Become the confident and successful leader, who creates a purposeful and profitable business, without sacrificing their authenticity along the way.

In this workshop, we will go through the 3 step process to build your empire from the inside out. Your business never outgrows your self concept, to attract more leads, more clients, and more opportunities, you need to learn to expand your self concept.

- More Purpose & More Profit. How is your current self concept preventing you from achieving the life, business and relationship of your dreams, and what needs to change to create a different result so you can charge for the value of the results you deliver.

- More Leads & More Clients. What's missing in terms of the 9 pillars of a sustainable, scaleable and self expressive empire, and what becomes possible when this is in place, to create more leads and more clients.

- More Confidence To Expose. Where are you living by other's ideas of who you need to be in your industry, and how does your individuated expression pioneer a new way in your industry, to position you as a thought leader, if we can help you to have the courage and confidence to live it.

These 3 days of trainings will be life changing. Usually valued at $997. Only $99 for one time only!

Tuesday 28 June - Thursday 30 June 2pm AEST - 3:30PM AEST Daily.

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