How I Sold 2547 Final Expense Plans In 10 Years, Wrote 3.5 Million In Annuities In 11.5 Years, Build A 1.5 Million In Retirement...All By  Using My

3-Step Postcard System, Micro Websites, Affluent Niche Widow Leads, Wealthy Investors With CD's, Mutual Funds For Annuities...

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Bob Allen LA,CA.

I made $12,357 In July Using your "3-Step-System" (Increased Productive by 57%.)

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SELL WHILE YOU SLEEP SYSTEM: Learn How To Sell Insurance While You Sleep. We can setup your "Sell Insurance While You Sleep" Requires setting up your dripping email and texting campaign, optin sales page and you have to signup directly with the insurance company at 90% commission.

I setup your Facebook campaign We setup a 7 day email sequence that drips on your prospect who has enquired about buying final expense or term plans over the internet. We use "All-In-One Software and Service. To set this up we charge $497 and for the software $197 per month or a one time fee of $2500 and no monthly.

Questions: Text me at 435-881-7138 or call me.

Please note: I'm a one man office and it may take me 14-21 days to deliver the leads and systems. Plus, I will need your appointment link from the insurance company.

I learn this strategy from an agent who in eight months has build a monthly income of $9600. That not chicken feed.

Hi, I'm Russ J. Jones the "Lead Junkie"

Yes, I'm a real person who has seen the Good, Bad and the Ugly in this business. I'll show you how to use my "Power Niche Widow Leads" "or wealthy investors for annuities and $1,000,000 term plans and cheap "Pink" postcards to get up to 17 interviews per week.  It all started in Sacramento California. 

Can you relate to the following... Are you like most agents that suck at getting enough leads and appointments every week? Your spouse won't let you spend $500-$800 per week for leads ! You can't afford to pay $37 per lead for final expense leads where you have to burn 10 leads to make 2 sales. Or you use Facebook and your account has been shut down twice by a 23 year old Gen Z person. Or you can't find your leads in Facebook.

A full-time final expense agent needs 15-20 of these leads per week!  The cost would be $600-$800 per week. Yes, that comes out of your commission along with chargebacks. Don't get me wrong I loved those $37 to $47 direct mail leads and also TV leads if you can get them...

But, most agents I've been talking to over the last 30 plus years need an alternative to help pay for those leads. Do you feel your manager is creaming the leads and he is giving you the old leads that have been worked by 2-3 other agents who are no longer with the firm?   

 Most agents I talk to daily haven't a clue how to generate 15-20 interviews a week in the final expense market.  I still remember the day when a seasoned Final Expense and annuity agent give me his secret he had been using for years to build a million dollars in renewals. It was a  simple postcard and a niche affluent widows market I should be working in...   


The Secret Is Niche Affluent Widow Leads...

I just finished revising my "Final Expense Millionaire Course" and cheat sheet report called "$500+ A Day Preferred Widow Lead System." It's everything I know about selling final expense insurance I've learned over the last 29 years.   Hey, when you sell 2500 final expense plans in 10 years and trained over 250 agents in your car you're going to learn something. Wrote over 4300 final expense policies in about 20 years.                                                         

My Door Opener...  

I would print out 10-15 of my "Peace-Of-Mind Kits" and put them into an 8.5 X12 envelope.

This is my door opener. I would mail out 40 Pink  Postcards in a close neighborhood. If no one home I would leave our delivery receipt.   

If you have to use the phone I have both the door approach and phone approach in my Final Expense Course you can use and adapt to your sales ability. Remember, your results will not be as great when you use the phone.  Here are some of the things you will learn in our Final Expense Millionaire Course.

* How to build a million $$$ in renewals working final expense.

* How to recruit and build a powerful agency using my award-winning ad.

* How to get 3-4 referrals on every presentation.

* How to average 15-17 interviews per week working niche widows.

* How I sold over 31 million in annuities in 11.5 years by asking a special power phrase.

* My seven closing techniques I use to close over 50% of your interviews.

*  A special final expense website you can have access to for just $37.00 a month.

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Final Expense Site

Sell Term Over the Phone

Sell While You Sleep

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PLATINUM LEAD SYSTEM:  Sell Over The Phone Final Expense Package. 70% Discount. Our normal price is $979.00. However, with our prelaunch special is only $297.00. and then $37 per month for your website server and hosting. Includes 2,000 Widow leads or Term Quote Prospects. Includes the Final Expense Course, Value $297. We do your sales funnel for Final Expense and Term Quote Website. Plus, a website on "How To Sell Insurance While You Sleep." Program designs for selling over the phone 7-10 policies a week. We setup your auto Responder with 10 Emotional videos that we drip on every prospects you speak to and don't buy from you. Value $497. You get the "Ultimate Social Media Lead System" Value at $997.00. Plus, our "Ultimate Insurance Vault" value at $397. Plus, our complete Final Expense Course. Total Value is $2109.00.

Order before timer hits zero and you will Get $2109.00 In Bonus Above. LIMITED TIME ONLY! Plus, we will double your lead order Of Affliate Niche Widow Leads

Using my postcard system and niche affluent widow leads I broke the company record with 55 applications in October. Won a trip to Hawaii. (PLEASE NOTE: I worked my butt off to win the contest. Gave 27 presentations in the first week.

Final Expense Millionaire Course and $500+ A Day Lead System.

"My $500-A-Day Preferred Widow Lead System is Designed To Give Agents On A Shoestring Budget The Ability To Have 15-17 Interviews A Week Working Niche Affluent Widows."

In fact, a major financial company said that "in 2018 65% of all their final expense plans were sold to widows. So, why aren't you working widows! We have developed a software program that uses 17 different sources to compile our "Power Niche Widow Leads." Some are from old direct mail leads, phone surveys, seminars, aged TV leads, DMV, and 12 other proprietary sources. Now you can work almost every widow in your favorite zip codes, city, and county. Sometimes we have 3-4 widows on a street. 

 The software is about 87% accurate...we have no control over widows passing away, getting re-married or moving. Of course, we give you extra widow leads to compensate for this issue.

In fact, here's a short cheat sheet I gave to an agent who is averaging $500 a day working my "$500-A-Day Preferred Widow Lead System." 
 I recommend sending out 40 pre approach million-dollar postcards on Pink card stock per week to widows. Have staples or Office Depot print up a batch of postcards. Hand address them and put a 34 cent stamp on it. You can buy a ream of Pink 67 lb. card stock for about $9.00 at any local office store. No big deal...cost about $23 per week! 

Here's what others say about our system. * I doubled my production in 90 days using your preferred widow lead system and door approach. James Stewart, CA. *

Thanks to your widow lead system I have a 90% appointment rate with Afro American grandmothers. Rob S. Jacksonville, FL. *

Thanks to your ingenious widow lead system I 20 times my investment in just 6 weeks. Thanks, Russ you are a genius. John Granger Columbus, OH.  

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P.S. I'll also show you how to get 3-4 referrals on every interview you give to widows. Questions text me or call me at 435-881-7138. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the Green Button Below.

P.S. - If you need questions on your career in Final Expense just text me at 435-881-7138 and I can answer your qustions or we will setup a meeting via the phone.

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The 30 day refund policy applies to the Final Expense Course and not our leads. No refund on leads because you have them on your computer when we transfer. Leads are 80% of the sale.

Please note: I can't guarantee your success if you don't mail the postcards as a door opener and followup with a drive by or phone call. I have no idea if you're a good hardworking agent or you don't like widows or wealthy investors.