Empowering moms to remember that they are made for more, aka made for millions, and on their own terms 🔥!

And if you can't 're-find' your place in the workforce after having little ones, you create your OWN PLACE in the marketplace by becoming an invaluable industry leader in a service-based

industry, and create a successful freelancing, or digital agency.

Hello, #momboss mode activated ;).

Do you feel...?

  • Frustrated with your current part-time, or day job, because of a lack of flexibility when it comes to your responsibilities as a mom.

  • Do you wish you could spend more time with your kids.

  • Frustrated, because you feel financially powerless as a stay-at-home-mom.

  • Bored, because your kids are a bit older and in school, and you want to do something productive with your time that is also FUN!

  • Etc.

If one, or more, of the above applies to you. This opportunity is for YOU. If you take it, or not, that's for you to decide, but read on so that I can help you make a choice. Deal :)?

So, just close your eyes for a second, and imagine this?

Imagine this: you rise an hour before your kids stir, seizing that precious moment to savor the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from your beloved French Press. That first sip, ah, it ignites your senses, awakening not just your body but your entrepreneurial spirit. Gone are the days of mindless scrolling in bed; now, you're fueled by ambition and purpose.

As you settle at your kitchen table, your laptop beckons, a silent partner in your journey to success. And what a journey it's been. Last night's payment notification was a testament to your growth—a single client's investment surpassing what once took a month to earn in your old job. Your strategic pricing adjustments have paid off, signaling the dawn of a promising year ahead.

With a few clicks, you seamlessly onboard your newest client, reveling in the freedom of dictating your schedule. No more rigid 9-to-5 constraints; you call the shots now. And with the assistance of your virtual team, the workload lightens, affording you precious moments with your children—like spontaneous trips to the recently opened waterpark, blissfully devoid of weekend crowds.

Financially, you've surpassed expectations, surpassing even your husband's income. His unwavering support speaks volumes, grateful for the burden lifted from his shoulders. Together, your marriage flourishes, enriched not just financially but spiritually and intimately.

Reflecting on your journey, gratitude floods your heart. You took a chance on yourself, empowered by mentorship and guidance. And here you are, proof that belief, coupled with determination, can lead to extraordinary outcomes.



NO ONE is coming to 'save' you.

NO ONE is going to quit your uninspiring day job for you. NO ONE can take charge of your life and follow your dream of becoming your own boss, but YOU. Giving you time and location freedom to work from anywhere.


I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It's not easy. Otherwise, everyone would be living that 'laptop lifestyle', and be an online millionaire.

At the same time, it's never been easier.

Our mothers did NOT have the same opportunities we have right now.

The internet has changed the game for us women.

You can make your own money,

and be a valued player of the economic marketplace.

You can become a mom (if you want to) and raise your little ones.

You can be a partner to your husband, or wife.

You can work from wherever the f*** you please.



What you want it to be.

I'm just here to SHOW you that it IS possible.

Is it going to always be easy?


But it can be. It can be freaking fantastically beautiful.

Similarly to raising kids.

Is it always easy? No.

It's the most challenging thing you'll ever get to do in this life.

It stretches you, and allows you to discover parts of you, you never knew existed.

But it's also THE most rewarding thing you'll ever do.

The most joy, and love, you will ever feel.

Okay, you got this feeling? Continue holding it while reading the next part :).

My main point is that if you're doing work you love, and if it's in alignment with your skills, 'work' does NOT feel like work. Instead, it's going to make you feel alive.

My job is to help you unblock those 'mental blocks', to silence those whispers, that keep wanting to tell you the story of how you can't have it all.

How the world isn't set up fair towards mothers.

How there is no support system for us.

How we can't have it all, while at the same time being all things to everyone.

I don't want you to be everything to everyone.

I just want you to be THE best possible version of yourself that you can be.

Because while your light shines brighter and brighter, it will catch on and ignite throughout your family, and community.

And I believe that having more money in hands of mamas is a powerful thing!

Gone, are the days of being stuck in a job you hate.

Gone are the days of feeling disempowered,

because you're not making your own money as a SAHM.

Consistent focused action (say hello to your personal butt-kicker), paired with the right strategy for YOU, generates results like nothing else. All the while keeping your responsibilities as a mom in mind. How so? Because I'm right in the trenches with you, raising a 2 and 4 year old ;).

You can build and scale that business while i.e.,

being a full-time parent AND/OR still having a day job.

All it requires is about 1 consistent, focused hour of your time each day.

Nothing is impossible.

Anything is possible.

Just because someone in your surroundings has not done it yet,

doesn't mean that you can not.

