Here's what you really want to know.

Can I help YOU create, or take your existing online service-based/coaching/consulting business from $0 (just starting out), or struggling to make $10,000 per month to generate your first $1,000,000 in revenue within the next 12 months!?

You betcha I can.

Why me out of all the other thousands of

online business mentors and coaches?

2 specific reasons:

(1) I've been behind the scenes with some of THE biggest online coaches, service-based entrepreneurs, and agencies out there with my team at my funnel agency, FunnelGal. We've seen first-hand what works, and what doesn't. And which sales + marketing strategies will really move the needle for a business and take it to 7 - and 8- figures + and beyond.

(2) I don't only talk the talk but I walk the walk.

If that's still not 'enough', here's what else you need to know.

NOONE is coming to 'safe' you.

NOONE is going to quit your uninspiring day job for you.

NOONE can take charge in your life and follow your dream of starting and scaling a successful online business.

Giving you time and location freedom to work from anywhere.


I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It's not easy. Otherwise, everyone would be an online millionaire.

At the same time, it's never been as easy as it is now.

Also, if you love what you're doing and it's centered on aligned knowing, the work doesn't or won't ever feel like work.

Because I'll help you uncover those 'mental blocks', you didn't even know you had AND intentionally align you with your ultimate business vision + strategy. That way, you're going to love the work you'll be doing, now and in the future.

Gone, are the days of being stuck in a job you hate.

Consistent focused action (hello, I'm going to be your personal butt-kicker), paired with the right strategy for YOU, generates results like nothing else.

You can build and scale that business while i.e., being a full-time parent and still having a day job.

Nothing is impossible.

Anything is possible.

Just because someone in your surroundings has not done it yet, doesn't mean that you can not.

It all comes down to deciding what is possible for you and

setting new standards for your future you.

Inside my proprietary container - Made For Millions - we are constantly defying the odds.

We're creating our own rules to which we play this game called life by.

If all of the above is your 'vibe'.

If you can feel the energy from my typed words on this page coming through the computer and are igniting you.

This is your permission, this is the voice you've been waiting for to help you get to the next step in life & business.

It's telling you to APPLY for:

This all sounds great but what IS

the 'Made For Millions Method' exactly?

It's my proprietary container where I take you from struggling freelancer and wannabe-er

to CEO of a multi-six-and-seven-figure-online-business.

It's me sharing with you the methods that we've been refining and applying successfully for our 7-and-8-figure FunnelGal agency clients to help them scale up their business.

In essence, the method is focused around



Because if you have NOT hit CHF/$/€ 10,000/month plus in revenue, 99% of the time this is because you haven't yet nailed the foundations of your digital business:

Offer, Sales, Messaging, Marketing & Mindset.



It's also SO much more than that!

Here's a small sneak peek into what you're getting:

  • Uncovering and refining your beliefs (even those you didn't even think you believed to begin with ;) ). Oh, I got you. And we're going to get crystal clear here how you - specifically, and only you (because there's no one-size-fits-all-type-of-business - can take your business forward from here on out.

  • The MADE FOR MILLIONS MINDSET regime. There's a very specific mindset that will take you from struggling freelancer to million-dollar-business-owner. I'm going to help you give your mindset a facelift.

  • Who do you think you're serving VS. who do you actually NEED to service to get optimum results with your offers?

  • The big offer suite overhaul. Whatever it is you are, or have tried to sell up until this point isn't working. And I show you simply how to even create, or fix your offer suite. Look into a future of coffee with a side of CASH, every damn single day ;).

  • Visibility design, aka we are going to figure out where your traffic should come from and how to attract clients that can't wait to work with you.

  • The Made For Millions sales technique. You're going to become a selling superstar and powerhouse. The best part? It won't feel sleazy! It will actually feel like fun.

  • Sold Out Launches. Oh... I'm just going to stop there because the title says it all, right?

  • 7-figure business toolkit. What behind-the-scenes processes, systems, hires, etc. do you need to have in place to ensure you're moving yourself and your business towards the 7-figure revenue mark? I'll share with you all the tools and tricks.

  • BONUS #1: Access to my library of 100s of funnel templates we've been collecting over the years. Meaning whichever funnel you want to build out next, I've go the plug-and-play template for you.

  • BONUS #2: Legal contracts, agreements, disclaimers, and terms & conditions brought to you by my lawyer for everyone that joins MADE FOR MILLIONS. Why? Because most business owners under 7-figures grossly undervalue the protection those types of agreements can give you for your business.

The birth of the Made For Millions Method

More money = more choices in our society.

Being able to have unlimited choices for yourself, and your family = freedom.

It's as simple as that.

And after having my 2nd son, I doubled down on really refining my Made For Millions method I had been working over the last few years because the fact is that TIME (and, more precisely, TIME SPENT HOWEVER WE WANT TO SPEND IT) is THE ULTIMATE ASSET.

Also, let's be honest, millionaires in this day and age and how the economy progresses are the new middle class. If you're reading this right now, I know for a fact that you also want to be in that 'new middle class'. Let's make it happen. Together.

And IF you're creating money with an online business, in particular, you're not restricted to time due to the internet. You can scale up your sales + marketing so that it does not only have to rely on you - or, at all anymore - once you've gotten to a certain revenue point in business.

Let's create a life of unlimited choices for yourself.

And your family.


Final Note: If you’re accepted into The Made For Millions Method and join, your life will NEVER. BE. THE. SAME. Master the strategies inside &...

  • Your work is going to feel funnn.
  • You are going to feel empowered, at ease AND limitless.
  • Your bank account will be poppin'.
  • You are going to feel 'un-stuck' and be clear in what steps to take next to actually achieve your next million-dollar-business goals.
  • You will join a community of kickass & like-minded people with a leader, moi, that truly cares for you & is going to hold you accountable to your dreams.
  • It is no longer a question if you can afford to join but if you can afford, NOT to join.

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