Meet Our Speakers

Marcus Carter

Owner of The Black Wealth Builder,

Business Credit/Funding Consultant,

Business Development Consultant,

Real Estate Investing Consultant,

Realtor, Author, Veteran

Marcus Carter is an award-winning speaker and author from Chicago, Illinois. A burgeoning black entrepreneur, Carter is the founder and owner of one of the best business development companies for Black small business owners, The Black Wealth Builder LLC. The Black Wealth Builder also serves as a financial resource consultancy for Black small business owners far and wide.

Carter has authored five books, including an Amazon Best Seller, and he continues to dedicate his time and efforts to the enlightenment and growth of black small business owners, illuminating the road to wealth and success for Black wealth seekers.

Marcus has many professional designations that add value to his work with The Black Wealth Builder. Marcus has been a top producing licensed realtor in Illinois for 7 years, focusing solely on helping clients build wealth through real estate. Marcus is also a licensed tax preparer with a focus on small business tax preparation and consultation.

A father of two, Marcus is most proud of the two Black small business owners closest to him, his children. Through the Black Wealth Builder, Marcus Carter continues moving forward towards his goal of helping to create or assisting 1M Black small business within 10 years.

Latashia Alexander

Army Veteran

Network Marketing Top Earner

CEO of Credit Auntie, and TravelBae.

Latashia Alexander is a stay at home Wife, Mother and Surrogate Mother who created an avenue to earn income, while traveling the world and raising a family.

Latashia is known as the jack of all trades and has personally helped over 5,000 people earn income anywhere their mobile phone will go.

Latashia is a prolific speaker and woman of God who credits faith, family and fortitude to her success that she shares with others.

With over 15 years of experience building and shaping businesses from the comfort of her home she has always had a passion to earn, save and invest in others.

Latashia believes strongly that being duplicatable is the key to others success. If she can do it so can you!

Her strategies to earn money, build credit and use “other people’s money” to build a better life for yourself and loved ones is the truest form of freedom.

Ky Keith

Business Consultant

Personal & Business Credit Coach

Oregon Governor's Award Recipient

CEO of Keith Enterprises LLC & Grandueir LLC

Ky Keith, an inspiring entrepreneur, husband, and motivational speaker, overcame homelessness and adversity to achieve success.

Originally aspiring to own a realty company, he passed the Nevada Broker/Sales exam but faced a tragic accident in 2017 that derailed his real estate career and left him homeless.

Despite the challenges, Ky found a new purpose in Credit Coaching and helping others improve their credit scores while building wealth.

Through leveraging credit and strategic investments, he purchased his first home in 2018, invested in businesses like B&Bs and Luxury Car Rentals, and eventually acquired his dream home on the Las Vegas Strip.

His journey is captured in his testimony, "Homeless to Highrise."

Jaclyn Cydney

Wealth Building Strategist

Author, Navy Veteran


Jaclyn Cydney Wealth Building Strategist Author, Navy Veteran, CEO of JC Nix LLC Jaclyn’s passion for people leads her to develop creative ways to support single mom entrepreneurs like herself so they can live the life they deserve.

As an advocate for personal development and building wealth, Jaclyn dedicates countless volunteer hours to educate and support others on their journey to create financial legacy & success.

Whether she’s speaking to an audience of 1000 or 1, Jaclyn brings focused intention to change the lives of those in front of her

Thursday July 27th, 2023

Free Networking Mixer

What to expect at the mixer?

Connect, collaborate, and elevate your wealth game in a vibrant atmosphere.

Celebrate black excellence, gain valuable knowledge, enhance skills,

discover opportunities, and indulge in premium networking.

Saturday July 29th, 2023

The BWVO Workshop

What to expect at the workshop?

This event offers valuable insights from successful black entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have achieved wealth creation. It provides skill-building sessions covering various essential topics such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and wealth preservation.

Participants can engage in collaborative learning through group discussions and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. The event also focuses on personal development, goal-setting techniques, and inspiring success stories.

Networking opportunities allow attendees to connect with a community of entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals. Participants will leave with a personalized roadmap to guide them towards sustainable financial success and a lasting legacy.

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