It all comes down to deciding what is possible for you and

setting new standards for your future self.

Inside my proprietary coaching container - also known as the Made For Millions Method - we are constantly redefining what being a woman, a mom, a partner, and a business woman means in this world in an empowering way.


Let us create our own rules we want to live by for this game called life!

This all sounds great but WHAT exactly

IS the 'Made For Millions Method'?

It's my proprietary coaching container where I take moms from struggling freelancer and wannabe-er, to CEO of a multi-six-and-seven-figure-online-business.

All while raising little ones, and/or keeping an initial day job

before quitting to become their own boss.

I draw back the curtain and teach you, plus help you apply THE Method that we've been refining and applying successfully for our 7-and-8-figure agency clients to help them scale up their businesses.

The Made For Millions Method is focused around, and will take you through, the following stages of an online service-based business:

  • Figure out, and get clear around, what your ideal niche is and why.

  • Craft a juicy million-dollar-core-offer.

  • Define who the offer is for, and who to sell it to?

  • Practice selling said offer.

  • Sell consistently, even if you're afraid of selling at the beginning. I'll walk you through how to become a sales pro, and how selling can feel like self care and serving your ideal clients, and not icky.

  • Know how to pick a traffic source that is right for YOU.

  • Create an easy, automated content strategy workflow with AI (!) around one, maximum two sources.

  • Easily copy, and paste my lead generation funnel, and know how to work new leads.

  • Set up an automated email marketing campaign.

  • Copy my client onboarding workflow.

  • Know how to craft bulletproof client contracts, set up invoices, company formation, etc..

  • Scale with ads, and hire your first team member.

In essence, the method is focused around

no fluff, online SALES + BRANDING + MARKETING.

The thing is IF you have NOT yet hit CHF/$/€ 10,000/month plus in revenue, consistently, 99% of the time, it is because you haven't yet nailed the foundations of a digital business:

Offer, Sales, Messaging, Marketing & Mindset.

The Made For Millions Method is a hybrid container that is a mix between a coaching program, & an online course.


Because I don't just want you to consume information (aka, online course), but I want to make sure, and guide you (aka, coaching part of the program) in applying said information for maximum results!

Here's a preview of only some of the content you'll find inside the online course, aka Resource Vault:

  • Uncovering and refining your beliefs (even those you didn't even think you believed to begin with ;) ). Oh, I got you. And we're going to get crystal clear here how you - specifically, and only you (because there's no one-size-fits-all-type-of-business, can take your business forward from here on out.

  • The MADE FOR MILLIONS MINDSET regime. There's a very specific mindset that will take you from struggling freelancer to million-dollar-business-owner. I'm going to help you give your mindset a facelift.

  • The big WIN-WIN-OFFER and offer suite overhaul. Whatever it is you are, or have tried to sell up until this point isn't working. And I show you simply how to create, or fix your current offer suite. Look into a future of coffee with a side of CASH, every damn single day ;).

  • Who do you think you're serving VS. who do you actually NEED to service to get optimum results with your offers?

  • VISIBILITY DESIGN, aka we are going to figure out where your traffic should come from and how to attract clients that can't wait to work with you.

  • The Made For Millions sales technique that don't feel like selling. You're going to become a sales superstar and powerhouse. The best part? It won't feel sleazy! It will actually feel like fun.

  • 7-figure business toolkit. What behind-the-scenes processes, systems, hires, etc. do you need to have in place to ensure you're moving yourself and your business towards the 7-figure revenue mark? I'll share with you all the tools and tricks.

Plus, these juicy, no-brainer BONUSES:


Access to my library of 100s of funnel templates we've been collecting over the years. Meaning whichever funnel you want

to build out next, I've got the plug-and-play template for you.


Legal contracts, agreements, disclaimers, and terms & conditions vault. Why? Because most business owners under 7 figures grossly undervalue the protection those types of agreements can give you for your business.

What inspired the Made For Millions Method?

My mission to put more money into the hands of mamas, because I know for a fact that this will make the world a better place.

Being able to have unlimited choices for yourself, and your family = FREEDOM.

It's as simple as that.

Why am I the right mentor for YOU?

2 specific reasons:

(1) I've been behind the scenes with some of THE biggest online coaches, service-based entrepreneurs, and agencies out there with my team at my funnel agency,


. We've seen first-hand what works, and what doesn't. And which digital sales + marketing strategies will move the needle for a business and take it to 7 - and 8- figures + and beyond.

(2) I don't only talk the talk but I walk the walk. I've been running my digital marketing agency, FunnelGal, for the past 7 years, plus am Co-CEO together with my husband of our agency,


My Story...

