INTRODUCING: Ergonomic Chair Buyer's Guide

5 Things You Must Know Before Buying An Ergonomic Chair Because Not All Chairs Are Equal

Learn how to identify and avoid products that aren't built for the right purpose.

In This Free Guide, You Will:

  • Learn how to avoid expensive mistakes when buying an ergonomic chair

  • Find out how to identify the perfect chair to suit your all your postural needs

  • Discover how the right chair can make your workspace more comfortable and productive

  • Learn why kneeling chairs and exercise balls aren't for long term use

'Inspired Ergonomics – professional yet personable'

Inspired Ergonomics have been fantastic. Amanda and Nichola have assisted with all our workstation queries adopting a professional yet personable approach. All of their advice and recommendations has been clear and concise and as a result we have a happier, pain free workforce! I would certainly recommend Inspired Ergonomics.

Jessica Gray

HR Manager, Hatfield, Herts

What Can You Expect From This PDF?

Secret #1: Not all chairs labeled "ergonomic" are truly ergonomic..

We'll help you spot the genuinely ergonomic chairs from those that just pretend to be.

Secret #2: Buying the right chair doesn't have to be challenging.

This guide will remove the stress of not knowing what to look for when buying an ergonomic chair.

Secret #3: The right chair for someone isn’t necessarily right for everyone.

The principles in this guide will help you find the right ergonomic chair just for you.

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