About Jana

About Jana

Did you know that multi six figure and million dollar businesses spend their time and energy focused on 1 THING until they hit the $10 million dollar mark, can you guess what that one thing is? 

 Hi I’m Jana Niksa, The Authentic Sales Coach, but my friends call me “The Conversion Queen,” ;)But let’s be real, this isn’t about me…it is about you and your business.  You started an online business to have freedom, to create impact, and to be financially free, not to spend all day long chasing leads all over the internet and working 24-7.And you certainly didn’t become an entrepreneur to beg, force, and manipulate people into working with you, right?

I spent decades as a top performing sales executive, top closer in the nation, and with 40k sales calls under my belt, what I have seen in the online space is that the industry has complicated the heck out of the client enrollment process, and has you focusing on everything BUT what is actually going to move the needle in your business.

Shiny object syndrome is a real thing, and I have watched entrepreneurs jump from one marketing program to another, buying into some magic bullet strategy with overnight success claims. What you need most is what you have been avoiding. The #1 skill that will set your business up for sustainable success and get you to those 20k, 50k, and 100k months your desire, and that is learning to authentically and confidently sell your offers.  

The good news is, you don’t have to be a sleazy, salesy, manipulative person to do it! That is old school sales, not authentic selling!

Little known fact:  It doesn’t matter what strategy you choose because you will now have the skillset to execute this strategy. If you have thought, “What am I missing?” this is it. I have seen it over and over again, and the good news, a few minor tweaks and focusing on the income producing activities will change everything for your business.

Friendly reminder, it isn’t that you cannot do it, you have just been focused on the wrong things or perhaps you haven’t been given an aligned sales process to follow…either way, I have got you!

Maybe you have some clients and want to get them more consistently OR maybe you are ready to take your business to multi six figures and beyond.  Are you ready to learn the most valuable skill that will transform any business? Imagine, in just a few months you could be in an entirely different space financially.