Helping Plastic Surgeons Generate a Consistent Flow of New Patients

We deliver Plastic Surgeons a consistent influx of BOOKED APPOINTMENTS with ready to close clients.

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Watch this video

Meet Our CEO

Jeff Ball


We help Plastic Surgeons generate pre-qualified BOOKED APPOINTMENTS!!! With the help of different systems and services our (INFINITE BOOKINGS SYSTEM 2.0) a state of the art CRM software that's totally automated! We provide the HIGH TECH means to build a quality business for you and your staff, as you the surgeon deliver assistance to your Patients!! You can now focus on what's important to you, your patients without the worry of having to find patients! That's our job! You can focus on giving your patients relief from frustrations with surgical enhancements, physical improvements and helping with self care.

We pride ourselves on knowing we are getting the Job done with supplying you QUALITY PATIENTS through your doors 24/7 days a week!

Social Media Campaigns

Utilize Facebook, Google, and Youtube ads to generate patients looking for your services QUICKLY!

Funnel Build

Develop a customized website (FUNNEL) and Landing Page so you consistently reach your target client

Custom CRM

Our custom CRM software was designed specifically to help plastic surgeons organize their sales process, automate the communication between you and your patients to be, and the nurturing needed for cold traffic campaigns.

My Story

Hi, I'm Jeff Ball CEO of Happy Clients Agency, LLC

I myself in the past, was once a victim of the horrible horrible torturous feelings you experience when their is something about yourself you are self-conscious about and literally stays on your mind every moment of every day! Every time someone looks at you, you feel like their starring at your imperfections! I suffered from a broken nose, a broken chin and a double chin in fact at age 26.

I was in a bad car accident as I stated above in my video! I was determined to save up and get myself looking descent again! It took me a couple of years but I finally saved up enough for a down payment to get surgery done. I was one of those Patients that is known as the QUALITY PATIENT! A patient that is eager and anxious to get some surgical help! I searched San Diego, CA. for a reputable Plastic Surgeon in the area. I discovered a local Doctor so I scheduled my Appointment for Consultation and I was ready!! I was so anxious to get a NEW ME FINALLY!!

Fast Forwarding to today I have now dedicated my life to helping others get the relief from their horrible situations that keep their personality's suppressed deep inside themselves. I love helping people and especially people that need and want my help! I am dedicated now to helping Doctors (Plastic Surgeons) find people that need their services, and most of all I can help those individuals that need and want plastic surgery not only to feel better about themselves, but also to experience the pure excitement when the bandages come off.

The joy you feel is overwhelming! I know, I felt that feeling and I will never forget it!! I know now why Doctors become plastic surgeons! The feeling they get when a patient sees the results for the first time. Wow,, what a great feeling!! Its too late for me to be a Plastic Surgeon myself but I can still get that awesome feeling a surgeon experiences knowing I'm helping people out there to connect with a doctor who can help them!

So I want to say in closing, DOCTORS, I am here to help, I am just a phone call away, so if you are looking to find more QUALITY patients and not just the tire kickers so to speak then my Agency has the Expertise and Knowledge of Todays Marketing Technology. I have a Software System that's cutting edge and literally does get Infinite Bookings for you around the clock 24/7 days a week 365 days a YEAR! BOOK A CALL with me and lets get your Practice up to speed and generating a HUGE ROI for your AD Spend money! Which by the way is so unbelievable as to what I give you in way of VALUE for your MONEY spent you'll not believe it!!

I can also help in many ways to help you market your business as well. I have many package deals to fit your needs like website SEO, Google Presence, Google Rankings, Website Creations, Landing Page Creations, Ad Creations , Content Creation, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Maintenance of your Ads, Optimization of Ads, you name it I have all the bells and whistles to get you noticed and get BOOKINGS as well!!

BOOK A CALL and lets talk!!

P.S. I'm looking for Doctors that want to join me in pioneering the first form of patient before and after information to add to your website or a new FUNNEL page we can create together. This is new and will change the way Before and After results are seen by new prospects. Its not the old school Pictures on websites like all Doctors have now, but rather a new and exciting way to capture those Before and After results !!

BOOK A CALL and lets talk!!

Let's connect

If you want to grow your BUSINESS, with more high quality patients that want your high ticket services and are sick of slow months or being burned by agencies that OVER promise and UNDER deliver then book a call with us! I'm here for you just give me a call!


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