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Are you having a hard time succeeding in the professional performance industry and getting the representation you need?

Are you in school or have you completed a degree in any area of the performing arts?

Are you a young adult choosing to pursue your performance career without university training?

The earlier you grasp how the industry works from within, the earlier you can create the necessary assets and opportunities to grow your network in the professional performance space.

Make sure you are as appealing as you can be to agents and managers for professional representation.

You can have a successful professional performance career.

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My Online Course...

...has helped hundreds of young performers just like you. you an inside view of how the industry works and teaches you everything you need to know to get started today, safely and effectively.

Meet Your Instructor, Leesa Csolak

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The 7 Module Course

...offers you all the tools necessary to start immediately submitting yourself for opportunities at the highest level of the industry.

Leesa has been mentoring newcomers for over 35 years...

Now she is offering her knowledge and insight in her groundbreaking online course.


Kurt Thomas

"Striking the right balance between having years of experience, industry connections, standards for success, relentless drive, and being a mother of children who are currently working in the industry, Leesa is probably the most qualified person to find, nurture, elevate, and launch talent into successful performing arts careers.

I’ve seen time and time again Leesa go above and beyond for every one of her students and clients, treating them with the same consideration and care like her own children.

If you are reading this, either as a parent of a talented child or are considering a life in the arts yourself, you’ve stumbled upon THE best resource and door into succeeding in this industry. Endeavoring into the arts as a professional is one of the hardest industries to break into and the rejection and confusion of how the industry operates can be crushing.

I’ve witnessed first hand the lives Leesa and LBC Talent have changed over the years: not just helping various children, teens, and adults land roles and launch careers in the performing arts, but gifting them with direction, purpose, and newfound confidence in who they are as human beings and that their wildest dreams are indeed possible.”

~ Kurt Thomas

Frequently Asked Questions

From Clients Just Like You

When is the best time to start seeking representation? Should I be seeking professional representation while in College and before graduation? Or wait until I have graduated?

The path to obtaining representation can start while you are in school. And it is advisable to begin the work early. Getting assets and materials together and building a resume in and around obligations to school and your degree is always advisable and possible. The seminar gives you insights and tools to make timely smart decisions.

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If I have skills equated to the top of the industry but have not chosen a collegiate path, should I seek representation?

Absolutely. Many young artists begin their performance journey without having completed a degree. If your talent is congruent with top industry standards in your chosen area of performance, you absolutely should seek; professional resume building performance ops, training with top industry pros, and submit for representation at both the management and agent levels. Within the seminar we discuss how to know if you are ready and if your personal talent ‘barometer’ is calibrated correctly. We give you tools to move the needle up and where it should be if needed.

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How do I balance finishing school, work, family, and in general my busy schedule?

The Seminar offers detailed information about the preparation you will need to execute and day to day responsibilities you should expect to have to pursue representation successfully. You will leave with the knowledge to create the balance you need to get started slowly or dive in and get soaking wet.

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How do I handle costs associated with training, auditions, travel, etc?

The Seminar offers specifics about money matters and gives you the tools necessary to create a plan that works for you. In the personal One-On-One service offered in Level 4 I help you determine where and when additional monies might be spent. This is based on your individual needs.

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Can someone help me? Can you do it for me?

This question comes up quite often. I give you tools to find the time to get things over the starting line. However, if you need help executing, we are here to help. One-On-One consulting is available through Level 4.

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The Courses


Level 1

The Complete Online Course at Level 1 gives you an inside view of how the professional performance industry works providing you with the tools and insight you need to safely and effectively launch and navigate career. See details below.


Level 2

The Complete Online Course at Level 1 gives you an inside view of how the professional performance industry works providing you with the tools and insight you need to safely and effectively launch and navigate career. See details below.


Level 3

The Complete Online Course at Level 1 gives you an inside view of how the professional performance industry works providing you with the tools and insight you need to safely and effectively launch and navigate career. See details below.


Leesa Csolak

CEO & Founder Expert Career Consultant

I have worked in many aspects of the performance industry over a 40+ year career in the arts. Over the past thirty-five years I have been helping both parents of talented children as well as young adult actors, singers, and dancers launch careers by giving them insight and guidance. I teach exactly how this elusive industry functions from the inside out based on years of navigating it myself and with and for my own children. This allows my clients to make smart decisions and ultimately obtain professional representation.

My track record speaks for itself as I have had stellar success working with parents of performers from ages 3 through 17 and with adult clients and college students ages 18-35.

I have been a select speaker at national events both live and virtually, been quoted as an expert in Dance Magazine and Dance Spirit for Dance Media, Inc, been a featured expert on managing children, teens, and young adult careers on television programming on Oxygen for NBC Universal in The Next Big Thing. And I am a sought after industry expert speaking on stage throughout the US and as a guest on podcasts and YouTube regularly.


Learn how I helped hundreds of young adults, college students & graduates

create and navigate successful careers in the performing arts.

Find out how you can do it, too.

It's your time. It's your turn.


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Disclaimer: Each client testimonial that you see is based on what our clients tell us. Getting results in building a career takes work on both the parent and the child/teen’s part. Each of our clients works really hard to get results. We don't guarantee any results and you should know that building a career is based on many factors. We give you the tools you need to succeed. You provide the fortitude.