Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Next Innovations provides high quality laser cutting services for a variety of products and industries. Our laser makes thousands of precision cuts in metal sheets per hour, with every cut from the first to the last having the same micrometer level of precision. With this technology, cuts in sheet metal can be made very close to one another, which translates into more parts per sheet of metal used.

  • Cutting area up to 48″ x 96″

  • Aluminum – (.25″ thick)

  • Brass – (.25″ thick)

  • Mild Steel – (.5″ thick)

  • Copper – (.25″ thick)

  • Stainless Steel – (.25″ thick)

  • Bronze Copper Alloy – (.25″ thick)

  • Chromoly (CRMO) High Carbon, Tool Steel – (.125″ thick)

  • Diamond Tread plate, mesh, etc.

  • Various exotic metals or materials


  • Cost effective means of production over a broad spectrum of quantities

  • Flexibility of prototyping long and short runs

  • Tolerance capabilities of material thickness

  • Waste reduction due to nesting and programming

  • Fast turnaround time

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