations and companies that sell products to consumers or other businesses. Profit Makers University is also an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who don’t consider

Is enrollment only open certain times of the year?

Profit Makers University has open enrollment all year long. Each new student is able to start at the beginning of the curriculum yet, participate fully in the live sessions.

Need some peace of mind?

If you invest fully in Profit Makers University, show up to 90% of the sessions, complete the assignments, and apply the content to your business each month, I guarantee that you will make your investment back 5X over. If you show up, participate, and are serious about serving your ideal clients and don’t make at least 5 times your investment, within the first six months, I’ll give you 50% of your money back. There is no way you can’t increase your bottom line when you implement the information you learn at Profit Makers University.

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