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The Premier Choice for Logistics management

Our agency stands at the forefront of delivering custom software solutions for the logistics industry. We specialize in crafting software the way you want it to streamline fleet management for trucking companies.

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Software Development for Trucks

Our commitment is to provide unparalleled software solutions that cater to every aspect of logistics and fleet management. Whether it's custom app development or system integration, we ensure your fleet operates at its best.

Fleet Management Software

Custom applications to streamline your fleet operations.

Logistics Optimization Tools

Innovative solutions for efficient route planning and tracking.

Maintenance & Tracking Systems

Keep your fleet in top condition with our maintenance software.

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Trusted by the Industry

We collaborate closely with leading logistics companies, ensuring that our software solutions are not only innovative but also aligned with industry standards and needs.

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Leading in fleet management


Our expertise in developing software for the logistics industry sets us apart. We understand the challenges of managing a fleet of trucks and offer solutions that are not only effective but also tailored to your specific needs.


Bespoke Solutions

Crafting custom software that fits your logistics model.


Efficiency and Scalability

Boost your operational efficiency with scalable software solutions.


Competitive Pricing

Offering value-driven solutions to maximize your ROI.


Highly Rated

Proudly holding exceptional client satisfaction ratings.


Nationwide Service

Serving logistics companies across the country.


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Our team is always ready to assist you with any needs.

Frequetly Asked Question

How can your software solutions improve the efficiency of my fleet operations?

Our custom software solutions are designed to streamline your fleet management processes. By automating tasks such as route planning, tracking, and maintenance scheduling, we can significantly reduce operational costs and increase efficiency, ensuring your fleet operates at its optimal level.

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What types of custom solutions do you offer for trucking fleets?

What types of custom solutions do you offer for trucking fleets?

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How do you tailor your software to meet the specific needs of my business?

Our development process begins with a thorough analysis of your business operations and the challenges you face. We then work closely with you to design and develop custom software solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business goals and operational needs, ensuring that the software adds maximum value to your fleet management processes.

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Can your solutions integrate with existing software systems?

Yes, our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing software systems. This ensures that you can maintain continuity in your operations while benefiting from enhanced functionality and improved data flow across different platforms.

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What kind of support and maintenance services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services for all our software solutions. This includes regular updates to ensure your software stays current with the latest technologies and industry standards, as well as dedicated support to address any issues or questions that may arise.

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How long does it take to implement a custom software solution for my fleet?

The timeline for developing and implementing a custom software solution varies depending on the complexity of the project and your specific requirements. However, we work diligently to ensure that your solution is developed efficiently and deployed smoothly, minimizing disruption to your operations and delivering value as quickly as possible.

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Customers Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about us

Before partnering with Integrait, managing our fleet was a constant challenge, filled with inefficiencies and operational blind spots. Their team didn't just offer us a software solution; they provided a comprehensive service that truly understood the nuances of our business. The custom software they developed for us has transformed our operations, allowing us to manage our fleet with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Their solution has not only improved our day-to-day operations but has also significantly reduced our operational costs. The expertise and support from Integrait have been outstanding, making them a valued partner in our ongoing success.


CEO of WnK Houli

When we approached Integrait with our specific fleet management challenges, we were looking for more than just a software vendor; we needed a partner who could understand the complexities of our operations and deliver a tailored solution. They exceeded our expectations at every turn. The custom app they developed for us has been a game-changer, offering real-time tracking, efficient route planning, and maintenance alerts that keep our operations running smoothly. What has impressed us the most, beyond the software itself, is the level of ongoing support and dedication to our success. Integrait has played a critical role in enhancing our fleet efficiency and overall business performance



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