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How Does a Crippled by Arthritis 76 Year Old Insurance Agent, Needing a Walker To Get Around, Can’t Drive Himself, Still Consistently Write Over 2.5 Million In Annuities Yearly and Sells 6-8 final Expense Plans Weekly and Still Only Works 15-20 Hours A Week…Doing What You Aren’t!”

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No matter how lazy or frustrated or even broke you are...  No matter if you’ve been walking around like a wounded Gazelle in a hungry Hyena Pack begging for leads.  No matter if you’ve been a one-man charity system for those $1,400 to  $2,500 Annuity Lead Systems, or $50 to $100 Live Transfer Leads…No matter if you’re a captive agent.

(I refer to as a hostage or prisoner)


who is a nice guy and gives half his commission away to his office manager for the use of a desk, office, phone and a up tide secretary.

No matter if you've spend $500 on a thousand mailers and didn't even make your investment back. Or even if your spouse is threatening you to get a real job and forget about the Insurance business...I’ll guarantee you if you will follow just one of our marketing formulas which we call


“3-Step Postcard System™”


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"Within the first 20 minutes, I got one idea worth at least $50,000 in new commissions."

 Ron Rodriquez

"I picked up at least three marketing ideas talking to you over the phone that can increase my income this year by at least 30 times the cost of your marketing course."

Theresa Busque

I had a 1600% profit with my first postcard mailing.  I sent out 100 postcards the first time and got 11 appointments when I called.  Of these I closed 4 final expense plans and an annuity for a $5,100 commission.  I hope I never have to do anything but mail again, NO MORE SEMINARS with all those people wanting a free meal. Thanks so much.

Russell Topeka, KS.

Hey, here's a low budget way to double, triple or even QUADRUPLE your production in 2022-2023. Here's the secret of the 76 year old agent.

This agent mails postcards to a select list of affluent widows age 65 plus and then he built a mini call center with 2-3 telemarketers from the Philippines  at $4.00 per hour to make calls to a select list of the niche widows who received these unique postcard.

They book appointments from calling and also do "Live Transfers." 
He personally sends out  twice a month 25 customize $1.00 bill letters with a hand written address and a real live 55 cent stamp. 

Million Dollar Postcards

On selling million dollar Term plans...He mails out about 200 $500,000 to $1,000,000 postcard to wealth investors and prospects with income over $100,000. Then his mini call center calls and offers a free quote for a million dollars of coverage. All non buyers he puts in an auto responder that drips on them with emotional videos for 30 days.
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You can get 2,000 affluent niche widow leads for final expense and for annuities. Plus the marketing system and course. Also, you get 1,000 high income investors and wealthy prospects for $1,000,000 Term plans including special postcard template and phone script.

The cost for 1,000 niche leads is $197.00 and for the website lead page is just $37.00 a month. (Cancel monthly at anytime.) Includes full system.

The cost for these niche 3,000 leads and marketing systems is $997.00.    only  $297.00.  All systems include postcards, scripts and the lead lists in your favorite counties to work. Lead lists have been scrubbed against the DNC. Plus, Final Expense Millionaire Course. Plus a ton of bonuses. (See below)

Using these system I personally  wrote 2500 final expense plans, made $1.2 Million in renewals, sold 31.5 million in annuities in 11.5 years and sold a bunch of $1,000,000 Term Plans with premiums of $1800+ a year. Yes, your right...I worked my butt.

You will also get  webpages for gathering your leads. Includes one for final expense, annuities and term quotes.
Plus, you will receive our auto responder system where you can add a persons email address and we drip on them with 10 emotional videos over the next 30 days.
These are for the people who want to think about buying insurance.                   Includes Webpages, auto responder and monthly client newsletter.
The cost for this service is just  $97 $37 per month and you can cancel anytime you want. You will also receive our Ultimate Insurance Vault that has over 200 marketing strategies.  (See below for details.

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"Sample Term Quote Webpage"

"You will learn how to generate 25 to 57 new prospects every month Using Social Media...

Let's get you more prospects and more sales in 2022.

Questions call me at 435-881-7138

Russ J. Jones 

P.S. - You get some of my best marketing strategies and system that allowed me to make $500 a day working affluent widows. Questions call me at 435-881-7138 Please note all sales are final. Since all the leads and digital products are downloaded for your computer.

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