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Making Aliyah is beautiful… but it can be challenging.

Foreign culture

Do I negotiate the asking price of this property? What’s the process?

Foreign language

This Hebrew is too quick for me! Doesn’t sound like the Hebrew I studied!.

Foreign bureaucracy

Which taxes do I have to pay? How do I apply for a mortgage?

What if you can settle in a scenic town with Anglos just like you?

Welcome to Efrat.

  • Only 12 to 30 minutes from Jerusalem.

  • Large Anglo settlement with over 10,000 residents.

  • Welcoming, warm, close-knit Anglo community.

  • The highest percentage of highly educated people and entrepreneurs per capita in Israel.

Buying your home is huge.

Buying your home in a foreign land is huge and overwhelming…

If you don’t have someone who you trust to help you through the process

Hi, I'm Claudia Zalta 🙋‍♀️

Your English-speaking, professional, and reliable real estate agent, selling luxury homes in Efrat

To Anglos making Aliyah just like you

I will help you navigate the huge transition, starting with your dream luxury home in Efrat.

Hear What My Clients Have To Say...

“Efrat is more than a community… it’s a family”

“When we first came to Efrat from Woodmere NY and were thinking about buying, everyone told us: ‘Speak to Claudia.’ We’re so glad we did! Claudia has the biggest heart. She is so passionate about helping people make Aliyah and settling the land.”

Esther Goldshine, Efrat, Israel

“In Efrat, I found a new family…”

“When we first came from Canada, It was a shock, I’m so grateful that we decided to settle here. When The community comprises like-minded Anglos, the education system here is perfect for my children, and the views are unbelievable. Not only that, but we’re so close to Jerusalem, yet the weather is much better here.”

Zaavit Lazar,Efrat, Israel

“Claudia was there for us throughout the process…”

“Claudia helped my family through the whole process of buying our home. I didn’t want to arrive at a new, unfurnished home in Efrat before my lift from Brooklyn arrived, so in addition to finding us our dream home, she got us a fulling furnished rental for a month.”

Lisa Melamed, Efrat, Israel

"We'll help you make your Aliyah dream a reality"

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