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Imagine Having the Clarity, Confidence, and Plan to

Build a Consistent, Predictable, 6 or 7-Figure Income AND Still Have the Freedom to ENJOY Life!

Why Copy and Mimic the Success of Others?

Create Your Business, to Serve Your Life, Your Way Instead...

If your business reflects you, what do you want to see in the reflection?

It all starts with clarity. Where are you right now? Where do you want to go? -- and to find that out, I invite you to take

a few precious minutes to take the first steps. It’s my gift to you.

Hi, I’m Bill Foss and I believe...if you do what you love in business, your business will love you back.

It’s not about adding more stuff to your business…In all likelihood, you already have most of what you need. Everyone has access to endless resources. But, the next shiny lure won’t work any better than the last one IF you never used that one in the first place.

"The next shiny lure won’t work any better than the last one IF you never used that one in the first place." -- Bill Foss

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • How often do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding activities that you KNOW would make a difference to your business?
  • Are you struggling to scale?
  • Does your family ask who the stranger is at the dinner table the one time you show up because you work so much?
  • Does the word “delegation” sound like something from a foreign language, threatening your need for control?

In over 35 years of working with self-employed and small business owners, I have discovered that the real struggle is that you know HOW to do what you need to do to create success but simply are NOT doing what you know.

You make things worse by adding more and more layers of “HOW TO” stuff--leading to increased stress, overwhelm, and the accompanying self-judgement, guilt, shame and comparison to others who seem to have it all!

Then you come to realize that it’s time to get some help! Great idea! To “Know WHO” can help is important and will give you leverage! You will get more done in less time and, often, better than you could do it yourself!

BUT...let me ask you--do you suffer from control issues, abdicating instead of delegating, using the free time to do more busy work instead of dollar productive activities or worse doing the same work you just delegated?!?

If ANY of this resonates with you...that’s fine--`cause it’s all about to change. We just need to know where to start. We need to know exactly where you stand.

Take the Business Alignment Assessment and let’s create a baseline. Then let's get on a brief call to see what it all means. Easy, peasy.

"Finally, There Is a Step-by-Step Framework that Solves the Challenges Most Real Estate and Mortgage Pros Are Struggling to Overcome" -- Bill Foss

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From mystery to mastery...

What happens when your car is out of alignment?

First, the tires begin to wear. Gas mileage drops because it takes more energy to move the car forward. Other parts begin to wear, shake, and rattle. The brakes wear out. The car becomes more and more difficult to handle and pretty soon the whole thing begins to disintegrate. Left unchecked, the car will fall apart.

What’s the point?

Simple. A little thing like the tires being out of alignment does ALL that damage.

You and your business are just like that. If you’re out of alignment, like forcing a square peg into a round hole, the wear and tear begins to take its toll on your business.

And worse, it will take a toll on your finances and your family. I believe this, often devastating, result can be completely avoided.

I believe an aligned business places you above the competition, and outside influences.

When you and your business are aligned, YOU have no competition because you are unique and perfect for what you want to accomplish.

So how do you know? How do you find out if your alignment is off?

What if there was a simple assessment that identified in a matter of minutes any areas that lacked alignment, even to a slight degree?

It only takes a small deviation to get way off course.

That’s why I created the Business Alignment Assessment.

And, it’s free. Take it now.

So many people are looking to push the easy button.

They try to imitate other successful people and systems only to discover the results they imagined never manifest or are short-lived. And, by the way, imitation is NOT modeling--there’s a vast difference.

There is a saying…

...One who is right in mind can do all things wrong and all will turn out right..

...One who is wrong in mind can do all things right and all will turn out wrong.

So many people chase better HOW-TO information, when the biggest leaps come from knowing YOU!

If you are serious about what is important to you in life…

...and intend to create a business that supports rather than detracts from your life

...and want to avoid wasting countless dollars, hours, and lost opportunities…

...and if you want to create lasting and sustainable success, you want to take this alignment process seriously.

As Jon Bon Jovi says: “It’s my’s now or never.”

It’s not someone else’s life…not now, not ever.

It’s time to find out where you are so you can figure out where you want to go. Take the Business Alignment Assignment now.

You are at a crossroad.

What do you do?

Which way do you go?

Where are you looking to get to?

Guess what? Unless you know where you are right now, it doesn’t matter which turn you take. When you don’t know where you are and you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Enough already. Find out where you are now.

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