Real Estate Academy

Welcome to the Empower Real Estate Business Academy. It's our mission to prepare real estate agents for a successful career through education and ongoing support.


Learn to create, edit, and promote video content that builds your brand, establishes a relationship, and builds trust with your clients. From educational to property tours, learn the techniques and processes you need for success.


Our course will help you create replicable systems to help scale your real estate production. Do more volume with less time, energy, and stress. Let's take your business and pocket book to the next level!


Our agent skills training takes you through the basics to being an irreplaceable asset to your clients. From powerful scripts to career building habits, this course will boost your productivity and production.

Our Experience

Our training is based on experience in team building, high volume sales production. Our course developers have over 30 years of combined real estate experience ranging from work with high volume builders, real estate teams, coaching, and development.

Always Adapting

We keep a pulse on the market and are adapting to the current market conditions. We share what we learn, what works, and how you can push through any market shift.

I'm ready to build

Take your business to the next level with us. We'll provide you the knowledge, the systems, and the tools you need to build a successful real estate business.

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