After having my 2nd son, Atticus, I hit burnout a few short months after he was born. The systems that I had put in place that helped me after my first son, Cosmo, was born, did not hold up and haven't been refined enough yet, to truly sustain my lifestyle as a new mama of 2 little ones who did not want to, or could at times, invest more than about 10 hours per week into her online business.

What happend was that during the time of having my second son, my business shortly after crashed. And I felt like a failure. A looser, to put it bluntly.

Let's not even talk about the pressure women face after giving birth and for the remainder of the postpartum period! The time spent breast- or, bottle-feeding, changing diapers, the lack of sleep, etc. Even IF you got the help of a very supportive partner.

But I felt as if I had something to prove to the world, or maybe to myself...

I held up the facade of running a successful business when in fact, things looked quit different behind the scenes.

I felt as if someone was choking me with invisible hands, and I didn't know how to get out of this 'situation' that I've thought myself into, but that I've also created for myself.

With that being said and around that time my younger son turned one, things started looking a lot different.

I 're-launched' my business.

I had a new, clean set of priorities where to put my focus on.

I had finally identified needle moving tasks, and was solely focused on them.

I did not allow myself to get distracted. I upped my focus.

And above all else, I started finding the JOY again in running an online business.

That giddy excitement that I had felt for years at the beginning because having a successful, online business, truly allows you to be location free, time free, and there's no cap on what you can make in terms of money.

I've been adding on to the MADE FOR MILLIONS resource vault for years now.

Inside the container, you're going to first hand see my progression.

Not only that, it's going to save you from experiencing the same pressure, and burnout that I have felt and had to go through, to come out on the other side.

That's why I feel so called to coach fellow mamas on starting and scaling their own service-based businesses. Because I've done it for myself three times. And each time I'm faster to get results, and my students are as well!



IF you're creating money with an online business, in particular, you're not restricted to time, or location, due to the internet. You can scale up your sales + marketing so that it does not only have to rely on you - or, at all anymore - once you've gotten to a certain revenue point in business.

Let's create a life of unlimited choices for yourself.

And your family.


But don't just take my word for it!

Here are some of the other student testimonials:

Once You Join The Made For Millions Method and join, your life will NEVER. BE. THE. SAME. Master the strategies inside &...

  • Your work is going to feel funnn.

  • You are going to feel empowered, at ease AND limitless.

  • Your bank account will be poppin'.

  • You are going to feel 'un-stuck' and be clear in what steps to take next to actually achieve your next million-dollar-business goals.

  • You will join a community of kickass & like-minded people with a leader, moi, that truly cares for you & is going to hold you accountable to your dreams.

  • It is no longer a question if you can afford to join but if you can afford, NOT to join.

What all do I get with the Made For Millions Program?

Here's a complete list of everything that you get once you invest:

  • Unlimited, personal Made For Millions Whats App or Voxer voice messaging and/or text support, 24/7 by yours truly for 6 straight weeks, upon signing up for the program! Aka, see me as your personal butt-kicker-and-making-sure-you-get-it-don'er, which is an important role, especially at the beginning ;). (A $1,797 VALUE)

  • The Made For Millions Whats App Community Center (A $497 VALUE). Network to your hearts' content with fellow Made For Million Members. Lifetime Access, aka once a member, always a member.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y updated Made For Millions Method Resources Vault. Online marketing, and sales is ever changing. What was working today, might not work tomorrow. I want you to feel like you got a trusted, partner in your backpocket to always bring you the newest strategies that actually work and will get you + your client results. (A $2,997 VALUE).

  • 90-Minute Initial Business Strategy Call with yours truly. (A $497 VALUE)!

  • 6 Bi-Weekly One-On-One Coaching Calls to personally help you implement the knowledge in the Resources Vault, as well as support you to get your 1st CLIENT + SALE fast (or scale up your existing business to $10,000/months! (A $2,500 VALUE).

  • 3 ACCESS TOKENS to my tech support team leader of my agency. What does this mean? You've got 3 haul passes throughout the first 6 weeks of this program to have my tech team help you out with a specific tech problem you're running into - IF ever, because, "hello, Resources Vault." But just in case, I wanted to dismiss any doubts you might have because you're worried about the tech. We got you! (A $1,797 VALUE).

Now you know the value of what you're getting with Made For Millions...

Let's finish with desert, aka your total investment...

Grab access to the Made For Millions Method and get all my fluff-free advice served up hot and ready to eat on a silver platter.


$10,085 (TOTAL VALUE!)


Pay In Full:

Investment: $3,333

6-Month Payment Plan:

Investment: $697 per month for 6 months

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