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In 2012 Kenny V his partner and cousin wanted to make music but at the time Kenny had little business experience, and was just a quiet heavy set kid with a Dream. Chris saw this as an opportunity to support Kenny the way he could not support his god brother. He saw the skills Kenny had with written words and flow and pushed him to continue and think deeper on his business as an artist. So Chris came up with a business strategy to differentiate them from the market.

On December 2012 they released their first branded products and the (DayDream Bundle) was born. Which included Kenny V's Debut album titled "DayDream", a "DayDream Jersey" Tank Top and a sticker of the logo all for only $15. They launched the bundle and used social media to share photos of friends who supported the Dreamers movement. Soon they sold over 150 bundles in their first month in the music business.

In 2013 they started to do shows and host their own events showcasing local artist and selling out venues in their local towns. This lead them to learn more about media production and boot strap their merchandising business. They began to learn fashion manufacturing in their parents basement.

Kenny focused his energy on media production skills such as audio engineering to record his music, graphic design to make logos and

t-shirt designs and video directing and editing. while Chris studied websites, marketing, advertising, sales and handled putting together the LLC and funding opportunities.

Their need to market and promote their own products lead them to learn skills that not only did they need, but all businesses no matter the size need. The ability to market and promote themselves at the same level as the top brands in the world is crucial to small business today.

Chris has sold everything from merchandise bundles and production services, to used cars, gym memberships, and real estate. His experience in marketing and communications comes from years of trial and error as an entrepreneur, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent testing methods and tactics to finally have enough hours put in to see results. He also has corporate marketing training from a fortune 500 company as well as institutional training as a UCONN Communications Alumni.

The limitations and frustrations Kenny and Chris encountered with the media production industry was disappointing to say the least.

"We would have problems getting records we paid for back and edited properly or videos half done. "

- Kenny V

This lead to the birthplace of the idea, for the Dreamers to come together and create a safe NO JUDGEMENT ZONE creative hub where artist, directors, actors, writers, musicians, and entrepreneurs can come together and create freely. Now in 2020 they have officially launched their iDayDream Studios facility in Danbury CT where they are working on some incredible content for local businesses and independent brands. They have amazing projects in the pipe line including augmented reality, franchising their space, launching a partnered software and of course a lot more music and digital media content.

Giving Back

Profit off Passion: W.O.W. Event

Up until today the DayDream movement has touched over hundreds of thousands of people, hosted over 50+ events and have donated time and money to suicide prevention and other non profit organizations.

Mentorship Program

We believe in the power of education and collaboration. Through our free resources, individuals can acquire new skills and explore potential partnerships with us. Our rigorous internship program offers comprehensive training, immersing participants in high-level projects with renowned brands. Beyond skill enhancement, the program also offers an opportunity to earn college credit, enriching the learning experience further.

Non Profit Support

At iDaydDream Studios, we are dedicated to fostering positive change in our communities through non-profit support initiatives. Our work encompasses a wide range of impactful events, including hosting peace rallies that promote unity, understanding, and harmony among diverse groups. We are equally committed to addressing critical issues affecting mental health by organizing suicide prevention events and providing vital support to those in need.

Personal Life

Chris and Charlotte are a power couple driven by their shared goals. Married recently, Chris and Charlotte, his college sweetheart from France, are now focused on growing their media agency. They've just moved into their first investment property, marking a new chapter. As partners, they're dedicated to expanding their business and creating a positive impact.

Charlotte is also Chris's business partner, managing HR and overall operations. With backgrounds of hardworking parents who built successful businesses, their mission is to provide innovative automations and well-trained employees, enabling entrepreneurs to balance work and family time effectively..


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