Imagine Big Firm Services for Small Firm Flexibility and Personality!

When you get the best of the best, you no longer have to stress about taxes, cash flow, and knowing what's coming.

What you do get is peace of mind, simplicity and modern day tools to keep you updated, safe from the government, and knowing where you stand!

Accountants 2.0 will find the right modern accounting service providers specifically for you.

We only work with the best expert accounting services, who are trained in the newest tools and service methods to improve your business, team, and families' lives... easily, quickly and effectively.


Tax and Cloud Accounting

Bookkeeping, Business Taxes and Tax Planning, Payroll, and Reporting. These are the foundations of business, and in providing a great business with great, more advanced services.


Advisory and Business Strategies

Don't make decisions without knowledgeable experts on your side. Whether planning your exit strategy, ongoing CFO support, or market entry strategies, and risk analysis, we've got you covered.


Assurance and Professional Services

We connect with many Professional Firms, in turn giving these smaller specialist firms the ability to offer big 4 levels of capabilities. From internal or financial audit, to mergers and acquisitions.

Modern Accounting Services for

the Modern Entrepreneur

How Accountants 2.0 Can Help You

Among our offerings, we are a broker of accounting and business services professionals. We have run accounting firms AND businesses, from tech firms to construction, professional services, and marketing, We've Been There! and have created the perfect service for ever-changing businesses to match accounting firms that can keep up.

Our Service

Trusted Advanced New Age Accounting

Here is a short list of SOME of the services that you can get from Accountants 2.0

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Processing

  • Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Clean Up and Catch Up

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Systems Design/Integration

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Risk & Financial Advisory

  • Audit & Assurance

Why Us and Not the Jack of All Trades Provider?

We understand the unique challenges business owners face because we've been there too. From various industries like contracting, medical, tech, and farming, we've owned and operated new age cloud-based accounting firms. Our firsthand experience has given us insight into what both business owners and accounting firms truly need.


Quality is Our Priority

When evaluating potential firms, we focus on their ability to meet your specific needs. Do they have industry knowledge? Are they committed to their services and team? How do they handle client feedback? These factors ensure a strong and long-lasting partnership that delivers exceptional results.


Embracing Expertise

We carefully vet our service providers to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest methods and tools in the industry. Our network consists of specialists who excel in their respective fields, allowing us to connect you with the right experts for your specific needs. Say goodbye to the "jack of all trades" approach and embrace tailored excellence.


Building Strong Relationships

We know how frustrating it can be to wait weeks for a response from your accountant. That's why we prioritize efficient and effective communication between business owners and service professionals. We provide tools and take on the account management side, streamlining your interactions and keeping the focus on the task at hand.


Experience the Difference

Partnering with us means gaining access to a diverse network of experts dedicated to helping your business thrive. Discover the benefits of specialized services and the power of collaboration. Let us connect you with the right professionals who understand your industry and can deliver the results you deserve.

Get expert advice for all sized businesses.

The benefits of utilizing a NETWORK of pros, means we can find the right ones for the job with the experience and expertise to make an impact.

How it works

Easy 3-Step Process


Consultation and Proposal

We meet to discuss the services that you need, and how we can get them delivered to you. You will know what is included and how much it costs.


We find the perfect professionals for you

Not all professionals are the same. Searching can be a long costly and difficult process. We take that burden and ensure professionals that meets your needs.


We make sure you are covered and up to date

Your relationship goes past the sale and initial meetings, we make sure that you stay happy with your services. If you don't like your provider, we find you a new one.

Our Clients Review

“Higher Profitability”

“I feel more secure and my business is better because from the support I receive from Accountants 2.0. An honest, trustworthy team, Accountants 2.0 has provided exemplary services. Constantly willing to provide guidance and advice, their efforts have led to higher profitability and confidence internally. Customers can expect an engaged, dedicated partner.”

- Ryan Langemann


“There are many pieces of the puzzle to operating a business no matter what size and having an accounting firm you can rely on and trust is one of them. Wishing them continued success and a long relationship together.”

- John Tamasovics Jr

“Better Understanding”

"I had countless questions and concerns about my bookkeeping, and the Quick Books Online program. Ted was willing to meet when it was most convenient for me, provided clarification on the QBO program, and answered all of my questions with endless patience. After just one meeting together, I felt much more confident in QBO and a better understanding of how to best handle my business transactions."

- Stephanie Gillen




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