Bridge to a Multidimensional Experience


Join Livia Devi & 7D Arcturian Council of Light for an Extraordinary Journey into Quantum Consciousness !

Unveil the Mysteries of Existence: Quantum Consciousness Bridge to a Multidimensional Experience

📅 Date: 7th of February 2024
🕒 Time: 5pm-9pm
📍 Venue: Light and Space, 915 E Ojai Avenue, Ojai, California, 93023

Are you ready to transcend the boundaries of ordinary perception and explore the limitless realms of consciousness?

Step into a world where science meets spirituality, and join us for an immersive event that will redefine your understanding of reality.

Workshop Highlights:

Quantum Consciousness Immersion:

Delve into the cutting-edge insights of quantum physics and consciousness exploration, led by Livia Devi & The Arcturian Council of Light

Understand the interconnectedness of the universe and how your consciousness plays a pivotal role in shaping your reality.

Multidimensional Experiences:

Embark on a guided journey into the vast landscapes of multidimensional existence. Through guided meditation and interactive energetic transmissions , unlock hidden facets of your consciousness and witness the interconnected tapestry of existence.

Exploring Quantum Technologies

Hear from 5D Visionary Leader, Livia Devi who pioneers the realm of quantum consciousness. Gain insights from her personal experiences as she bridges the gap between science, spirituality, and the uncharted territories of the mind.

This workshop is designed to enhance your understanding and practical application of quantum principles. Explore techniques to expand your consciousness and tap into the vast potential that lies within.


Ticket Information:

Regular Admission: 444$

Secure your spot now and take the first step towards unlocking the door to a reality beyond the ordinary!

Don't miss this rare opportunity to bridge the gap between quantum consciousness and multidimensional experiences. Embrace the extraordinary and join us for a mind-expanding workshop that will leave you forever changed.

Quantum Consciousness: Expand Your Mind, Elevate Your Existence!

About Livia Devi

New Earth Leader, 5D Mentor, Entrepreneur

Livia Devi is leading empowering, transformative and paradigm-breaking programs and activations for the global community of entrepreneurs, conscious creators, change makers, thought leaders and influencers. Co-creating her teachings with an advanced collective consciousness from 7D, the Arcturian Council of Light, Livia is a catalyst for the New Earth and a new era of technological advancement and evolution of consciousness.


"Working with Livia has been life changing for me, literally. Livia doesn’t hold back when she works and she delivers the truth with so much integrity.

I chose to work with Livia because she cares so much and she comes from the heart. When you’re in her field, you have no choice but to be honest with yourself and up-level your life. The best part is - Livia walks her talk. She does the work that she facilitates others to do. And she is the embodiment of a heart-centred teacher / leader that one could ever find.

I highly recommend anyone who feels called to work with Livia. I’m so honoured to walk this path with you, to call you my mentor, friend & sister. "

~Arabelle Yee

CEO and Owner Arabelle Yee International

"This course although offering revolutionary information and energetic upgrades, is also quite grounding. The organized and systematic presentations offered an opportunity to understand and embody the precious abundance codes while also having introspected time to honestly look at my own beliefs and limitations in correspondence to the ultimate way of BE ING the abundance itself...

Livia is very devoted and dedicated to serving humanity. This is obvious in her beautiful presence and high frequency smile and open heart. She creates a warm and personalized space to explore this vast quantum reality and explains things in a clear and tangible manner that is easily relatable..."

~Marie-Joelle Walker


"My learning from Livia has been a precious, valuable and sacred gift for me in my life. It is like opening new doors, new dimensions, new avenues in my life. What I find most important of her teachings is she teaches about higher dimensions of our life and upgrading ourselves to higher consciousness. She teaches about living from and Co-creating from the Quantum Field, to receive our higher purpose and higher mission. It expanded my awareness to the expansiveness and un-limitedness of our life. Livia’s channelings are very powerful. I love her total commitment to help raise consciousness of the planet and to co-create a 5D Earth. I am truly grateful to her and the opportunity to experience higher dimensions of life!"

~Debendra Mannadhar

Founder at InnerWorks