WELCOME to the first ever

Collaboration between

SB Trapeze Co. &

SB Dance Arts

We are excited to announce Dance In The Air WEEK

in our first partnership with Santa Barbara Dance Arts!

Let your dreams take flight!   All campers will build confidence, make friendships, and learn from professional instructors in the art of dance and trapeze.  This exciting collaboration joins two SB institutions known for quality and safe youth programming.  Campers  will spend their mornings learning the basics of Jazz and Hip Hop hop and their afternoons enjoying the thrill of flying trapeze!   Our shared mission and values believe in the transformative power of aerial arts, dance  and acrobatics.

"Step into Your Passion: Explore Our Wide Range of Dance Classes!"

SB Dance Arts Summer Website & Camp Calendar

Discover the excitement of SB Dance Arts' summer programs! 🌞 Visit our website to explore our diverse camp offerings and view the full camp calendar. Our summer camps are designed to inspire creativity, build confidence, and provide endless fun for dancers of all ages and skill levels. Click the link below to learn more and secure your spot today!

We empower them with strength and confidence while they make lasting friendships in our supportive and nurturing community.

Camp begins at 9am with free drop off as early as 8:30am at SB Dance Arts (531 E. Cota) and Pickup will be at 3pm at the SB Trapeze Co (110 E. Cota St) at the park. 

There is a performance on Friday afternoon at 12:15pm at the park. We will send a detailed update the Thursday before camp.

Ready to Elevate Your Summer Camp Journey?

A collaboration between Santa Barbara Trapeze Co. and Santa Barbara Dance Arts summer camps will provide kids with a unique and enriching experience by combining the physical agility of trapeze with the expressive grace of dance. This partnership will enhance children’s overall physical fitness, coordination, and flexibility through diverse activities. Integrating both forms of art will also stimulate creativity and boost confidence, as kids learn to express themselves in new and exciting ways. The combined camp environment will foster teamwork and camaraderie, helping children develop strong social skills. Ultimately, this collaboration will create a well-rounded, fun, and inspiring summer camp experience that kids will cherish and remember.