"I am thankful to be a part of Good Shepherd Staffing, especially to our CEO, Andrew, who gave me the opportunity and trust to fulfill the role as Client Success Manager. Working here has been an enriching experience, and I am grateful for the supportive team and inspiring leadership." "


*"My experience with GoodShepherd Staffing has been amazing, especially since I am new to the industry. From the outset, their onboarding process was incredibly smooth and straightforward, making it easy for me. What stood out the most, was the warmth and hospitality of the staff. Everyone I encountered was not only accommodating but also genuinely welcoming, creating a comfortable and friendly work environment right from the start. They are always approachable, ready to assist with any questions or concerns I have. I am truly grateful to be part of an organization that not only values professionalism but also fosters a supportive community.*"

Merry Cris

*"The competitive compensation serves as a testament to the company's recognition of the employee's skills and contributions and the flexibility has afforded me a lifestyle where I could manage my work, family life, and even have a little more time for myself. As someone who greatly values both competitive compensation and flexibility to manage my time, I can confidently say that my employment with GoodShepherd Staffing has been nothing but amazing and exceptional. *"


*"Working at GoodShepherd Staffing has been an incredible experience. The people I work with truly make it a great place to be. The positive energy and genuine care for one another create an uplifting atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere. The impact we make in people's lives is another aspect that makes working here so rewarding. As a staffing agency, we have the privilege of connecting talented individuals with organizations that align with their values and goals. Seeing the positive outcomes and success stories that arise from these matches is truly fulfilling. "


*"I have had the privilege of working with the Good Shepherd team for several months, and I am pleased to share my overwhelmingly positive experience. The team consistently demonstrates an exceptional level of attentiveness to their employees, fostering a supportive environment where assistance is readily available for any encountered challenges. My tenure with the organization has been marked by an unparalleled sense of positivity and support, making it the most enriching work environment I have encountered so far in my career. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a dynamic team and consider myself truly blessed to be a valued member of the GoodSheaperd staffing."


"It's really astonishing to work with Good Shepherd. They always look after you and make sure that you are going to have your client. I am satisfied with the opportunity. I have to grow within the company."


"It's been a really comforting experience being able to be part of Goodshepherd and meet the staff, which is a group of people so kind and accessible and that are so willing to help you and I am so grateful that they help me have a work, so thankful that you believed in me and said you know he deserves a chance, lets see what he can do, Is a really great feeling to be supported."


"I’m very happy I came across GoodShepherd Staffing, Andrew, is very hands on in everything. He keeps me updated and lets me know all the steps needed. I’m happy working here and looking forward to staying within the company for many years. "


"I am glad to be part of Good Shepherd Staffing. I value our teamwork and the positive interactions. I truly enjoy being part of this team, contributing my skills and being supported in return. I am grateful to Andrew and the team. "