Advanced Makeup Mastery Lesson

6.5 hours

  • Any makeup look and lashes of your choice

  • Learn to 2 makeup looks for your choice

  • Learn soft glam & bridal makeup look

  • Learn how to apply dewy skin/matte skin

  • How to be on a budget

  • How to perfect skin prep for different skin tones

  • Learn how to apply a flawless base

  • How to properly skin prep for long-lasting makeup

  • How to properly do a no-makeup makeup look

  • Jess Maas’s tips and tricks

  • How to find your clients / your undertone

  • How to contour & highlight for each face


  • How to apply a winged eyeliner

  • How to overline lips

  • My fav drugstore & high-end products

  • How to blend and apply eyeshadow properly

  • How to correct makeup mistakes

  • How to apply strip & individual lashes

  • How to take photos of your clients

  • Understanding face shapes & skin types/skin tones

  • Correct hygiene and safety

  • Receive a certificate of completion of course

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